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Original title: ” our marriage ” is outcome ideal really? Think more again, be terrestrial abyss! Teleplay ” our marriage ” be about to ending, see finish bureau premonitory, I had to guess probably, cheng Jiangchuan and Shenyang comet become reconciled, two people go out to work, cheng Jiangchuan more attend to family, there also is a few to comfort in the heart of Shenyang comet!

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Li Xiaotian and suddenly Lian Kai were together, li Xiaotian still gave birth to a child, a be in harmony of 3 its Le Rong. Dong Saijia and Li Yu article are in after experiencing a divorce to contradict, also know be consider of the other side, dong Saijia feels family is more important than the job, also not be 24 hours are the job again on call!

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Jiang Jing and land dimension Bin divorced, the lawyer helps her recapture certain property, she can continue to look after children in the home, sometimes the child of Shenyang comet and the child of Li Yu article also give she is taken, pay certain reward to her! Look so, ending is like everyone is happy, but is the fact such really? I feel is playwrite does not want to be written down again, think more again after all, be terrestrial abyss.

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Will see Shenyang comet and Cheng Jiangchuan first! What is their essential contradiction? It is 3 view differ, do not communicate of the old man creed that is Cheng Jiangchuan and Shenyang comet, but the abrupt change that what ending sees to us is Cheng Jiangchuan, does a man transform so quickly how possibly oneself idea? His no more than fears namely after Shenyang comet divorces, do not see a daughter, perhaps brought up authority to give his, oneself cannot take good daughter, perform play to deal with Shenyang comet a little so!

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Fill Jiang Chuan after all the purpose to achieve oneself, already more than acted in a play, shenyang comet also very eat this one, their become reconciled is brief become reconciled only, after candy waiting for candy is grown, after perhaps having 2 embryoes, these problems can appear again, the parental body plus Cheng Jiangchuan is bad also, when that arrives, meet again extremely difficult!

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Be Dong Saijia and Li Yu article again! Because Dong Saijia has angst disease, she should work to was not done good only, perhaps live as meaning, begin excessive drinking to alleviate angst, it is Shenyang comet discovered incorrect interest, help Dong Saijia drop wine, but is disease of this kind of angst abdication can good? If Dong Saijia does not have higher income, how should support this family?

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The husband and wife of Li Yu article and Dong Saijia concerns actually not how good, they are Xiang Jingru guest, although Li Yu language is right Dong Saijia very esteem, but I did not feel he loves Dong Saijia, fishily offers surface ability range after place divorce!

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Someone says, li Yu article such good husband searchs from where, I am to feel Li Yu article is all mood keep long in stock in the heart, or does not erupt, erupt to want to divorce, hold out dreariness actually!

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It is Dong Saijia adopts Li Yu language actively a lot of, li Yu article had not expressed love actively to Dong Saijia, if have Dong Saijia only the introspection of a person, can then they become finally what kind of? The likelihood is Li Yu article creed of older and older man, dong Saijia looks after children in the home, next what is done bad!

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Do Li Xiaotian and suddenly Lian Kai marry? This more accident letting a person, playwrite was to suffer what stimulation, must arrange this two people to be together, was pregnant with respect to Xiaotian calculating goosefoot, cannot let her the child below a life, next are oneself raised?

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Huo Liankai from only then come to had not changed oneself think of a way eventually, he feels to marry wife, unripe child to want to spend a lot of money, had better be to a woman can give him termless give birth to a child, foster next grown, is this a kick in one’s gallop? Li Xiaotian’s condition is so good, cannot find nicer person?

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What their marriage is united in wedlock to be able to cause me only is unwell, feel Huo Liankai collected a defecate appropriate even. Wait after marrying, li Xiaotian has been about to went up to live like what child brings in that way before Shenyang comet, want to feel terrible!

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The Jiang Jing that remain with respect to prep let alone. Had the divorce cost that Liu Weibin gives, but she brings child even, surname land later still can give her allowance, does in that way father otherwise want the child to admit? How should static the following source of income do Jiang? She herself should go out to apply for a job, became housewife so old, what kind of job just suits her?

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Summary ” our marriage ” look seem outcome, and playwrite installed a satisfactory final result, but the ending of everybody is not good, fine even think of extremely fear, it is playwrite did not want to make up probably, flat forcibly end-all, anyway marriage is faulty!

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