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Original title: ” 25, 21 ” grading rises to 9: It is Han drama not merely, girl of new-style still warm blood is overflowed! The Han drama that conspicuous of Jin Taili, Na Zhu acts the leading role ” 25, 21 ” had broadcasted half, fabaceous valve grading still rises continuously, up to dispatch when, had risen 9.

20220311160518 622b733eb07b9

Discuss to also present the trend of grow in quantity, not merely focusing actor, also a lot of is mix about gut, made communication guess. This is the mark that a teleplay gains a success in content level. So, is it specific fortunately where? Can say of course, this gut section is done laugh, rhythm is light, invert clever, emotional play is melting… but I think, its biggest advantage, was to make a kind of new Han drama style — hot-blooded girl is overflowed.

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” 25, 21 ” with very large space, told about fencing girl grow. High school gives birth to Luo Xi to spend, it is to be divided one day but achievement flatly fencing athlete. To pursue a dream, she throws new drill door to fall, became fencing champion Gao Youlin with the door.

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At first, luo Xi is spent adoring Gao Youlin deeply, later, they compete each other, make the enemy, had ” photograph loving each other is killed ” imply. The contrast of two people is very bright: Careless, try best to catch up from the position of crane end; A calm melancholy, stand in industry altitude, experienced the successor’s menace. They with age, classmate, actual strength is adjacent, each other is priming, it is the Gemini star in industry. Although give tit for tat, but sooner or later, past grudge of their meeting be dispelled, struggle for collective dream.

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Such set and trend, be very familiar? Anyway in my brain, caricature of teenager of a lot of warm blood mixes thrill through the shadow of animation. Luo Xi is spent very picture ” fill basket ace ” the cherry wood beautiful path in, ” the person that igneous shadow is borne ” the eddy in cries person. And Gao Youlin, very apparent, like corresponding Yu Zhibo assist is aided and flow plain maple. Luo Xi is spent rise the occasion of training, on when competition ground super- light dub in background music, if hot-blooded animation is general heart-stirring; Indrawn kink of Gao Youlin also has very much representative, luo Xi is defeated to spend when her childhood, the gut that had heart tie from this, let a person string together play to arrive simply ” chess fetch ” .

20220311160519 622b733f1e054Drama edition ” chess fetch ” stage photo You look, there is the sign of teenager of so much warm blood on their body, just bear the weight of the person of these classical set, became the fencing girl in Han drama. Is this very interesting? And not only they, female advocate coach and female advocate mother, the wind that also has a teenager to fasten part of the elder in work model. Coach careless and casual however very the appearance that relies on chart, the professional ethics that the mother faces and individual give birth to the conflict between work, and 2 delicate friendship, make clear, they are ” the person that has a story ” . Nowadays, the character of these heavy is idiosyncratic attribute mature male part not only, also appear on the body of middleaged woman role. 20220311160519 622b733f325ed

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Notable is, in drama a variety of inspect already feeling, the set move that is not machinery moves, also do not have the catchword of homiletic type, character and clue are very natural, in the life that enrages in ground connection, extend the way that extends to pursue a dream. Also have the place of a blemish in an otherwise perfect thing nevertheless. Although Gao Youlin’s person is set already enough and stereo, this part still caused certain negative feedback. If the audience stands,arrive actually problem of her angle look upon, it is understandable of her angst. Sequel how will she grow, be about to see the style of writing or drawing of playwrite.

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Look on whole, ” 25, 21 ” in Han drama domain, created a kind of outstanding warm blood girl to overflow a style. After seeing 8 market at a heat, I feel deeply, hair short-tempered, on foot leisurely girl Luo Xi is spent, this never character abandons, the fencing player with small average sun, had mixed ” cherry wood is spent ” people, ” eddy cries person ” people euqally vivid and fresh. Next, the feeling of a kind of be suddenly enlightened subsequently and come: Original story can be such, girl and teenager are same, brandish is aspersing sweat, invigorating the audience besides screen.

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Make while warm blood feels, ” 25, 21 ” the advantage that also produced Han play. Sweet love makes fun of, happiness arrives close to dream male advocate, lachrymatory close affection makes fun of, exquisite heart makes fun of… these natural to Han drama be nothing difficult. In addition, this drama still passes incident of a controversy, reviewed the issue of Korea sports line of business and medium course of study. Be this controversy incident, let female advocate had grow further, the deepness of complete theatrical work also increased. So, look ” 25, 21 ” the experience is first-rate, resembled seeing girl of a warm blood overflow at the same time, with exquisite, organic sharp edge Han drama. The Han drama on fabaceous valve often notchs empty is tall, but this, ” 25, 21 ” high component fact returns to the name.

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