Thu. Jul 7th, 2022
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Original title: Material of star of BTOB member land affects new coronal, all journeys are cancelled, ever personate aperture is too smooth Message of the intermediary that occupy Han says, diagnose of material of star of BTOB member Li Changxie, PENIEL, land affects new coronal, all journeys are cancelled, delay. Plum conspicuous, Xu Enguang is decided to be negative in examination of new coronal PCR.

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2013, land star material passes Mnet M! Countdown arena, go out formally as BTOB. Piece perform theatrical work of TvN gold earth ” nine teenager ” , personate Jiang Min 9.

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Went out 2015 perform theatrical work of KBS month fire ” school of Who Are You- 2015 ” , aperture of student of problem of high school of personate world river is too smooth, the OST in singing drama ” Love Song ” ; Still have other and classical teleplay ” reply please 1994 ” .

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With drama of wood of water of SBS of main actor of Wen Jinying collaboration ” village: The secret that A Zhia pulls ” , the police station policeman that constabulary officer dream realizes constrainedly after classics of personate all previous loses out 3 times is plain world ability.

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Ceng Huo gets the astral award of the award of man new talent of 2017Korea Drama Awards and year; On October 16, issue Han Zhuan normal 2 collect ” BROTHER ACT. ” , advocate dozen ” miss ” the 2nd week in Show Champion, bank of M Countdown, music and ballad of person energy of life obtain, the 3rd week is in Show Champion, m Countdown and ballad of person energy of life obtain.

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” school of Who Are You- 2015 ” this drama is main with Korea the noble of area of Changjiang Delta of wealthy person area privatelies run high school is setting, the memory that did not have oneself after be missing with the heroine is germinant, told about what happen in school place a series of green campus stories. And personate of land star material Kong Taiguang of teenager of ghost of the time bomb of world river high school, make trouble, 4 dimension. The land star material in drama although make trouble however idea is exquisite, again and again lovers’ prattle, harvested a batch of vermicelli made from bean starch that love him.

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Hope land star material is cured at an early date, notice the body.

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