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Original title: Good fun of new in March theatrical work connects field of stage family, suspense, duty, love of all kinds subject matter ” drama ” to force New | Drama | View | Examine last month, big play of practical subject matter ” between the world ” take heat of next the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year’s Day, let drama market field warmed up continuously 2022. This month also is new theatrical work ceaseless, so which drama can show itself from which become March explode paragraph? Let us expect together! Of times air trilogy ” the heart is resided ” Qing Dynasty of the sea that decide archives is encountered again it is difficult to buy a house ” the heart is resided “20220311160427 622b730ba47b0 Director Teng Huatao manufactures Tecent movie owner performs Hai Qingtong to precious jade Feng Shaofeng Zhang Song article broadcasts Zhejiang is defended inspect east to defend inspect love to surprise art on March 17 ” the heart is resided ” , with adapt from award of literature of aegis of Liang Xiaosheng cogongrass homonymic novel, achieve teleplay of CCTV-1 gold archives to close inspect nearly 8 years new tall ” national drama ” ” between the world ” , and July 1 showed last year ” congratulatory found a party film of 100 years of keys ” ” 1921 ” , call Tecent shadow course of study with what read article movie and TV ” times air trilogy ” . In this drama, of Tong Yao and sea clear personate is a pair of contradictory and ceaseless sisters-in-law, two women from oppose mutual understanding, take on together the important task in build up, face the life a variety of sloughy. This drama is adapted by homonymic novel of Teng Xiaolan of winner of award of Lu Xun literature, also be sea Qing Dynasty and the 4th collaboration that Teng Huatao directs, the first drama that they cooperate ” humble abode ” in, the of one mind of Guo sea duckweed of sea clear personate should buy a house, in ” the heart is resided ” in, the Feng Xiaoqin of her personate still is buying a house, still be life does not cease really, struggle more than ~~ is become ” 30 just ” in ” Gu Jia ” meet ” small jubilate ” in ” Dong Wenjie ” , what kind of scintilla does meeting collision give? Wind of harbor of VS of drama of punishment detect net alarm not a suspense drama hotspot is dye-in-the-wood ” hunt blame illustrated handbook “20220311160430 622b730e2fa97 Director Xing Jianjun manufactures bud of lemon of industry of lemon bud movie opens Xin Aiji art main actor Tan Jian beautiful of second gold world broadcasts Tecent video love is strange art the drama of suspense punishment detect this year is true on March 6 be coil than! Any person did not look ” hunt blame illustrated handbook ” my metropolis is sad! Tan Jian of second personate is the talent artist of picture division is become in the police station Shen Yi, be in ” love apartment ” in slow-witted melon is general ” Liu Zhanbo ” Jin Shijia suddenly change one’s identity, in drama personate has police officer Du Cheng of Yong Youmou, two people crack a criminal case of one Wen Yiwu partner, through Shen Yi the picture with lifelike the wording and purpose of what one writes uncovers each deep case, disclosed a variety of problems in real life. Gut burns intelligence quotient of head, leading role online, punishment detect is confused people scarcely should miss this theatrical work! ” Hei Jinfeng is cruel “20220311160431 622b730f38033 Long Lindi of director plum article installs He Yaozong to manufacture amusement of each other of actor cruel happy path acts the leading role forest Huang Hao of Zhou Xiuna broadcasts like that actorred or actress cruel is ~ of a suspense drama on March 10 this drama basically was told about, after many be chased after to kill by illicit money circumvent, killer, after partner fall out, the story of final fish truth. As we have learned, this drama draw materials from real case, form by nine case unit in all, hongKong and Macow of find a view two ground, simply reductive the former juice raw ingredient of harbor drama! Cast is very powerful also, hong Kong actual strength sends Zhou Xiuna of well-known actress of + of actor forest , still the person such as Lian Shiya, Xiong Dai forest enrages an actor to join in, what make a person surprizing more is, in ” the person that the disciple goes ” of personate of middle forest ” explode Seed ” with personate of Liang Jing badge ” phylloxera ” this pair of good brother will be in ” Hei Jinfeng is cruel ” on continuance one paragraph of friendship, this linkage makes many netizens straight breathe out ” father blueness is answered ” . VS of domestic light comedy is big female advocate neither of work of life of duty field theatrical work by accident ” chase after love familial “20220311160432 622b7310223af Director Ma Ming manufactures straw of penguin movie and TV rebukes movie owner performs Gu Nailiang of eminent of Guo Jingfei Tan to broadcast in March Tecent video 80 hind Gu Nailiang of actor of actual strength