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Original title: Of Wang Tianfeng die a plan purpose what be? Teleplay ” the person that pretend ” in of Wang Tianfeng die a plan purpose it is to let the Japanese army believe the password that Kuomintang information personnel sends out is true originally, the war that can help the 3rd theater of operation thereby gains final victory. Do not pass this plan pay price too big! Teleplay ” the person that pretend ” be big play of more classical an espionage war, in drama by Jin Dong personate the bright stage of multiple identity, personate of introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad song the little brother of bright stage bright building, still having an important role is the Wang Tianfeng of Liu Yijun personate! The story of this drama happens in period of War of Resistance Against Japan, bright stage has many capacities, apparently bright stage is government of Wang Jingwei puppet is curule, privately the information personnel that he is Kuomintang Chongqing government however, code name serpent, however the subterranean information personnel that bright stage still has the realest capacity is the Communist Party, code name cobra. And a Kuomintang information personnel that cooperates with serpent is Wang Tianfeng, code name poisonous bee. Wang Tianfeng is called by bright stage bedlamite, because of Wang Tianfeng really too mad! Why to say Wang Tianfeng is bedlamite? Because view of king day wind implements a plan dead,be! What is dead a plan? It is the ruse of inflicting an injury on oneself to win the confidence of the enemy actually, wang Tianfeng has designed a play, performed a play to the person, let a person believe this play is true, and only Wang Tianfeng mixes specific content two people know bright table, executant and participator not know the inside story! Wang Tianfeng dies for this a plan be in all the time prepare, was to foster black widow Yu Manli above all, yu Manli is an a criminal awaiting for execution originally, wang Tianfeng thinks method enrols Yu Manli into general, trained Yu Manli to make a first-class information staff! Yu Manli just dies of a plan among them, later Wang Tianfeng the little brother that aboard encountered bright stage bright building, bright building saved Wang Tianfeng accidentally one life, actually this is Wang Tianfeng the test to bright building, wang Tianfeng special appreciation the ability of bright building, also brought into bright building then general! Ride the cloud plus the adjutant Guo beside Wang Tianfeng, die all personnel of a plan have neat! Wang Tianfeng lets bright building guide Yu Manli and Guo Qiyun to carry out send a password this the task, and Wang Tianfeng betrays bright building intentionally however to wait for a person! Actually this is Wang Tianfeng dead of a plan begin, the job that bright building and Yu Manli know to he are carried out far from is to die a plan, still thinking is convoy password this! Nevertheless Wang Tianfeng also is not easily sell bright building, wang Tianfeng pretends to be captured by the Japanese army, and wait for person convoy password through bright building just was being spoken after beat of Japanese army cruel torture even this plan, this is the ruse of inflicting an injury on oneself to win the confidence of the enemy begin, just this is Wang Tianfeng only die the fur of a plan just! The password that Wang Tianfeng believes to the person such as bright building sends to make the Japanese army complete is true originally, must pay more heavy price, it is to let a person can catch Yu Manli and Guo Qiyun really not only, and killed 2 people, also take oneself lot even finally go in! Bright building killed Wang Tianfeng with bit finally, believe with bearer Wang Tianfeng is mutiny really really so, kuomintang ability is OK the war that beat sb at his own game answers the 3rd war zone, gain a victory thereby!

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