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Original title: Story of behind the curtain of secret history of filial piety bank: The play put 2 years of ability to find investment, li Xiang puts play staff dove to be rancorred The horse that hand of jade of willow of brink of leisurely of blue sky white cloud flogs goes in front of willow on the moon

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I think a lot of people see this libretto is met cannot refrain fromingly hum sing, yes. This is ancient costume drama ” secret history of filial piety bank ” terminal music, the teleplay that heat sowed 2003 still is called up to now classical. But everybody does not imagine, before this teleplay sees an audience, have a story of little-known behind the curtain. The play broadcasted two years to find investment, but the dove that filming the Li Xiang before beginning put a play staff is very embarrassed. After all how?

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According to 01 ” secret history of filial piety bank ” director You Xiaogang introduces, the first play is engineered by actor Liu De Kai, such plan also is to be based on at 2 o’clock. It is the script that is written by playwrite Yang Haiwei first touch, go plus oneself Qing Dongling is pounded, the Xiang Xiaozhuang in the heart greets.

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But, what as it happens catchs Taiwan film at that time is low fan period, investor does not consider investment, so this teleplay did not film. Encounter You Xiaogang till Liu Dekai, two people are reached very quickly consistent, meet from playwrite first time began to discuss 6 half hours with You Xiaogang, the fixed position of the play also comes down certainly gradually.

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To make a play closer, director and playwrite consult with stricter creation manner a large number of historical data. From the play creation arrives to film formally spent two years of time, but ” secret history of filial piety bank ” year became secret history from original jape however.

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Investment 1000 much ” secret history of filial piety bank ” , cast is quite luxurious, no matter be quiet, Ma Jingtao, Liu Dekai, Siqingaowa, He Saifei, encircle in recreation up to now still very influential force. Especially the filial piety village of quiet personate, the age arrives 44 years old from 17 years old, her acting also got directing You Xiaogang’s approbating. She has lively feeling of the youth already, also hold a middleaged composed feeling concurrently.

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And, besides these luxurious battle arrays, still an actor caused the attention of the audience. She is small jade Bai Qinglin of the person that act, she is boreal report only in those days big the student of 3. Bai Qinglin acts small jade also be well-founded.

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02 actually ” egg ” part most predetermination is Li Xiang surely. Because Li Xiang chairs a style to love by the audience not only at that time, piece those who act ” Li Cuilian of one who is quick to express his idea ” also lifted close inspect mad tide. In drama showed Li Cuilian adequately the acting of pure forceful, the director that has watched such shows also approbated her. Jade it is as much by the capricious part with bad be used to, it is the existence that Yao cannot reach to can saying for Li Xiang so.

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But filming before beginning, li Xiang unlocked the dove of the play staff, she abandoned a play staff film. To this she also did her specification. ” secret history of filial piety bank ” film cycle is too long, can delay next job process. But, ” secret history of filial piety bank ” producer denied Li Xiang’s view, he replied directly. This I call Li Xiang ” hole ” . Li Xiang still has a show 45 months, over or across directs person and two play staffs, completely impossible. Below this kind of circumstance, the play staff decides ” fry ” Li Xiang.

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But, arrived now, can search appropriate actor again only. Have Bai Qinglin’s show so far, below Ma Jingtao and the directive that direct You Xiaogang, celebrate what the performance of beautiful jade got an audience to approbate in vain. Look in a lot of audiences, bai Qinglin because appearance and disposition very resemble Quan Zhixian, be known as ” the girlfriend with cruel inland ” .

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After this, bai Qinglin goes out for many times perform princess of princess of the Monggol nationality, Tujue princess, dimension a group of things with common features to wait for figure, she of personate something also is called by the audience ” expert of different race princess ” . Film ” chastity view grows a song ” hind, director Wu Xiaoniu is profuse in praise to her: Her knit the brows to laugh, every act resembles that time, the person in that environment.

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Although present Bai Qinglin does not have how many work, but be fond of commonweal career, her form also appeared on prize-giving grand ceremony of commonweal China year. And go up in her gregarious platform, a word, do a favour to ask the future appeared to show everything, commonweal looks in her than other more significant.

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Epilogue: ” secret history of filial piety bank ” tremendous echo is caused after broadcasting, win award of eagle of Chinese TV station gold outstanding work reward, make van of drama of domestic secret history. This is really with the road to happiness full of hardships this archaism is proportional, all these is best arrangement…

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