Thu. Jul 7th, 2022

Original title: Have melon every day! Shi Shi of Liu of circle wall bulletin is led probably next even if follow Tan Jian second collaboration ” leaf of bamboo of fox bewitching small soubrette piece ” , cheng Yi there still taking other theatrical work, and Tan Jian second the result that illustrated handbook sows recent hunt blame is right still, resource of his movie and TV will also be met on heat more choice. Ding Chengxin may go transcribe is new of one season ” yearning life ” , his company has helped him talked with program series, yearning life program series this season is to plan to invite a few young actor more. 10 thousand alizarin red her husband is quite rich, 10 thousand alizarin red sport is taken inside the circle, her play has the investment of her husband now. Gu Ailing has a China’s mobile commonweal to extend collaboration next. Zhao Liying still is in now by ancient costume drama ” with phoenix travel ” dead knock, male advocate what the play staff there contacts is forest update, want to talk about Zhao Liying particularly so, and if Zhao Liying is not received, this drama may leave not to rise, invest square meeting to value the ability of the main actor that take theatrical work very much after all. Development can be encircled toward recreation after two daughters of Huang Lei, he had paved a road in side daughters now. That teleplay that Huang Jingyu acts the leading role with Xiao Zhan ” ace army ” before broadcasted result is right, quite much platform likes this theatrical work, having arranginging many rounds on astral gold archives, landed Shenzhen to defend March 15 inspect broadcast, defended in Anhui March 20 inspect broadcast, defended in Hubei March 22 inspect broadcast. Huang Zitao followed new theatrical work of Song Zuer to go up, a few CP that follow Song Zuer can be arranged to connect draft after him, they two not was together, it is for drama announce on one hand, it is to transfer everybody to pay close attention to what he and Xu Yi silver coin on the other hand. Of Liu Yifei ” dream China is recorded ” drama just has on astral plan, platoon period is returned so that wait a moment again, do not cross her that ” Na Yanzhai notes ” have activity, likelihood the near future can broadcast. Teleplay ” the place that goes having wind ” the main actor decided Liu Yifei, plum now, Hu Bingqing, Niu Junfeng, yao Anna can gues-star, switched on the mobile phone formally in Dali March 15. Chen Li farming can become flight honored guest to the life that go next. Does Jing Tian have constitution of bit of a philosophical sect in the Wei and Jin dynasties? Has cooperated CP married, exceed Xu Weizhou from the country, below who be? Can you be Zhang Binbin? Hahaha. . .

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