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Original title: “Evil-minded ” the Jian Minmin of 20 collect, luo Haiqiong uses two camera lens only, let an audience excuse her From ” happy eulogy ” Fan Sheng beauty arrives ” Dou Ting is good ” Su Mingyu, the drama of noonday sunshine always pays close attention to the influence of former unripe family to the female particularly, heavy male light bias of female, sex, kind and enmity continues… the predicament a lot of modern women is shown undisguisedly before the audience. ” happy eulogy ” it is encourage annals female group picture, ” Dou Ting is good ” be reconcile with what give birth to a family formerly, and this ” meet season ” was to tell about how to dissolve kind and enmity. ” meet season ” You Leijia sound, Yuan Quan, Zhang Yi is promoted, the main actor such as Luo Haiqiong, what masterstroke gut tells is Jian Jiahe Home Cui continued of two generation ” family feud ” , the emotional line of leading role of male and female is called by play ” Europe of middleaged edition Luo Mi and Juliet ” . In numerous character group in resembling, the Jian Minmin of brief home eldest sister of Luo Haiqiong personate, it is a part with complete the markeddest theatrical work undoubtedly. ” meet season ” before half, jian Minmin is the main character that urges the plot of a play. After father has an accident, jian Minmin resembles a capture the mad dog that who bites, run to Cui Jia to break a thing to lay a person, because this lets peaceful excuse me fall,issue epileptic an old complaint, caused two animosity to written guarantee deeper more. Weigh for retaliation male light female father, jian Minmin still drives a door out of the little brother. The Jian Minmin with not tall record of formal schooling, after marrying, busy all the time and the husband, little brother contends for family property, did not acquire the experience that ran a company and capability, business of intelligence quotient affection does not follow to go up duty field develops. Middleaged Jian Minmin disposition is even more foolish and irratable, at every turn shrew shout abuses in the street, do not have good look to who. The figure of evil-minded madwoman person of a dye-in-the-wood impenetrable, refuse to have anything to do with all kins and friends, let an audience look to be born with respect to the heart detest. It is however such ” madwoman person ” figure, be in evil-minded after 20 collect, sudden however success ” wash white ” , won an audience thoroughly excuse. How is Jian Minmin accomplished? Since Zhang Lixin roll 80 million desert, jian Minmin is helpless after appealing to the little brother, relation of sister younger brother began to appear to invert. Dozen return dozen, scold return scold, the moment of truth or blood are thick at water. Jian Hongcheng is beautiful 90 million protected establish new large building, agree to allow eldest sister hold finally the share of 60% , and Jian Minmin also sought condition of sister younger brother eventually, began to cook to little brothers personally unexpectedly, a pair of senior a general term for young women is like about of good elder sister. Make the reason that Jian Hongcheng excuses Jian Minmin very simple. Swinging a face crabbily when eldest sister child, first time of all one’s life to his complaint, spit him chamfer to be destroyed completely all one’s life in establish new group, softhearted Jian Hongcheng understood her at that time, also realize how much eldest sister paid for this family. But is the audience how accept Jian Minmin ” wash white ” ? Say, besides Jian Minmin this is full of Thespian colorific to invert the person is set outside, luo Haiqiong’s acting also is result cannot do not have. ” meet season ” the 22nd collect, jian Hongcheng comes to apologize, jian Minmin thinks he will want share, move a piece of chair to sit in gate mouth at once, nostril day day, place the attitude of a pair of declare war, do not let even the door the little brother enter. Who knows Jian Hongcheng to come up to apologize, his manner is very cordial: Did not think of so old past, you still remember even my Id number, I also lodged for the night to did not sleep yesterday, thought a lot of, those your good to me in one’s childhood things, I think. One pair prepares for war the Jian Minmin of attitude listened this word, abrupt not as good as defense sector is muddled. She right now expression is very vivid: It is grievance ground twitch one’s mouth first, turned over a supercilious look next, had turned the head goes. Luo Haiqiong subdues Jian Minmin this want to cry, the feeling that wants to pretend to distain again is deduced very lifelike. Let an audience believe, this is misunderstood by the little brother namely, those who suffer all kinds of grievance to be proud charming arrives not to wish to lower this head to explain however is foolish eldest sister, before her all insanity, evil-minded, forceful had an explanation it seems that. Jian Hongcheng continues say: After father dies, I and bagatelle of great plan important matter, it is you help us be in charge of, say me two it is you are raised big, not beyond the mark also. Already floated in the eye of right now Jian Minmin light giving a tear, she blinked an eye quickly, closely the lip that close lightly stays in cannot help shiver. This one camera lens lets an audience be experienced, jian Minmin has been defeated thoroughly prevented, although give birth to a family to cause so great harm to her formerly, she or meeting are moved by close affection, if because the brother owes one sentence,be being met, open a heart to prevent thoroughly. More absolutely is, after Jian Minmin is taking equity agreement to walk into house, two little brothers hear her wail suddenly outside the door one voice, look so that the person wants to cry to want to laugh again again, the elder sister’s old grievance abreacts eventually came out. See here, jian Minmin this figure has been broken thoroughly, and be established afresh rose. After father has an accident, she runs to Cui Jia to hit alone break snarl, although the measure is extreme, but she just is most the person that cares about a family. However that family is heavy however male light female, to keep factory, sacrificed of big daughter all one’s life, want to leave a son family property. Fall out of final sister younger brother, husband and wife becomes enemy, the grievance of Jian Minmin skinful, can be concealed only with forceful. Had seen the audience here, return somebody to you can detest Jian Minmin? ” meet season ” the experience in the Jian Minmin in origianl work and drama is similar, but get wildly more complete, be compare types of facial makeup in operas to change ” hellion ” . And collect sea fines jade a this part temperament is very reductive essence of life is accurate, she still gifted part more ” human nature ” , disposition eats soft do not eat hard, irratable forceful is a bit lovely still, really ” poor person has abominable place surely, abominable person has pitiful place surely ” , two sides of part an organic whole, very bright and stereo. # Jian Minmin is to wriggle bad still # wants to understand more and wonderful content after all, will quickly pay close attention to theater of powdery Chinese ink

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