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Original title: ” between the world ” hind, another times big play decides archives! Now, by Xiao Lan of Teng of winner of award of Lu Xun literature homonymic novel is adapted, teng Huatao hold guide, article of sea Qing Dynasty, Tong Yao, Zhang Song (by surname initial sort) present as leading role to act the leading role, the big play of contemporary family feeling that specially invite of peak of Feng carry on acts the leading role ” the heart is resided ” decide archives formally, this drama will be inspected at rising to be defended in Zhejiang on March 17, east is defended inspect on the star broadcasts, love is strange art entire network is sowed alone.

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” the heart is resided ” with adapt from award of literature of aegis of Liang Xiaosheng cogongrass homonymic novel, achieve teleplay of CCTV-1 gold archives to close inspect nearly 8 years new tall ” national drama ” ” between the world ” , and July 1 showed last year ” congratulatory found a party film of 100 years of keys ” ” 1921 ” call Tecent the shadow course of study and read article movie and TV ” times air trilogy ” . We wish ” the heart is resided ” receive a baton ” between the world ” , relate story of this fuel in real life, warmth slowly for you.

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The heart resides modern society epitome to live somewhat view of development area area is aroused in all affection serves as ” times air trilogy ” last work, ” the heart is resided ” spread out with the sisters-in-law perspective of Feng Xiaoqin and Gu Qingyu, have the woman of different life concept and value sense through two, show the Bei that one’s previous experience produces at same big family to be fond of the story of occur simultaneously, the good life picture scroll that opens to have times temperature and terrestrial fireworks feeling for the audience. This drama is core with the family of hall with 4 worlds, be in Shanghai the city of this bizarre and motley, radiation gives those who show acting city to live illustrated handbook, through ” small ” the pursuit that the person lives to happiness and grow, projectile went out to be opposite ” big ” domestic feeling concerns according to send and indispensable, aroused the domestic feelings of audience heart then.

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Among them, title ” the heart is resided ” since is described ” the person’s place is resided ” a stable condition, also be expression ” of the heart located ” manner of a kind of life. In drama, no matter be to hope to have one party is indicative independence and approbated small Feng Xiaoqin (sea Qing Dynasty is acted the role of) , still offer better life to take care of to family in effort, and dash ahead without thinking his safety to ideal love the Gu Qingyu that goes going after (Tong Yao is acted the role of) , what all without exception shows a contemporary urbanite to live to happiness is yearning with pursuit, try hard through oneself, exchange the life of smooth and steady sunshine, and to ego identity attributive with self-identity. Tecent

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, calm archives 3.17! Afterwards ” 1921 ” ” between the world ” hind, tecent movie industry and read article movie and TV ” times air trilogy ” the 3rd work ” the heart is resided ” came, the house place of the heart in again good theatrical work can chase after ~ to let us seek life together. Video date ” the heart is resided ” with actual brush stroke in Chinese painting and calligraphy, do one’s best is clear the true portraiture that depicts a Shanghai family life. From what already released premonitory in light of, the conversational straight face between Feng Xiaoqin and sisters-in-law of field of the Yu Yi that consider Qing Dynasty is cast piece, in each other what kind of people are they after all in the eye? Can’t help causing those who give this drama to concern to the family to discuss.

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The Feng Xiaoqin in drama is marry the full-time wife of Shanghai from the other place, she longs to be in urban base oneself upon, have good life with family. Regard Shanghai as the Gu Qingyu of native, it is the independent female of an elegant maturity. Because two people live the difference of experience and viewpoint of value, produced inevitable contradiction. After all the sister-in-law Feng Xiao Qin that Gu Qingyu of this locality husband’s elder sister comes to to an other place, it is to be able to be put have a kind of natural hostility, still be pure only aroused natural to family protection desire also will be in drama Jiesuo appears. What also will see from which at the same time is, they are opposite in the face the life, job, emotive when a variety of bewilderment, selected straight side issue, found self-worth and life pursuit from which, reveal the female power that gave new era, the big family that also lets this tradition sends generation affection temperature more in the billows of the life.

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” the heart is resided ” manufacture person, total supervise the manufacture of, tecent group vice president, review collected works group presiding apparitor Cheng Wu expresses, ” the heart is resided ” problem of the people’s livelihood of focusing new era, reflection gives the big Shanghai of change quickly, old age. The life of Shanghai people 100 condition are ‘ 945 ‘ period our country builds comparatively well-off society in the round, open builds the epitome of new journey of socialistic modernization country in the round, mirror us deeply the historical great change of this times, depict us located the mental a collection of illustrative plates of the times. We hope to pass ” the heart is resided ” had shown amorous feelings of the marketplace on this Shanghai to draw, bear those who hold numerous people in the palm to live to happiness is yearning and expect, realize the advantageous keep an eye on that lives to reality. Pay close attention to and telling good times story is content industry the biggest determinism is mixed to Tecent movie industry read article movie and TV for, “Attention times story ” it is its most important content way.

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Specific arrive ” times air trilogy ” , the film ” 1921 ” the story of found a party with great emersion, publicize a guidance to film by municipal Party committee of bureau of film of China Communist News Ministry, Shanghai, huang Jianxin supervise the manufacture of holds director, Zheng Dasheng concurrently to combine hold guide. Film obtains party history expert to evaluate ” if whole process of congress of whole nation of Chinese Communist first time is developed like schoolbook ” , a lot of young audiences look to express, resembled going up a vivid party history class. By last year, ” 1921 ” also begin to regard characteristic as activity of party history education in city of UME international shadow (inn of Shanghai new scope of operation) city of shadow of international of the shadow in mixing (movie theater of party history house) secure for a long time show.

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Just be in CCTV-1 is first-run receive an official, defending in CCTV-8 and Jiangsu at present inspect 2 rounds broadcast, by Li Lu hold guide and hold the position of total producer, the teleplay that Wang Hai Zuo , Wang Daou holds the position of playwrite ” between the world ” depend on full-bodied, acme ” fireworks is angry ” , ” the times feels ” , ” warmth and touch ” , explode fire gives a group, cause the whole people to defeat prevent. After drama anthology broadcasts, heat lasts on raise, close inspect climb ceaselessly litre, achieve teleplay of CCTV-1 gold archives to close already inspect nearly 8 years new tall, also record so that big data of Chinese seeing and hearing inspects drama with the incoming telegram from 2019 highest close inspect a record; The net sows platform to love to surprise art platform heat exceeds 10000, become history the 3rd surprises in love heat of the content inside art station cuts the drama market of 10 thousand.

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“Practical subject matter, it is IP is the biggest from beginning to end ‘ rich ore ‘ . Record the IP of the times, condensed the collective affection of whole society, it is the determinism with content the largest trade. ” Cheng Wu expresses. He says frankly, it is very difficult to should tell story of very practical subject matter, but it is however tell good China story ” obligatory course ” . ” the heart is resided ” You Gongyu, Cheng Wu, Huang Hui allows to manufacture person, cheng Wu, Wang Xiaohui, Hou Xiaonan holds the post of total supervise the manufacture of, ma Hao, Xiong Xiaoling is total producer, by Beijing love surprises art He Hui of beautiful of limited company of transmission of culture of industry of movie of limited company of science and technology, Tecent, Shanghai mirrors culture medium limited company to manufacture, xiamen goes against company of map culture medium, Shanghai to read culture of article movie and TV to transmit limited company and Beijing Jing Xing path to achieve culture medium limited company to manufacture jointly.

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