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Original title: The girl that is cold-shouldered by parents makes the appearance that she likes eventually: Lay sodden card of the family formerly, she won Introduction: Everybody cannot choose his birth, nature can have one part person to encounter very bad former unripe family. Pass teleplay, what we saw Fan Sheng’s beautiful father and mother is heavy male light female, saw the inequity of Su Mingyu mother, saw the flay a flint of Fang Shijin mother, the bitterness that Han Qi collect grows is waited a moment. Teleplay magnifies their story, in can living be being given birth to what the family harms silently formerly also is not an exemple. But, lay the person of domestic how terrible formerly, did life play?

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01 recently, ” Ares ” high-definition rehabilitate edition is in some platform rebroadcast, caused 80, a 90 memory after are killed, this classic God theatrical work, can look so that know the tall Yan Zhi of leading role of male and female only in one’s childhood, the ability after be brought up now understands the real significance in this drama. Leading role of the men and women in drama has his life darkness hour, but two people save atone for each other finally, let each other thoroughly remould oneself, the love that such remembering to the end of one’s life lets me be touched very much. The part of big S personate in drama Han Qi collect is the girl with a former unripe very bad family, dear father died when she is very small, mom looked for a new father, but this stepfather is on her high school when encroached her, mom for oneself selfish desire, pretend what thing does not know, requirement daughter continues and stepfather lives in same below eave.

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When seeing here, like believing very much small companionate conference and me, had been enraged by such close Mom and stepfather mad. But this drama why still can so fire, I think and female advocate tough disposition and those who encounter is male advocate having very big concern. “Mars, the dark hero that guides everybody to break through tragedy ” , this actor’s lines is the core of this drama, the means of the expression in drama male advocate became female advocate Ares, but I feel, female advocate the Ares that itself also made him heart.

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02 I also am the girl in the former unripe family that is born in an unfortunate blessing. Father is off the rails inside marriage, to evict I and mom from the home, father moved the computer that I learn habitually use, will compel I and mom to leave this home with this, I and mom do not go one day, he does not have sunset night ground to hit us, no matter how I cry,calling genuflect to come down to entreat father, give him kowtow, he still wants ironheartedly to drive away our mother and daughter. That paragraph of time, I ever had been hit with bloody both hands 110, containing tears of blood to enter Mian again, body and mind is black and blue. Mom is not borne really, left the home. That woman that father seeks comes eventually, at that time, because I still am reading, can live below same eave with father and that woman only so, that woman to drive away me it may be said is to make ” all over skill ” . I classes are over in the evening come home, noise horn is put in my room entrance, make a noise intentionally so that I cannot learn, cannot sleep, even, still cry small mix mix come to hit me. I in those days am overcome torment left that broken home finally.

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Respecting ” broken home ” , my boudoir honey also is body part among them. My boudoir honey is born in very bad former unripe family likewise, her mom from there is very serious spirit illness when she is small, father all the day outside mahjong house hits mahjong, do not put in the home ‘s charge all night, gamble even was defeated hundred thousands of. Such family is brought about want to read her what grind to be able to abandon learning only originally, breakfast has a job, the cash ability with only enough scrape up takes her mom to see a doctor. Boudoir honey has married nowadays, but new home of her mom or classics haunt will break thing make trouble, even once the facial cut boudoir honey, within an inch of is brought about destroy a look. And her father still gambles nowadays, come to want money to bet to her home occasionally even.

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03 evade the ground to say none, in I and the former unripe family with sweet boudoir, have ” sodden person ” . But we or the life that did not abandon oneself. I later entered the job, arrived with oneself effort scientific research unit, the job also promoted to a high office a few years project controller. Again later, because have deep love for literal job, turned to make article proposal all right. With oneself effort, scrape up a few savings, from before with others chummage a cubby, to later, purchased to oneself not quite not little room, have the room that oneself design, still have a study, have oneself study one’s own little world. And my boudoir is sweet, because,she also is done not have of parents do not rely on chart and become decadent. She is standing fast all the time oneself ideal, graduation hind went to a TV station becoming a journalist, because expression highlights the group leader that became reporter group, be promoted to be TV station backbone later again. She also was finished oneself all the time since the dream that becomes outstanding journalist.

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The 04 children with a lot of happiness are compared, I and the former unripe family with sweet boudoir are bad in the extreme simply. But, the destiny of life masters in his hand, want to struggle to be able to have an outlet only, only effort can have results. I and boudoir honey the child of such families, make greater efforts than general child with respect to need, if do not try hard, we will send sodden smell in in that way family forever. This is not chicken broth, this is the life maxim that cuts cogent fact. A lot of audiences feel, ” Ares ” the Han in because found true love,collect of figured woven silk material is male advocate, helped her overcome psychogenic disorder, so she just can model a heart afresh, stand up bravely.

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Probably Han Qi collect so can brave, follow more or less male advocate have particular concern, but if be to rely on the person beside merely, I think this is far insufficient. A person’s oldest enemy is him, a person’s oldest heart magic also is him, oneself only brave walk out ofing comes, people ability stretchs his hand pull you one. Otherwise even if people is willing to pull you, yourself does not agree to extend a hand to come, or yourself is not willing to stand up, that others also have no way pulls you muddy. So, I feel, han Qi collect can a future life of regain one’s feet is vivid, because she has enough and powerful heart,having one major reason is, although look effeminate, but have the heart like an iron and steel.

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Be born and be a person, we the birth that everybody does not have method to change his, also do not have method to choose his parents, do not have method to escape his former unripe family even, but what we can do exclusively is to struggle all the way go down, step down bravely all the way. The time is very hard, those consist in the stumbling block in our life big much, those fear that become demon barrier in our heart more very let a person cannot be ignored. But, you can use up your greatest power to create more possibility. Again dark road, won’t all the way black go down, the day is can bright. Finally, wish all former unripe families and we euqally miserable friend, can cheer up, wish this effort can affect you, wish the seed of this hope can sow in your heart, wish you can break through brambles and thorns-hack one’s way through difficulties, exposed to the sun and unripe, open the flower that gives beautiful life. End. Topic discussion: You think ” Ares ” the Han Qi collect in can overcome psychogenic disorder, with male advocate concern? The welcome leaves a message discuss.

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