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Original title: Of drama of ancient costume palace ” seek to live on desire ” is there many strong? Author | Guo Xiao Guo reads and edit | Days edits | Peninsula origin | The industry comments on culture to sow half month, successive drama of 12 days of networks sows coronal of day of to the limit of one’s capacity, always broadcast a quantity to exceed 1 billion nearly, netizens are looked at at the same time ” still feed ” , heat is discussed ” Fu Ying CP ” too many things to see of the dainty in renewing leading edge, drama, plainting at the same time theatrical work of ancient costume palace is hard innovate again. 20220311160703 622b73a718412 Below the big setting that tightens up in market of integral ancient costume, strict with each passing day also to the requirement of drama of ancient costume palace, market of movie and TV is antediluvian in last few years outfit palace drama can be counted on one’s fingers. (note: This piece indicate palace drama is ancient costume to main story happens in palace or wait for the historical play that develops an old practice or the drama market that the history feels character around palace tactics, Gong Dou only, do not contain the ancient costume such as a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of pure celestial being, knight-errant to hang down kind of drama anthology. ) to understand thoroughly the development of drama of ancient costume palace further strategy reachs prospective trend, culture industry comments on (ID: Whcypl) concentration is combed considered nearly 3 years to open play of sowed ancient costume palace newly, next, we broadcast show from drama anthology, seek to live on 3 respects talk about strategy suction eyeball and prospective growth potential drama of palace of homebred ancient costume. 20220311160703 622b73a7bd5a2 Since 2019 leave newly sow drama of ancient costume palace to make an appointment with 40, in broadcast appear on expression give 3 bright characteristics. 1. The amount is not dominant with annual mainland area opens the system capacity that the collect that sow drama controls 300 times newly to calculate, go up nearly 3 years theatrical work of new ancient costume palace is occupied than average and annual less than 5% , that is to say average and annual go up new 13 or so, what cannot such base occupy really ” group ” advantage. And from whole new measure trend looks, the trend of be issued to lower levels of drama of ancient costume palace is very bright. Industry of movie and TV was in deepness to adjust 2019 period, whole opens measure of the market that sow drama newly to have 260 or so only, on drama of ancient costume palace do not calculate newly much; Epidemic situation of new 2020 coronal erupts suddenly, industry of movie and TV gets not little impact, when new theatrical work does not follow to go up, the market that put an amount had certain opportunity, but even if is such, new measure also fails to exceed 20 on drama of ancient costume palace; After this puts quantity acute to decrease, new project exceeding and infrequent, market of drama of ancient costume palace is rapid and atrophic. This kind is only 2021 10 work, left 2022 year up to now, also have only ” still feed ” drama of palace of an ancient costume, and from each of big platform wait for sow a sheet to look, seek form of drama of ancient costume palace hard also. 20220311160705 622b73a9a9109 2. public praise is not quite hopeful with fabaceous valve grading is exemple, our statistic nearly 3 years the public praise of drama of ancient costume palace is behaved. For whole, in last few years the expression of integral public praise of drama of ancient costume palace has bit of hot eye really, year average branch just has stridden 5 minutes, do not look basically to go out ” carry qualitative synergism ” meaning; From the point of the trend, year average public praise still is in slow and drop continuously, sowing in heat ” still feed ” up to now fabaceous valve did not open branch, and from fabaceous valve the comment looks, polarization of integral public praise is apparent, the evaluation under SamSung class is absent a few, the situation is not hopeful. Distributing from grading interval in light of, nearly 3 years public praise of whole of drama of ancient costume palace is centered in 3 ~ 6 minutes, among them amount of anthology of 4-4.9 cent drama is maximum; Work whole public praise and rules and forms of classical poetic composition are only 21.9% , center in 7-7.9 cent more, the high-quality goods of high public praise of 8 minutes of above is very infrequent, at this late hour is only ” fasten the cloud ” stability of grading of valve of a beans is in 8.4, do not cross this ” crane cry Hua Ting ” time outside piece fail to lift how old heat wave inside course of study. 