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Original title: Jin Dong receives espionage battle theatrical work again, after seeing cooperative boy or girl friend, bright building eldest brother deserves to become little younger brother only Jin Dong receives espionage battle theatrical work again, after seeing cooperative boy or girl friend, bright building eldest brother deserves to become little younger brother only the espionage battle theatrical work that speaks of the last few years is wonderful, ” the person that pretend ” can discharge certainly on the place. The bright home in drama 3 brother disposition is different, there are another unbeknown occupations under the identity in oneself however. This drama broadcasts, the actor person of the almost entire play staff such as Hu Ge, Jin Dong, Wang Kai, Song Yi is angry rose many, and because,Jin Dong is more ” bright building ” this part became great master the actor delegate of great minds mature slowly.

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Really, be in ” the person that pretend ” in, jin Dong is taking the glasses of a pair of gold-rimmed frame, comparative it seems that Confucianism elegant. As new politics economy is advisory, face the inquiry of the reporter’s query and boss, the answer always is priggish official jargon word. And in the home, he is a grievance cling to cling to eldest brother, do not have a thing to be taught a lesson by eldest sister, be compressed by bright stage even. Jin Dong performs a such roles very freshly, do not be deficient in with the milk of human kindness flintily.

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After so this drama ends, everybody is expecting leading role 3 people can cooperate again, piece perform more work. Nevertheless such occasion is to did not have method to see probably, but play of war of new intelligence agent had switched on the mobile phone.

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This drama new theatrical work is ” very close to each other ” , what basically tell about is the period of national disorder, leading role early in the morning lies in 76 information office bottom, follow the old practice of enemy mediate thereby. Feel this kind of occasion is very familiar, the bright building of Jin Dong personate follows 76 lot deep. The cummer before its is Wang Manchun, namely the head of a department or office that 76 information manage; Liang Zhongchun of another section chief returns the move that be seized by Ha to stand to his a group of people of same interest; And oneself are this information office is magisterial; Bright stage still is in 76 ” sacrifice ” the new capacity that had oneself. 4 kinds of relations are before, jin Dong still follows this special existence now connection is close, have a kind of long-unseen familiar feeling.

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This must let a person feel curious, at the outset but bright building has multiple capacity, taking the person of 3 salary. Jin Dong ” return ” 76, can you still have more provocative appearance? Actually this drama returns true not simple, because follow him,cooperative actor is Chen Daoming. Two years bone of this old show gives the work that perform to return recently many, the part type that challenges every time is complete still an appearance, before paragraph time just performed strong president, begin to start espionage war now, how to see the person that is old man rank. And with him outstanding acting figures, he portrays a character is for certain there can be more careful show on the eyes and body movement, affirm to moment very absorbing.

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Two people return Jin Dong and Chen Daoming is a country one stage actor, acting sends the feeling that violent wind makes fun of one case, accord with the requirement that the nervous stimulation with due to espionage war play audience feels completely. It is namely in this drama, before ” bright building eldest brother ” be afraid of now is can become only little younger brother, after all Laochen’s qualifications and record of service and acting still want slightly better, apparent meeting arranges the identity of an old man to him.

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And this drama follows as a whole ” the person that pretend ” still have a bit source, besides the coincide on the main actor, the art of this drama coached before directive Shao Changyong ” the person that pretend ” , still continue to coach now ” very close to each other ” , so new theatrical work has safeguard in the many sided such as scenic, modelling.

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Powerful to a such cast, and the espionage battle theatrical work that the ordinary members of theatrical troupe that make has actual strength again, believe expectant small companionate affirmation is not little. Additional although this drama just switchs on the mobile phone, but had been to want to go up certainly the star broadcasts, the affirmation on quality can have strict accuse, everybody is waiting this drama to broadcast at an early date now went.

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OK, above spins the information that should share with respect to the movie and TV that is little white dog, young associate people value this drama?

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