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Original title: Bi Chang disregards a master to object be being married plute, how long can go out too finish sth, he begs a master to help him however Wang Xiaomeng ” Bi Chang disregards Zhao Benshan to object, iron the heart should be married to plute Sui Hong silvers coin, bridal that day, zhao Benshan sits up boss chair, make next saying: ? Even if of? of offspringing # of Lie of フ of  of cherry of short for Weihe River of bad appearance of disease of large of raw meat or fish of  of Ge of Gao of mill ┑ act is such, bi Chang still of very pleased with oneself think: ?

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However unexpectedly before long, bi Chang is miserable. Bi Chang, was born 1989, liaoning n person, learn a song-and-dance duet popular in the Northeast as a child. 2003, zhao Benshan has been widely known ” essay king ” , second year, zhao Benshan goes to Guangzhou show when, encountered very puerile still in those days Bi Chang, zhao Benshan a latent capacity that took a fancy to her body to go up, feel she is a good young plant, want to invite her to join this hill medium. Inside the group, zhao Benshan is taken care of to its have add, resemble her the girl is same look upon, inquire after sb’s health, meticulously. Be in the 2nd year when follow Zhao Benshan, zhao Benshan lets his go out acted ” Martha is handsome ” in the clerk of Biao Jijing soup, originally this is a dispensable part, but Zhao Benshan added a lot of drama forcedly to Bi Chang, let her become female 2. After once broadcast,making fun of, bi Chang’s limelight had been built directly female halcyon, famous spend and heat is climbed successively litre. Since then, bi Chang’s career began to enter a new height, follow small Shenyang to go out not only acted ” the Ou Yangde that blame a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct ” , still be in ” Living Buddha aid is official 3 ” in gues-star, to 2013, bi Chang acts the leading role ” rustic love variations ” , can saying is the peak that reached a career. However, bi Chang is in however red when announce suddenly to marry, husband Sui Hong silvers coin is Shenyang is rich 2 generation, running trading company of car of a person of extraordinary powers, be Shenyang automobile industry get military thing. Zhao Benshan objects Bi Chang’s amour to the utmost, look for her to had talked, admonish she writtens guarantee wedding line of business can suffer an effect, silvering coin to Sui Hong next is to understand very much far from, be about to marry him. But, bi Chang honor permits no turning back married him. Zhao Benshan puts down firm word: “Bridal who is willing to go who goes, I am appointed won’t go! ” result, whole Zhao Jiaban dare show up without one person congratulation. Finish free is in so fall without master and the circumstance that bless with the door and Sui Hong ocean held wedding, she set her mind at to be made in the home later virtuous wife fine mother, two children were delivered of to Sui Hong ocean in two years.

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2018, bi Chang was pregnant again, a month can is less than before about to give birth, sui Hong silvers coin to was taken away suddenly to detain. Bi Chang was dumbfounded at a draught, holding out already the pregnant of 9 months, begin to run ask, how be to return a responsibility after all? But finally actually empty-handed, there still is a son of 3 years old in the home, oneself want about to give birth immediately, be in anxious in, the child is slink, gave birth to a daughter. Children complete in both respects should be a glad thing originally, husband is however nowadays in the jail, still knowing is what circumstance. After the event just is informed, the car of inn of foreign 4S of original patronage Sui Hong advocate people detect, the fittings of a lot of cars that sell is not former outfit. And Sui Hong ocean returns pair of part vehicles advocate undertake menace, created a vehicle not only advocate people loss, still caused abominable effect.

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Sentence its set term of imprisonment 14 years, punish gold 550 thousand yuan. This falls, bi Chang went up to heat up search, she responds to the life to continue even, there is next old having on small, encounter difficulty to be able to look forth only, with child father very sensible the concern that resolves us. A few years marriage ended Bi Chang weak point so, your person sobs! Because must want to pay off the amerce of 550 thousand before the divorce, bi Chang have no alternative, can help her exclusively can be master Zhao Benshan only. Zhao Benshan sees crestfallen Bi Chang, involving a son single-handed, there still is a daughter in the bosom, think pair of her clapperclaw originally, he is softhearted piece did not start to talk. After all this is oneself what foster single-handed is female prentice, arrived nowadays this degree, he also cannot look on indifferently. Sheet kisses mom’s Bi Chang nowadays, for a pair of children, living hard. Also can see she sells a thing in ground of the exert to one’s utmost between direct seeding occasionally. Just be this paragraph of marriage, do not know she can regret constantly? Say so to marriage, the woman must polish double eye. Do you say? Zhao Benshan is a good master, helpless and prentice people not save worry, after becoming famous, of the divorce, of medicine selling a holiday, dazzle is rich, but bumped south after the wall, crying to come back to seek a master worker again, the child to these go astray people, zhao Benshan not only did not abandon, return readmit they. Must say, zhao Benshan’s this master is become not easily, also do not have a word to say. Although experienced the marriage of a paragraph of failure, but Bi Chang harvested two lovely children. In survive of in the future, wish she is polished double eye, find the happiness that belongs to oneself.

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