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Original title: Do not listen into advice of dragon eldest brother, be determined to break up pat ” battle wolf 2 ” hind, “Batman piece ” complete to turn over Between home’s famouser motion film, likelihood everybody the should be the eldest brother that become dragon work that thinks of for a short while, except the work of movie and TV that opens dragon eldest brother, what the behavioral motion picture that Wu Jing films matchs likewise is wonderful. Especially ” battle wolf 2 ” this film, it is to be in more let countless compatriots burn with righteous indignation in those days, achieved the highest 5.68 billion booking office on film history even.

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Can have such result, this motion picture that enough shows to Wu Jing films had how to succeed, press a truth for, work of such movie and TV is already successful after apotheosis, should be to do not have a person to be able to choose those who pat to break up. However some people do not think so however, not only did not comply with the advice of dragon eldest brother, do not break up take work of this movie and TV, still held the position of leading role to undertake filming personally at the same time, and final final result canned be imagined, after that is shown namely, be difference is judged completely.

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As to break up pat ” battle wolf 2 ” the main actor of this work, everybody very familiar, that is once because film ” batman piece ” , become the Xie Mengwei of widely known small Tong Xing. Explode overnight red be born 89 years in Heibei of average household him, be interested with respect to what comparative to wushu as a child, because this is under parental help, he from 5 years old when the relevant basic skill that begins to practice wushu. In he is that 10 years old years, depending on excellent and sound basic training, he is entered in play attached middle school reads, because of accident opportunity, he was entered ” batman piece ” play staff, became among them main actor.

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After work of this movie and TV broadcasts, got in home immediately the welcome of a lot of audiences, and the leading role that he regards this as ministry teleplay, the very fast Tong Xing that became widely known, can saying is to explode overnight red. The person is angry not discipline of common small off year is had so a masterpiece, thanking Meng Wei to be able to say is sturdy the determination that oneself enter movie and TV to encircle, it is under his indefatigable effort, in was being taken an examination of successfully 6 years, make fun of, begin to have professional acting study.

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From him the play in entering begins, in a steady stream makes fun of ceaselessly about to his roll in, just got on an university to take on the main actor filmed a film, and inside a year of subsequently time, he films in succession again work of 4 movie and TV. Also can see from this bit, his start and someone else are completely different, as a child Tong Xing experience let him have not the person of common is angry, want to stabilize development only, will affirm so have auspicious outlook.

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Turn over a card ” battle wolf 2 ” just compare regrettablly is, although say he can be joined every year,perform work of a few movie and TV, but gradually problem also subsequently and come, that is work echo flatly, person energy of life was used up old Xie Mengwei, begin to discover oneself had not followed to go up the development that recreation encircles.

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At that time he wants additional monarch way, new conflagration, turned to the look to be in then in those days extremely red of the whole nation ” battle wolf 2 ” , he plans to have work of this classic movie and TV breaking up patting. Still had said into dragon at that time so a word, that follows suit not blindly namely, see what fire breaks up what to pat, cannot move toward the world quite.

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Although big elder said such word, xie Mengwei still did not comply with finally his advice, of honor permits no turning back break up took this work, then everybody saw ” falcon assault ” this by everybody praise for super rot greatly piece work of movie and TV is born. After this film is shown, brush together those who brush is various difference are judged, and Xie Mengwei’s old public praise also is destroyed at once, turned over a car thoroughly. What can say Xie Mengwei’s pace is stridden only is too big really, if he is willing to precipitate,come down, well him burnish acting, so unapt also fall to show the degree nowadays.

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