20220311160705 622b73a9eb9a2 20220311160706 622b73aa43b4c Inadequacy of 3. heat aftereffect should say the heat of drama of ancient costume palace nearly 3 years, have really. Because the amount is little, can sow solid belong to not easy, so this kinds of work has particular attention to spend from beginning to end, but the heat of anthology of major theatrical work appears go out to sow namely the condition of summit summit, aftereffect inadequacy makes general appearance. From the point of number of fabaceous valve grading, center in less than of 40 thousand person for the most part. In drama anthology industry, the temperature that has a general self-identity measures a line, number of fabaceous valve grading 40 thousand person. If will look from this general mark, heat of whole of drama of ancient costume palace is behaved really not up to much, nevertheless the drama anthology of the line takes heat than be as high as 66% , in the work that crosses a line also the difference is great, the work grading number with extremely high temperature exceeds 900 thousand, drop what rank the 2nd heat directly 300 thousand person, type of bluff of it may be said drops. From the point of cat eye data, highest heat average is entire network 9047.55, drama of ancient costume palace had the drama anthology of nearly 40% to pull heat hind leg, heat value is in the 9500 work over are only 7, before heat of ancient costume palace is inferior to greatly really. A heat returns the summer that was 2018, when those ” Yan Xi strategy ” ” if exemplary,pass ” leave early or late sow, same theme, same story, different perspective, let it is good that wind of ancient costume palace was blown indeed, but although after this has ” celebrate one’s remaining years ” ” Qing Pingle ” such make greatly, but wind of ancient costume palace fails to rise one after another however situation, ” celebrate one’s remaining years ” public praise heat lasts tall paragraph, but after drama market closes an official, without sequela; ” Qing Pingle ” before sowing, earn sufficient the attention of the audience, but open polarization of the public praise after sowing, final heat is inferior to anticipating greatly, and congener story ” Gong Ci of big the Song Dynasty ” steep fall as public praise, heat pelter; ” still feed ” the top is worn ” ” Yan Xi strategy ” after carry out ” cap, although heat has, but before be inferior to greatly however. 20220311160706 622b73aa9566e The amount is not dominant, public praise is not quite hopeful, heat aftereffect is insufficient, a few this years drama of ancient costume palace goes hardly indeed. “Beautiful type seeks to live on ” the person that become drama of palace of these a few years of ancient costume to create people exploration normal, no matter whole behaves the market to feedback how, theatrical work of ancient costume palace is full ” seek to live on desire ” behave however incisively and vividly. Seek to live on politic one: The east that sucks eyeball is aesthetic ” only then Yu Yan is worth ” in bound of movie and TV very important also, especially drama of ancient costume palace, take elegantly be being changed often is to attract an audience the main factor of the first line of sight. Drama is taking ancient costume palace of these a few years to change go up to fall basically sufficient effort, east is aesthetic the propagandist way that also makes its focal point. Above all, make great efforts from dress modelling, as far as possible reductive history. Early of a few years of conflagration ” Yan Xi strategy ” medium two gangmasters, one ear 3 clamp, and all sorts of dress are drama anthology effort of history of press close to reflect. In last few years ” Qing Pingle ” ” crane cry Hua Ting ” ” word of big Song Gong ” still go up in dress modelling do one’s best ” reductive ” . The most typical for instance ” Qing Pingle ” in coronal of exceeding lofty or great is taken, all sorts of face are taken, the face after Cao Huang is taken, 9 Long Sifeng coronals, high answer engraved historical picture scroll. 20220311160707 622b73ab25174 20220311160708 622b73ac18747 Next, prop display, endeavor to dig the tradition that be not involuntary discharge of urine, characteristic of times of joint of in an attempt to. These a few years, the prop display it may be said of drama of ancient costume palace is excelsior, from ” the strategy that delay happiness ” medium velvet flowers, a type of weaving done by the tapestry method in fine silks and gold thread; Arrive ” Qing Pingle ” in Song Chao is particular ” pearl makeup ” ; ” on Yang Fu ” Sino-US the romance of type of the Eastern Jin dynasty of round of beautiful Huan is built, arrive again ” word of palace of big the Song Dynasty ” medium spot edition ” Han Xi carries nocturnal dinner to pursue ” , chinese traditional culture, show in masses eye shot with brand-new means through drama of ancient costume palace, make the much posture that more person saw east is beautiful colorful. 