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Original title: Public praise of new theatrical work of thunder favorable reply rises, 6 costar result cannot be done not have, china friendship proprietress ” play the part of ugly ” give a group ” between the world ” the cavalcade that heat sows actor of a gleam of of body of ascend of favorable reply letting thunder, the Zhou Bingkun in drama is frank, simple and honest, zhou Fu says he is fatheaded, the audience says he is kind-hearted.

20220311160528 622b7348f1144

The thunder favorable reply of great minds mature slowly proved his plasticity with acting, those who make a person surprizing is, just sent ” between the world ” , the new theatrical work that received thunder good news again ” meet season ” , he is become in Jianhong of the personate in drama. Be different from Zhou Bingkun ” do not have skill ” , jian Hongcheng is special ” Zhi Leng ” part, the force with oneself is maintained whole brief home, treat Chou Jia with condonable manner, it is the old man of an one hundred percent.

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” meet season ” leave oneself sow, harvested not the public praise of common, gut enters the most pleasant stage gradually nowadays, “Cruel ” part be about to ending, jianhong is become and excuse rather (Yuan spring personate) emotional line is gradually clear, public praise also rises continuously accordingly. Be worth what carry is, ” meet season ” out noonday sun. Can obtain the good result nowadays, besides story content kernel high grade, also cannot leave advocate those who start a battle array is powerful. Besides, neither one part is redundant, the deduction of each costar very essence of life is accurate. Public praise of new theatrical work of thunder favorable reply rises, 6 costar result cannot be done not have, china friendship proprietress ” play the part of ugly ” give a group.

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Liang Guanhua Liang Guanhua is in drama personate the son-in-law of brief home, he is Jian Minmin’s husband, also be the benefactor of brief home, but at the same time also the force with oneself allows brief home be driven to the last ditch. Liang Guanhua gives those who perform this part to make a person accident quite, it is after all in most audience impression he is being taken all the time ” a benign and uncontentious person who is indifferent to matters of principle ” label.

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And in ” meet season ” in, zhang Lixin this character is relatively tricky, was full of calculate to bedside person, after casting mortal words of the deceased of the father-in-law to the head finally, became negative heart Chinese. As ” old show bone ” a medium, liang Guanhua receives show not much, not be to do not have resource, however he is taller to part requirement. Move this the versatility that his is the part in drama, to it before have contrast just more be full of a challenge.

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The Chen Xin of personate of experienced experienced experienced practice it is this year absolutely in drama of movie and TV ” person of the first madwoman ” . She is Jian Hongcheng’s ex-wife, the boudoir that ever also was Ning You is sweet. Sweet to former husband and boudoir once Yu Huai of amour be troubled, performed one act act ” dog blood ” setting. This part comes out to be being taken ” clammy beauty ” , also became the actress of the first chamfer be spittinged in drama.

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This also drills experienced acting is reflected well just about, in origianl work, chen Xin this part is ” ill and do not know oneself ” , experienced practice Chen Xin cranky and act crabbily too hate letting a person gets tooth itch. Although experienced practice had not acted female advocate, but the theatrical work that she performs and part make a person impressive. ” the strategy that delay happiness ” medium cheerful the wife of a prince, ” great river great river ” medium Wei Chungong, it is unforgettable part.

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Zhou Fang week puts the part of personate to have controversy very much, and ” great river great river ” medium Cheng Kaiyan is same not congenial. She is Ning Shu’s cummer, also be conceal beside Zhang Lixin ” look line ” .

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Cai Lingxiao is a spoony woman, one-sided likes Ning Shu, but at the same time she also is a character that does not have a bottom line, for the purpose by hook and crook. Zhou Fang closes in the acting in drama put freely, perform the contradiction of the part very.

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Apply what the poem applies a poem to come on the stage but too let a person not have language, the gas person degree of this a third party that she performs, had overtaken ” 30 just ” medium forest have had. Fortunately of Yuan spring personate female advocate do not have Gu Jia so weak. But in a few engage in a battle in first wife and a third party, talk acting, apply Shi Gengsheng to prepare.

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She is successful the part extremely, promiscuous and abysmal line, black and white idiosyncratic acted to come out, lying between screen to want to smoke her. Regard the 85 new advance after as the actor, shi Shi goes out not late, just leave have his moment to still need one step. Her classical part has: ” know to deny ” medium Mo Lan, ” great river great river ” medium Dai Fengjiao.

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Gu Nailiang Gu Nailiang is one of drama ” painted eggshell ” , the Tian Jingye of his personate compares a men and women advocate more ground connection is angry, it is a rock-bottom nobody. Not it is good extraction, good to also was not encountered woman, the life presses him on the ground ” knead ” , when seeing him face ex-wife faint, very fetching in all affection.

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This part weighs Tian Jingye to go up of Gu Nailiang’s transition make, for more character of press close to, gu Nailiang changed old hair style, very little head comes on stage, little portion sunshine is handsome, much the lofty quality of portion man.

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Jian Minmin of personate of Luo Haiqiong Luo Haiqiong, this part comes out from the first collect special let a person be fed up with. Capricious, overbearing, rampant… this thinking is Jian Minmin disposition of junior and flighty ability is strong, the personate till middleaged Jian Minmin person Luo Haiqiong comes on stage, just discover this character nature to make like that.

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Opposite at teenager Jian Minmin, middleaged Jian Minmin is more much face. Arrive abominably bristle with anger letting a person, for oneself interest, not hesitate to put in the family property of a married woman’s parents’ home ‘s charge to him under one’s name, but however because of oneself ” clumsy ” , be covered by Zhang Lixin road, final nearly allows brief home beyond redemption. But, jian Minmin also has pitiful one side. Her grievance originates her former unripe family, parents is right of the little brother prejudicial the germ that is fall out of her He Hongcheng.

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For household company, marry the Zhang Lixin that does not love, distress is sufferred all kinds of in marriage, 50 years old connect a child to be done not have, there are dog of a pet and a baby-sitter only beside. Luo Haiqiong serves as once goddess, once was Li Xiaoran Chen Kun makes supporting rule for her. Married in best-selling moment Hua Yi’s vice-president expends Qi, luo Haiqiong became one of Hua Yi’s proprietresses.

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Her husband and Zong Shuai head the group of a manager with China friendship the biggest economy together, the actor below the banner includes Zhang Han to grant, the big Ga such as Xu Fan, Su Youpeng. Did not think of to be in ” meet season ” in, luo Haiqiong goes out performed Jian Minmin this part, will see this from character nature and not be a part that can add cent to the actor. But from part challenge sex character, luo Haiqiong performs Jian Minmin very successfully really, especially helter-skelter appearance of Jian Minmin, be explained very by Luo Haiqiong.

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Relative to Yu Leijia sound, Yuan Quan, luo Haiqiong of 48 years old is in ” meet season ” medium part is provided more revolutionary, although be ” play the part of ugly ” on lens, let her give a group by right of acting again however.

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