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Original title: Special interview Zhang Chao: The Yan Zhi that gives oneself hits 15 minutes, each days after 30 years old should live delicately Because the appearance is pretty, be in ” chess fetch ” before, a lot of parts that find Zhang Chao are to compare ” male god model ” type. Be in for instance before film of art of wide reputable reputable ” unchallenged problem ” in, of modelling of his fictile Qin Miaozhai handsome let a person shine at the moment. Last year the net drama of conflagration ” exclusive memory ” in, the Russian teacher Mu Chenghe of his personate, it is the Bai Yueguang in making heart of the very much girl that seek theatrical work more. Should be asked an a surname performing a surname such Sha Diao’s parts, can worry about oneself ” male god ” when figure collapses. Zhang Chao expresses, ever also had acted to resemble before oneself ” armor Trojan ” such children drama, the standard that he receives show is to see play and role only interesting. Let Zhang Chao hit time-sharing for his Yan Zhi when us, he is very modest hit 15 minutes, he expresses to a lot of compare Yan Zhi’s more important thing, “I feel or let oneself become better. ” oneself also can be frightened by oneself modelling jump, hu Xianxu is in a field often amuse me happy Zhang Chao: I feel a surname a surname is a very ideal person. He to go, go to him, days to him, the concern between is not quite same. Although he is a person that lived more than 1000 years old, but he has a process that grow, turn person and person into the affection between slowly from the feeling to go. There is an actor’s lines inside I like particularly: Can encountering days is a surname Ying Sansheng has good fortune. Although everybody feels a surname a surname is very lovely, very funny, but I feel he is a tragedy. Mix more than 1000 years besides days beyond small Bai Long, do not have a person to be able to see him, he takes even piece do not rise, prop has a fan only. Be in I do not follow a field as far as possible people says, talk with Hu Xianxu only, because have only,he can see me. Zhang Chao: I feel of course or have a few challenges, but I feel or set out from play and character, since I perform this role, think this individual stereoer change, come to the thing show of his heart. When acting in a play, in the evening I as far as possible differ individual stands in darkness, because of the white dress that wear, do not have light occasionally, may have a bit plus my makeup look… look in the mirror him meeting frightens him jump, but after was used to slowly not bad. Zhang Chao: Won’t. When perform this role at that time, I cannot think so much, I can accomplish this thing in my limited space only best. Zhang Chao: Hu Xianxu acts in a play very true, perform second half part actually, occasionally we had forgotten in the spot in acted in a play. From the back before two spots take sport, we hit a bottom, I cannot help wanting to cry, I do not know why. Hu Xianxu is my motivation, because of to be warm I can perspire easily, so I do not listen not to gaze around a little namely to the spot. He often comes over to amuse me happy, speak I, “Exceed elder brother you from far the place comes over, I feel you are a giant. ” do not mind act make the part that laughs at a type, actor actually very passive Zhang Chao: I am not bad, because I feel,significant part can be received. Earlier ” armor Trojan ” bring different feeling and joy to the child, pat ” unchallenged problem ” I feel play and character are very significant. I hope a surname a surname is when everybody is alone, can deliver the feeling of company to everybody. Zhang Chao: Took a sport of supervise the manufacture of of Gu Zhang’s director stalking or branch later, had not met with everybody now. To me, I also not quite know to want to distinguish the distinction of the film and drama, good story good part can act. Stress the ceremonial feeling of the life, next buildings drink coffee to also can wear business suit to hit cravat Zhang Chao: True, I attend later pick beautiful game, when the sea is chosen, see everybody is so handsome. Zhang Chao: I do not know, when the successor becomes less and less, I observe the individual character that discovers everybody is not quite same, everybody has very the individual character of acme is inside. Zhang Chao: Also not be the appearance that cares about me, I do not care about me to grow what kind ofly, but I care about me to wear this appearance to want what to deliver today. I issue a building to drink coffee to be able to be worn very formally, stress this ceremony feeling. Drink coffee, wear business suit to still make tie, the feeling that sits in window edge to look at a leaf to fall to going up in the road is very good. When working, like to take a walk ramble park, arrange its nature Zhang Chao to feeling: I like to play guitar, hear music, see a movie. When taking sport, in the life that I return to myself as far as possible. Go to a park taking a walk e.g. me, want to experience an environment well, observation lives, see someone else. Occasionally I may be in commute fastigium when, standing on the ave, see a person go by, if you observe carefully, everybody has different mood to be inside this city. Zhang Chao: Complete nobody manages I, when I go to a park, begin to be able to follow uncle aunt people go hearing a song together, can be next inside the park oneself seek a corner, for instance the environment has compared the place of very much also tree. Zhang Chao: See an opportunity, along with the predestined relationship. If person of climate favourable geographical position is mixed, I hope stagewise does me what an everybody may have not seen. Zhang Chao: Arrange its nature.

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