Thu. Jul 7th, 2022
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Original title: Condition is auspicious! TVB female role obtains a high level to support ” give fight ” outback drama! Happy bask in greatly beautiful according to: Expect to join Give furnace to inspect Di Tanjun to a man of virtual and ability (Shaun) , Yang Jin China, Huang Zhiwen new theatrical work that is Qi Jiyi of gold supervise the manufacture of inside now ” concealed woman ” film, this drama holds lens ceremony formally already a few days ago, at that time because Zhi Wen and Yang Jin Hua Jun are absent at hotel segregation. Nevertheless, zhi Wen is very fast but ” piece close ” , she basks in a photograph in gregarious platform now, leave a message: “This paragraph of time can adjust him well, can join a play staff very quickly! Expect! ” the Zhi Wen in the photograph comparatives spirit, she what this paragraph of time keeps apart in the hotel, have make sportswear him equipment, the hope shows a person with groove. 20220311161158 622b74cea6287 In addition, have before show Zhi Wen is to take sb’s place Gaohaining takes this theatrical work, but actually according to knowing the person selected in Qi Jiyi memory has Zhi Wen only all the time, and share of wisdom Wen show also comparatives heavy, happy easy Ling gets wireless high level when visitting, bigger favor Zhi Wen is very good professional, she says: “She can go out very quickly close, film in Hengdian next, the company thinks she has this opportunity very much, ” concealed door ” the play staff includes Wang Xinwei of the Chen Zhanpeng that take file, supervise the manufacture of to support her very much, so everybody indulges Zhi Wen, sent her show share first, wait for her to pat inland ” concealed woman ” this drama, farewell will fill send the show share that leave. Farewell will fill send the show share that leave.. 20220311161158 622b74cec9673 Huang Zhiwen this with special piece perform the identity, wait to be joined together with Luo Jialiang act! Expect to have good performance, let more inland audience know her! 20220311161158 622b74cee9c12

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