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Original title: ” is beautiful language endowed with ” who is just final win the home? Liang Yi is not satisfactory, he makes a person admire more Civil / the memory at the beginning of Qing Dynasty everybody is seeing teleplay ” beautiful language is endowed with ” when, feel the plot of a play in front very addiction, jump over in the future to look retroflexion bigger, can be an audience however no longer show respect for, let those be done not have blamedly dead, what ought not to die is dead however several people.

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In ” beautiful language is endowed with ” in, who is just final win the home? To Qiu Yan and Liang Yi, even if they are in missing a lot of lives wonderful, legal case novel, was in two individual correlation one case.

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To Qiu Min and Qin Xuan, two people are to be in love and 100 thousand metempsychosis that do not love, eventually Qin Xuan is in loath in accepted Qiu Min. yuan of Lang that wants to scold to that everybody for, he can be in however final hour merits and virtues is satisfactory, win promotion and get rich does not say, wash successfully white.

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Love and by wander between love, be the life that she wants? Whenever, loving a person is spent and whole purpose, encounter a person that is worth love, encounter to deserve entrust all one’s life person, it is a how happy thing. The encountering between Qiu Yan and Liang Yi, it is enemy it is a lover, always have the place that lets a person look not to understand.

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It is especially between Qiu Min and Qin Xuan, always feel to have how many secret amid. Qin Xuan feels is Liang Yi is in and he grab a sweetheart, qiu Min feels Qiu Yan is feeling not general, however, qiu Min has a special liking to Qin Xuan again. Such quadrilateral love, let poll ache really. All reason, it is they do not know oneself, do not know each other again.

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The love that Qiu Min gives, who can be known? Affection, it is a knot in autumn Min heart all the time, cannot open, hit again not dead. She cannot seek the fixed position that follows her. Oneself love Qin Xuan, qin Xuan likes Qiu Yan, qiu Yan likes Qin Xuan but, she puts no less than bridge again assist, liang Yi likes Qiu Yan, can make contract with Qiu Min again unluckily. Be in emotive world, not was opposite really probably with the fault.

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In love and be loved between, always lying between a sister or brother. Qiu Min, warmthing to the Qin Dynasty is to like really, then the portion liked to surmount Qiu Yan even. Regrettablly, fall the flower is intended, running water callosity, in Qin Xuan’s heart, love Qiu Yan alone. It is leading role aureola no matter, still be other what reasons, qiu Min is in when, it is the shadow as the elder sister.

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But, who can know that love of Qiu Min truly again? Actually, qiu Yan is known, but she cannot say.

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Yuan Lang, just be finally win the home to yuan for Lang, he can not be the hellion on a real significance, it is the act style that he cannot bear the sight of Liang Yi only, to the emperor, his absolutely sincerity. The article is in by the memory at the beginning of Qing Dynasty a platform head hair. . Just, he to pull down Liang Yi, without place need not its extremely.

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Not only felt autumn home, kill Song Jin, division dead small, or firm rises, liang Yi also be to be gone to dead in whole. However, even if he 1000 kinds bad, all the different kind does not suffer a person to wait for see, but final final result, be in ” on the job ” comparing Liang Yi is good on ten million times. Must say, ” beautiful language is endowed with ” go up in feeling, ultimate success attributes Qin Xuan and Qiu Min; Yuan of Lang is being belonged to on the career.

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To Qiu Yan and Liang Yi, a pair that when the person makes aching most in making audience key point however. To teleplay ” beautiful language is endowed with ” for ending, be in your heart how of appearance? [avoid duty statement] if involve work content, copyright and other issue, contact with this station inside 30 days please, we will be in delete content for a short while!

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