Thu. Jun 30th, 2022
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Original title: Welfare of vermicelli made from bean starch of Bai Lu 1500w! Before paragraph acting of time week unripe as before is obtained approbate, do you like her? Bai Lu mixes graph outgoing message in individual socialization platform, wish oneself vermicelli made from bean starch is broken 15 million.

20220311160700 622b73a4b4cde

The Bai Lu of net red family background, because of back Yu Zheng, got a lot of resource. Film before teleplay ” blaze military school ” ” it is sweet candy partly it is an injury partly ” ” ostentatious ” had obtained ” Thespian person enrages year female actor ” wait for award, small fire, small make up also had seen these a few teleplay, the role is not quite same, have contemporary also have ancient time, at the same time by masses place hep, harvest a lot of filmgoer.

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But what let her conflagration career greet a turn truly is last year teleplay ” Zhou Shengru reason ” the Zhou Shiyi inside personate cries drama is very much, concern on a lot of nearsightedness frequency platform cry at her the video of play acting, broadcast a quantity a lot of more considerable the acting that the person approbated her, how do you feel?

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Crying such label leaves play ceiling, bai Lu still has do laugh female, can change most the label such as the female star of outfit. She still has attended to run before, among them a yock expression that ignores figure and God weight is wrapped also very give a group.

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Truth says, this expression package is very economic aha ha!

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