20220311160708 622b73acb2bd2 20220311160708 622b73acd7f74 20220311160709 622b73ad07dff 20220311160709 622b73ad265c3 20220311160709 622b73ad45f40 △ left and right sides is slip examine more meanwhile, of ceaseless innovation ” filter lens ” aesthetic, also become drama of ancient costume palace to look be like seek unripe measure advancedly. ” the strategy that delay happiness ” Mo Landi is tonal fire, then drama of ancient costume palace abandons in succession some earlier year colorful Ming Yanfeng, collective went ” low-key and costly ” course. ” Qing Pingle ” whole is extremely tonal use up simple but elegant, the made of baked clay color in drama, iceberg pink of blue, agate, smoke ash of red, shrimp, gull is blue etc as if to be in low-key ground to praising the river is clear times of peace and prosperity of big the Song Dynasty, and ” word of palace of big the Song Dynasty ” whole is tonal more of Gu Hua of press close to plain, in an attempt to is reductive type of the Song Dynasty is aesthetic. 20220311160709 622b73ad691dc Seek to live on politic 2: Catch China beauty of the stomach to feed delicate dainty, suck eyeball not only, it is to catch a stomach more. All the time since the work that gives priority to horn with Chinese traditional cate more let an audience favore, from some earlier year ” the China on the tip of the tongue ” begin, cate wind blows bigger more in domain of movie and TV, b stands later ” life a string ” go up the line of sight that the line attracted numerous and young audience. Be in in last few years on drama market field, cate becomes the important element that attracts an audience, 2017 ” bottle is lifted between the flower square large kitchen ” , 2020 ” terrestrial fireworks spends small hutch ” it is the drama of small cost ancient costume that has his moment by right of China cate. It is nowadays in drama of ancient costume palace, china cate also became the main element that holds an audience. “Want to capture the heart of the audience, the stomach that holds an audience first ” , the near future is sowing in heat ” still feed ” , I am big China cate is absolutely the main hero to the evaluation, many audiences spit a standard-sized sheet of groovy gut firepower, but arrive to still be fed a little bureau made cate however not stint praises. The author regards drama of ancient costume palace as lover, must admit, in the drama in brushing drama process most those who stress popular feeling is not female advocate one’s life experience, not be the CP of leading role of male and female, still feed all sorts of cate of the bureau however. 20220311160710 622b73ae58799 Seek to live on politic 3: The beautiful form that drops candy ” CP flavour ” from ” concealed rearward ” to the trend downstage, make the important instrument of sale of drama put together, from vermicelli made from bean starch initiative, government is happy see its are become, cover a region actively to government of each big play put together, hit in succession ” CP sale ” card, “Beautiful type CP ” the public opinion with make a theatrical work principal already ferments dot. Of drama of palace of these two years of ancient costume ” seek to live on desire ” also be to who do not have, all sorts of beautiful type CP scatter candy to also make the main drainage point of drama anthology actually, and the CP combination with a complete without the style theatrical work, feel embarrassed dark jab jab makes conduct propaganda. All sorts of integrated CP, appear in drama of ancient costume palace to become normal state gradually, 2019 ” east palace ” medium male male CP ” 2 emperor child ” and ” 2 emperor elder brother’s wife ” letting a netizen plaint just may be this pair ” unique sweet bestow favor on ” ; 2020 ” Qing Pingle ” of the government ” the CP after the Supreme Being ” make an audience fast knock gives vitreous broken bits child, but the candy of empress and Miao Xianfei lets person knock get however with pleasure. 20220311160711 622b73af520a2 20220311160711 622b73afa88c0 Sowing in heat recently ” still feed ” , sheet is made from CP go up to be revealed full ” seek to live on desire ” . The renown head that can be made by aboveboard ground is renew leading edge ” base pity CP ” , but there is Yao Zijin, Su Yuehua, Yan Ziping from time to time in drama 3 people ” congested friendship ” , also let an audience have bit of good container. Especially the candy of sororal flavour, in drama of ancient costume palace, “The emperor is ‘ big pig hoof ‘ ” in set, between the sister keep watch to appear precious all the more each other. 