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Original title: Still feed: Big marriage of Jin of Yao Zi of Zhu Zhan radical, one stretchs his hand indicate full beloved desire, screen dialog is more interesting ” still feed ” by Xu Kai, Wu Jin character acts the leading role this drama, to these two actors, small make up it is a circle a dream ah, after all they also are to make our meaning difficult had been made the same score in a drama, in this drama, wu Jin character acts Yao Zijin is the Zhu Zhan that Xu Kai acts originally base this woman that marry, did not think of Yao Zi Jin however a strange combination of circumstances was held by her person the identity.

20220311160438 622b731637279

Not reconciled to of Yao Zi Jin, she is entered into palace still feed bureau, want to see the woman that replaces oneself after all how outstanding? A what kind of person is Zhu Zhan radical? She is opposite little imagine love of Zhu Zhan radical is long already, but the wife of a prince that does not want to become him again as concubine of an emperor, he likes nevertheless in her heart from beginning to end, help him everywhere.

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Below the help of Yao Zi Jin, the relation of Zhu Zhan radical and father got tension, and the opportunity that Yao Zi Jin also is chat of Zhu Zhan radical, clever the expostulation that lets the emperor listen to his, zhu Zhan radical feels he was used, enrage again love again, he compares Yao Zi Jin small fox. Look at such two gut, hope they can be together quickly really, there is each other in original heart, but unidentified say.

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Gut is jumpy too big also, jin of chela Yao Zi helped Zhu Zhan radical, yao Zijin of the rear foot is about to be conferred prince aed concubine of an emperor, yao Zi Jin is defied, can see Peng Cheng when her after Bai Fu’s person, the heart is random also, the person that calls out her A racoon dog came back, herself is child Jin is made do confer a ceremony, too expected.

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Do not cross Yao Zi Jin or escaped, she comes the study of Zhu Zhan radical, hope he can help her. Madam of Peng Cheng uncle is searched everywhere, it is below the help of Zhu Zhan radical, she was escaped temporarily. But she is clever, have idea, be conferred to was prince to a concubine of an emperor by empress, the emperor directly, zhu Zhan radical tries to prevent, did not succeed, yao Zi Jin also was destined oneself destiny.

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See beloved person becomes prince to a concubine of an emperor, you Yifan enclasp the sword in the hand, the person that he looks at Yao Zi Jin to become Zhu Zhan radical helplessly is helpless however, small make up feel he can be changed accordingly. Yao Zi Jin is over all right formal, went out to see the Zhu Zhan that awaits oneself base. One stretchs his hand indicate full beloved desire, pull the hand that has you from now on, company is beside each other, it is a very happy thing.

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The night of newly-married, zhu Zhan radical sees Yao Zi Jin without rapid move, come to v/arc drill ground however, he encountered You Yifan, two people drill in v/arc drill ground sword compare notes, just be the person that the condition of an injury did not heal, those who hit is not to one’s heart’s content. Yao Zi Jin rested, zhu Zhan radical is defended beside in her, saying a word silently, still Zhu Zhan radical is lying between screen to be a hard job to Yao Zi Jin intentionally, she is bathing, he wants stay, more interesting, two people deliver in syrup quickly, small make up etc not as good as.

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Still feed: Big marriage of Jin of Yao Zi of Zhu Zhan radical, one stretchs his hand indicate full beloved desire, screen dialog is more interesting! Expect next gut, do you like this teleplay?

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