clique ” happy event when elder brother ” , became Guo Jingfei ” twin brother ” . In this drama, qi Tianzun of eldest brother of Gu Nailiang personate, be fear the romantic sweetmeats division of marriage. The Qi Tianyou of 2 elder brother of Guo Jingfei personate, married early however, it is the associate professor of the Department of Chinese Language and Literature. Two individual appearances are very handsome, give the role that has performed thorough also popular feeling, this partner twin deduces brotherly affection to be returned greatly is to let a person really very expect. And Beijing of old partner Guo flies to Tan Zhuo Zeyi, two individual personate a pair of husband and wife, “Emissary couple ” 2 building a hotspot also is dye-in-the-wood, plus old show bone Yang Xinming, Feng Hui is mixed 90 hind small unripe Xiong Ziqi, regular meeting graces for this drama many. ” the lady’s law “20220311160432 622b7310e957d Director Li Jiangming manufactures owner of Li Zeying of flourishing age of grand of day of penguin movie and TV performs Jiang Shu vague impression sunlighting free of Liu Mintao Peng broadcasts in March Tecent video in recent years female group temperature resembling opera is higher and higher, big female advocate the style occupies position in on-the-job field theatrical work gradually. River thin film, Liu Mintao acts the leading role ” the lady’s law ” be in camera lens focusing lawyer on this one profession, the lawyer that told about two to having different concept opposes from collision mutual understanding, disclose the plot of the truth jointly. Thin film of main actor river is in before go out had acted big female advocate drama ” 30 just ” , she what have appearance of drive elder sister suits the woman figure of this kind of valiant very, “Top of elder sister circle flows ” Liu Mintao is more beautiful Sa, tall dawn of old show bone, ” mom specialist ” Kong Lin and acting send free of young actor Peng Yu to also join in in succession, more important is, director Li Jiangming ever had been participated in ” 20 not be puzzled ” , ” my before half a lifetime ” etc explode money theatrical work, it is thus clear that this drama quality also won’t be differred, expected to be able to meet with the audience as soon as possible only. Earthy flavour bully amour of total VS cruel is deep sweet bestow favor on amative candy cent is double ” ability does not want and Tan Lian loves the boss “20220311160433 622b7311da522 Director Xue Ling manufactures Song Zuer of Huang Zitao of main actor of boast guest medium broadcasts the homonymic novel that this drama adapted Tecent video to learn city writer leaf to striking from Jin Jiangwen on March 10, told about Liu Xun (Huang Zitao is acted the role of) employee Qian Wei (Song Zuer is acted the role of) when 28 years old a strange combination of circumstances of career suffocate suffocate returned 18 years old, meet boss land ask afresh, span from duty field campus, advance triumphantly all the way, the story of love career double bumper harvest. Although drama name has bit of Malisu a little, but listen go up even if small sweet drama, everybody feels ” strong president falls in love with me ” gut has an earth taste, but who does not want to experience again? As we have learned, this drama still is male advocate personally end urges calm archives, this person can be in Huang Zitao, have theatrical work he is to be urged really! ” it is love about 2 “20220311160435 622b73130b485 Movie and TV of billow of drama of penguin movie and TV manufactures to act the leading role in directing Guohui Yan Xi Xu Xiaonuo Cai Yijia Li Xinbo of of Hu Wen of Yang Xin glume broadcasts on March 6 Tecent, let small fire of 6 not well-known actresses one, also harvested the 1.938 billion achievement that broadcasts a quantity. Continuation ” it is love about 2 ” continued with ” Qing Shifu Fu ” the love story of 3 pairs of connubial Cp, without driving battle array, only the faithful vermicelli made from bean starch by the first, let this continuation be in the topic is depended on after sowing 8 collect ” it is to love 2 to sow about part company ” ascend small gain to heat up search, it is thus clear that faithful audience has many to expect this theatrical work! Although gut is dog blood, unusual,do again laugh, but make a person special however above, what can yet be regarded as loosens solution to press is small sweet drama ~ above the new theatrical work of this month, be being returned from subject matter no matter is advocate achieve a group to look, it is very potential drama, after all where can lend 2022 drama market field ” explode paragraph spring breeze ” continue heat, wait and see what happens! – END – full text is over to bolt 3 even, come again a transmit ah Wu Yan of Liu Ruifang Piao of Piao of Song Ge of far Piao of Fan Lu of Hong Liang Piao of Hou of special interview of ~ big Ga beautifuls Rao Xiaozhi of Gu Zhang Piao stalking or branch Piao of Piao Chen He is princely article

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