20220311160712 622b73b0b092f 20220311160712 622b73b0efbe5 No matter be to rely on to take,change path and lens of advanced feeling filter to suck eyeball, still rely on China cate to catch a stomach, also or it is integrated beautiful type of each type CP scatters candy, we do not deny drama of palace of these a few years of ancient costume to be in ” seek to live on ” the intention on the road. But not difficult also discovery, to a work that is core competition ability with story content, these are idiomatic ” seek to live on ” strategy is exterior kongfu more, completely of lubricious fragrance of at first sight, fine article however insipid, let a person carry do not have interest. So, how can just let these kongfu be reached by the watch in, make withstand of drama of ancient costume palace fine taste? “Bone of picture of disguise or mask of an evildoer draws a heart hard ” , since be content work, can the core competition ability that the story kernel of withstand audience test just is eternity. This adage of to how be being made good story is inscribed, the author thinks can spend the antidote that seek from two dimension. On one hand, good content needs to send force from fountainhead. Through combing discovery, drama of ancient costume palace, still be the work that IP adapts for the most part, occupy than be as high as 80% , in drama of ancient costume palace it is thus clear that this is surpassed on the road, novel IP still is the content pond of story of be pregnant with, and the play of ancient costume palace with bigger in recent years lung-power, escape as before discharge IP is really sweet nevertheless mensurable, big IP is popular as before adapted tale source. But to tale source date from, also hard to avoid lets person sigh, drama of palace of current ancient costume centers public praise, heat double expensive work, many it is the story that becomes famous more than 10 years ago. For instance ” celebrate one’s remaining years ” , it is feline be bored with controlled the history of built on stilts that writes 2007 kind novel; ” crane cry Hua Ting ” be over of the full text before origianl work novel is making an appointment with 10 years early; ” hind if palace · exemplaries pass ” first story builds up early also before 10 years published…20220311160713 622b73b1363a4 10 old hind, these experience the story that days precipitates, by acousto-optic gift new life, appear in the masses with the form of drama anthology at the moment, let a person shine at the moment, but unavoidable also Bei comes from which. Be in popular when big IP is developed to danger gradually, the fountainhead of the story was about to dry up however. The lung-power that a few this years ancient costume big IP adapts is exorbitant, attack by surprise covered fountainhead creates follow-up and lack of power real situation. Why to no matter be,plant reason, on these a few years of markets see high grade ancient costume palace very hard kind / the history kind fiction writing, start the field of ancient costume palace that sends force hard formerly in playwrite, the fountainhead of novel IP also is in dried up. “Ask canal if is Na Deqing made? Only fountainhead flowing water comes. ” want to yield story of ancient costume palace ” vivid ” come over, we still need the likelihood to come again from the beginning. Can search good content probably, probably can prize once great mind author sends force once more. On the other hand, cross kind search square. Jump out the confine of Gong Dou, tactics, to more extensive hang down kind seek antidote, this is ancient costume palace probably can ” vivid ” the important way that come over. Actually some closer year, drama of ancient costume palace besides with love, cure fall out of female, sister, avenge, sweet bestow favor on etc hang down kind of convention is shirt-sleeve outside, also take pathos course and sanded carve course in the attempt. Former be like ” crane cry Hua Ting ” , be in sweet below the big setting that bestows favor on be in power, just cruel gets audience conscience lung to ache, must impressive; Latter if ” the Chen Qian Qian in the hearsay ” , this does not calculate those who go up to be thrown greatly to make, depend on however female honour, accident of Sha Diao wind has his moment. 20220311160714 622b73b2712f8 Look in the author nevertheless, probably of drama of ancient costume palace cross kind search square can a few bolder, jump out thoroughly the world that love loves passion, dig more dig deep palace to confuse case, try to go to for instance more ” secret corner ” direction is sought, bold look for ” silent truth ” , let story suspense invert again. Actually this are in ” crane cry Hua Ting ” before 3 collect showed driving tendency, but follow-up story or the old road that were on love. Actually, from the point of the creation of drama of palace of current and whole ancient costume, take change lens of path, tonal filter, modelling to deserve to acted the role of substandard to there has been qualitative flight in expression, packing probably excelsior while can seek solution upcountry, those who seek content itself power is unripe be born not to cease. – END –

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