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Original title: ” loss ” of the director make cerebral hole newly breathtaking, genuflect is begged fasten sodden end From ” lose ” ” under dome ” ” the game of influence ” later, hold guide the celebrated director Jackie Bende of classical beauty drama is taking overmuch ministry to be made newly eventually ” nightmare is pressed down absolutely ” return to in Epix TV network. What make a person accident however is, through ” lose ” with ” under dome ” the ablution of two old series, having similar picture wind ” nightmare is pressed down absolutely ” was delimited by the audience sodden end is booked quickly. Drama anthology has broadcasted nowadays half, after all quality how, let us be tasted together. Will tell from set, ” nightmare is pressed down absolutely ” really with ” loss ” ” under dome ” very similar. ” nightmare is pressed down absolutely ” the story happens in the United States’ mid small town, the road all round small town is held off by the tree of the cave in, force the person that joins by accident to enter a loop, can live in small town only. 20220311160836 622b74049647b Have into without piece, ” nightmare is pressed down absolutely ” the airtight space that compose built a complete isolation. This and ” lose ” medium Gu island, and ” under dome ” be exactly the same of small town empty bleb. Close what hotspot does the space have? It is the Song of clever different Jing below specific set, 2 it is human nature struggles the factional fight below. ” loss ” in have black smoke, ” under dome ” in aerolite of the star outside having, arrived ” nightmare is pressed down absolutely ” in, clever different element became every to decide showing funeral cadaver an eccentric person surely to in the evening. 20220311160836 622b7404ae117 One begin shaped drama part the atmosphere of a kind of weird mystery, black police is lifting small bell to exhort curfew of small town dweller coming home. The gate of domestic home lock, the mood with confused people, show the breath with a kind of imminent danger fully everywhere. After the atmosphere that portrays a nervous mystery feels, the first market opens piece open window incident through little girl, let press down the front of an eccentric person that go up to appear. Must say, when one second turns the old grandma when affability into ulterly changed, badly mutilated an eccentric person, picture wallop is dye-in-the-wood. 20220311160836 622b7404f09c4 Besides an eccentric person, in order to keeps out the mysterious stone that an eccentric person inbreaks, and build in house of ave center log, disclosing suggestion of a kind of religion, the suspense that deepened a story is mysterious colour. Besides Song of clever different Jing, airtight environment leaves human accuse and denounce at a meeting, just be the hotspot with this the biggest play. With ” lose ” ” under dome ” similar, ” nightmare is pressed down absolutely ” also became branch of the dweller on the town two group roughly. One is the daily clique that heads with priest and black police. The building allocation that they get on the town gives a resident, let town civilian constitute a family, live see the life with be like normal. Another is the secure room clique that heads with black aunt, they implement gregarious strategy, everybody lives in a big house, cooperate with division of labour resist foreign enemy. 20220311160837 622b740516206 Come round to look from eye, two force did not contradict temporarily, but to how resisting an eccentric person, still existing a few difference. The more show share that drama market weichis human rich, to arrived to seek to live on in temptation. Leave for instance piece, superintendent is encountering leading role one domestic hind, need nail belt is installed on the road of classics in leading role stealthily, try to prevent leading role to enter small town; The air hostess doubt of small town public house is like and an eccentric person is done trade, will town civilian is sacrificial exchange flee for one’s life; After assistant superintendent is killed by an eccentric person in the mother, belief collapse. . . . . . On one hand small town dweller conceives a secret each, on the other hand an eccentric person explores in shadow human nature, as leading role arrival, the secret of this nightmare small town is about to open. Jing Song feeling is pulled full, humanitarian clue is rolled out, ” nightmare is pressed down absolutely ” be like it seems that is a good suspense drama part. Why so much audience still thinks it will be sodden so end? 20220311160837 622b74055f5ca Cast the outer packing of these gaudy, exciting sense organ actually, ” nightmare is pressed down absolutely ” story gut is existing many apparent Bug. The first is oppugned, it is the energy problem of small town. In light of the time line according to content of characters in a play, from the first the boy that paint a picture is gone to tiredly leading role reachs small town, had gone near 40 years. In these 40 years, small town can be entered only cannot go out, the daily supply of the dweller in can be being pressed down also was done not have however little. 20220311160837 622b7405a5039 Daily commissariat can pass autarky of dweller cultivate land, but dress of water and electricity also did not stop money, small town not only bar does vivid and dramatic, still have even medicines and chemical reagents, ammo, benzine reserve even. In ” loss ” in director even installed barren island to seek to live on the plot of a play that seeks resource, in ” under dome ” in lead group launchs factional fight for only resource even, and arrived ” nightmare is pressed down absolutely ” these are not important. Secondly, it is the life condition of the dweller in the town. Press down the dweller that go up, it is entirely almost enter those who be forced to live in small town by accident from the outside, but the weird biology that faces the small town that does not go out and every to arrive to night, they present those who give a kind of drift along mostly ” place sodden ” manner. Nobody seeks the truth, nobody starts revolt. 20220311160837 622b7405bcab2 Of course, the other dweller on the town once may have made an attempt, but be immersed in despair finally. But the leading role that reachs small town with respect to Lian Ganggang, also accepted the set of this unimaginably queer letting a person after one evening passes, close a door to await day break. Such set, be being told from some respect have the sex instinct that violate a person. To these problems, ” nightmare is pressed down absolutely ” did not give out at present a logical explanation, chose to avoid talking however. In the set of fast concept falls, ” nightmare is pressed down absolutely ” busy laid the clue of all sorts of strange unreal suspense, busy move digs a branch line of a mystery greatly. 20220311160837 622b7405daded But as enigma more and more, the audience remembered by once 6 season ” loss ” the fear that says place of not clear final result to control. [civil / long 9] The End is clicked ” read textual ” examine ↓ of ↓ of ↓ of more history information

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