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Original title: Act in a play not to spell manner, tell the Ni Dagong of internal force only, be called ” face paralysis ” old show bone! If who can be pressed so that live,arrowroot actors or actress Ge Da as form of a address for an official or rich man, still get Ni Dagong to sit over there the congee that drink a bowl just goes. But the film that personate of his even if crosses Zhang Yi to seek ” living ” the dragon in 21 horn, acting also enough and Ge You stand up to sb as an equal, regrettablly in those days the opportunity is less than, ge You was taken knocked gently 1994 accept shadow emperor, he searchs look for to look for in costar as before however.

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Somebody sends Ni Dagong a name ” face paralysis face ” , can be this piece of face lets him jubilate allow his concern. Obviously ability is 62 years old, the Zhou Runfa than 67 years old, Liang Jiahui age of 64 years old is small, appearance compares them however more show old. 1960, ni Dagong is born in Heilongjiang to visit Harbin town, his parents is the actor of courtyard of Harbin modern drama. Accordingly, he still is lucky, be in at least that material, culture very the time of deficient, he can avoid cost playgoing everyday. Perhaps be hear of eye is caught, the Ni Dagong that loves to consider an issue begins to imitate adult people performance. Just, he did not arrive hereditarily good look of parents, 2 did not arrive hereditarily nice voice of parents, still grew a pair to sleep the eye of eye Xing Song, gave birth to a pair of old duck fair the broken organ like. But the parents that Is hope so that serve as an actor, did not hit press him strong to what act in a play interest, supported him silently to walk up to act step by step however instead art road.

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1980, ni Dagong ” toughen one’s scalp-brace oneself ” entered oneself for an examination the Thespian institute central, result appearance and sound are eligible without, was brushed directly come down. Appearance does not change, that sound always can drill! He after period of time can practice in professional teacher guidance, still be defeated fell blast come, under dismay, he was forced to go Heilongjiang chicken on the west city modern drama is round. But after a year, the heart has him unwilling, still decide to enter oneself for an examination the Thespian institute central. Perhaps, in a popular feeling certainly target, want him to stand fast attentively only, have accident surprise certainly. So, after 2 years Ni Dagong achieved what one wishes 1982 the play in was being entered, still became a team leader. He serves for the classmate for class seriously, result ” anxious ” appearance, let him be regarded as by a lot of people gyp uncle.

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More do those who laugh is, sport is taken in class, the role that he performs is not uncle, father, it is a grandfather, always lying between position in the family hierarchy with the classmate. Dan Ni is bright red do not carry, perform what to what. Be in second ” dark ” below the go through the mill of experience, ni Dagong chases gradual change to get billows not Jing. Performance marrow of Ni Dagong depends on, he is good at deducing a part with limbs language, take person heart world. Make fun of from which after graduation, ni Dagong all the time ” roam about ” circle is in Beijing quyi bound, essay, modern drama, comedy has sortie, and still obtained right result, but regretful is, was not remembered by the audience all the time this piece of face, until ” tall home courtyard ” Sun Maocai, just let everybody begin him, that year he already 46 years old.

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2007 ” big bright dynasty 1566 ” the Yan Song inside one horn, let mix the Ni Dagong with old mark eventually when an opportunity that can develop for him. He comes on the stage with appearance of villain in drama, perfect and reductive Yan Song year the body with nearly 8 gaga a period of ten days and sharp mind, up Xiu Xiannian of fawn on Jia Jing’s emperor, balance cabinet and imperial court to falling 100 officials, the artifice is agile, members of a clique is densely covered, the force with one person and deal with of whole royal or imperial government. And his performance, send the person such as Chen Baoguo, Wang Qingxiang, Wang Jinsong, Huang Zhizhong in acting ” besiege ” under, still can open whole front with imposing manner, let everybody be in the sort of slow with what do not control for him in Xu unhurried atmosphere and the palm accuses, it is to let part coruscate give its particular luster more. Ni bright red fire!

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Teleplay of new 2010 edition ” the Three Kingdoms ” in Ni Dagong personate Si Mayi, open this drama before sowing to suffer controversy all the time, but broadcast, viewing rate is resided however do not fall high, and the one big hotspot that Ni Dagong became this drama the second half. He takes Si Mayi’s tactics and scheme hold lifelikely, contain a lot ofthe laugh of deep desire then especially, laughed at gas field, laugh the person removes gooseflesh all over. This uncle has show very much! A lot of people feel, ni Dagong performs ability to calculate search allowed to develop way — besides uncle, still can perform uncle.

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But, uncle also divides a lot of kinds, ni uncle also should act all sorts of ” your uncle ” . Nevertheless, ni Dagong that one face ” fierce look ” too aggressive, accordingly, everybody often can see slouch eye, cloudy face, breaking down shoulder, collapsing back, the Ni Dagong of villain in drama acts in all sorts of circumstances. From Beijing small alley looks up not to see the 2 uncle that lower his head to see, to beach of Shanghai of power use up all one’s resources happy anger is no good easily help old gold flourish at lubricious blueness. Ni Dagong acts much in ancient costume and time show inside the part with dark collect, he present, begin to choose to unlock ego to manacle instead, demonstrate pattern via what put outside regular meeting choice. In last few years, he is in fashionable dress drama, personate the father of leading role of each men and women, the attitude that the sort of relaxation, had turned the show into the comfortable state of a kind of have words.

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The most typical nothing is more… than ” Dou Ting is good ” the benefit of that each privately in, craven old father Su Dajiang, it is he breaks inherent impressional to destroy look sex to deduce completely. Su Dajiang is in daily life by strong after all wife place abrasion while, scrupulous all the time hour calculate is losing children. Ni Dagong is in originally inside accumulate below the tension of the force, outside increasing, put ” make a scene roll about ” condition, a man self-abased developed acme with conceit. He is lamentable none poor however young man figure, let while wide audience is hated tooth root is crawlily, cannot help continueing to want to see him make a day make the land again. This kind of contradictory and finely appeal, be Ni Dagong acts a few years art when career and life experience accumulate thick accumulate thin hair. He has a kind to go to acting confluence to live not to have the ability that the trace demonstrates mediumly daily, this with respect to it serves to show its work force.

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The word that uses him Ni Dagong will tell: “Good performance, those who go all out is not manner, however internal force. ” so, it is again confused scene, want Ni Dagong to be in only, drinking a bowl of congee, can make whole situation stable come down. Such occasion palm accuses ability and underlying performance pulling force, let Ni Dagong become the actor that big director likes most gradually, because, he is play all over really! He is in ” living ” , ” full city all takes gold shell ” and ” 3 guns strike the table is amazed ” in 3 collaboration Zhang Yi is sought; In ” border land wind and cloud ” , ” Luo Mandi overcomes die out history ” in 2 collaboration Chen Er; Had cooperated with Hou Xiaoxian ” woman of assassin Nie concealed ” ; Still be in of Wu Jing ” battle wolf ” the personate in series hellion.

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Guo Kongsheng still cooperates during, mao Weining, the director such as Liu Jiacheng, also send actor violent wind to cross play with numerous actual strength, more one numerous the dad that stars when red men and women or ” his uncle ” , perform experience and show experience richly, let him become with show of a piece of face the actual strength of a few kinds of life sends an actor. Pardonable very much audience says, “Have him only probably, can ” face paralysis ” move when shadow emperor ” ; “If he is not shadow emperor, that is the biggest satirize ” . This it serves to show his heft in everybody heart! Also explain again, circle of movie and TV has seen a face only no longer, as long as acting is online, it is perform uncle, OK also become famous overnight achieve instant fame.

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