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Original title: Fabaceous valve 8.9! Measure explodes watch, one collect with respect to above! No matter juvenile delinquency subject matter is when be a very sensitive topic, even if is in actual life, everybody to this topic also be to allude rarely, even if is juvenile delinquency, the judge is in when facing this kind of case, also often meet give the wrongdoer a way out, light deal with an offender, some teenagers make can realize one’s errors and mend one’s ways, but some, can continue to get legal chance however.

20220311160755 622b73db8e0c3

Korea gave a drama to make recently ” juvenile court ” , fabaceous valve 8.9 attack a teenager to make subject matter continuously, must say Han drama is reflecting real life directly this respect is done is better and better really, actually the last few years comes, han drama is in striking real life aspect continuously also is to be done weller and weller, ” husband and wife’s world ” , ” attic ” , ” pry ” wait for work, see the negative energy that be like is Man Bing, but the one side that the director may be the darkness in wanting to live reality announces everybody.

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This ” juvenile court ” by Jin Huixiu, Jin Wulie collaboration acts the leading role, jin Huixiu goes out a few this years performed not little work, but regretful is, arrive 21 years from 19 years, several drama just nominate, however with award brush a shoulder and pass, 2019 ” the day that the country goes broke ” , award of the 40th green dragon is optimal heroine nominates, 2020 ” type of dog of hair on the neck of a pig lives ” with 100 think art is admired greatly optimal heroine brushs a shoulder and pass, 2021 ” my dead day ” , with award of 42 green dragon optimal heroine brushs a shoulder and pass.

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For many times selected lose an election for many times again, jin Huixiu is to have a place really ” luck not beautiful ” , nevertheless this fabaceous valve of 8.9 divides Han theatrical work high this year, this she is in drama of personate is a judge, evil teenager of special be disgusted with makes, in her world, believe each crime is well-founded, nonexistent gratuitous commits a crime, face the girl of these crime, hope whether give punish severely.

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Happen of this and personate of golden fierce intense male advocate disposition is contrary, male advocate to these teenagers, feeling is the go astray of provisionality only, still can walk up of road, but actual condition is, his this kind ” indulge ” , let certain youngster make after accepting certainly, still impenitent.

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The campus force that involves in drama, unjustifiable wait a moment by the case that divide cadaver, extremely cruel, even if is to face the plot of a play with so big difficulty, main actor acting explodes canopy has era to enter quite feeling!

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