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Original title: Zhao Liying carries a big play to raid, two male advocate actual strength nots allow small inspect, this viewing rate is steady Zhao Liying carries a big play to raid most propbably small if speak of Zhao Liying,make up the word of this actress, everybody should be familiar with exceedingly. She former is an ordinary starlet, she not be one’s previous experience of actor of regular professional training is in by right of oneself ” return Zhugege newly ” in act ” fine ” ability is this part to march formally perform art circle. It is in drama of an ancient costume the name is more ” spend 1000 bone ” in personate daughter advocate ” ossicle ” this part has his moment, basically she the work of drama of movie and TV of every main actor is to explode money theatrical work, from this ” viewing rate queen ” the title also had to come.

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Be just like recently ” have Fei ” after falling to receive government-owned heavy curtain, zhao Liying was not resting momently, this not, today small make up commend new theatrical work of Zhao Liying for everybody, what are you still waiting for? Follow quickly small make up will look.

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Above all, it is this ministry name is ” who is a murderer ” suspense drama, this drama basically was to tell about in a city, having an unbeknown mystery case, but having a few people is the fact that knows this fact, nevertheless everybody wants to be its forever bury inside the bottom of the heart.

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Do not know everybody is fond of the work of drama of movie and TV that does not like to see this kind? Small make up me to regard drama of an elder suspense as vermicelli made from bean starch, each work nots allow to miss. This drama ” who is a murderer ” had released look premonitory, if everybody can be searched without the word that has seen oh.

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In premonitory beginning, small make up become aware gut and atmosphere are too weird really, actually hero people be in be in light, but they do not know a plot is being stood by to oneself slowly however.

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In this drama ” who is a murderer ” in, what Zhao Liying acts is female advocate part, if everybody has seen the new theatrical work that Zhao Liying acts the leading role decide archives word, should be clear that she is previous is to had not contacted this sort model of the part, this drama challenge to Zhao Liying or pretty are so big, believe the acting with Zhao Liying nevertheless, be being set to the goodwife of this drama do not have any problems. Two male advocate actual strength nots allow small inspect small make up a moment ago forgot to say with everybody, be in this ” who is a murderer ” in, the male host of partner Zhao Li Ying is chosen is to have two actors, it is Xiao Yang and Dong Zijian respectively, should not know them without the person.

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Be just like among them male advocate Xiao Yang, ” chopstick brother ” let his fire all over entire network, but although he is a singer, be in nevertheless act in a play the respect still has certain attainment, you still remember this film name be ” case of Chinese quarter explore ” in, right, be like what center acts in this film is a Gu Ling the person with odd choice is set, it is to let a person denounce very happy event.

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So, if the word of respecting acting, small make up feel additional male advocate Dong Zijian has right to speak more on one hand in this.

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Dong Zijian is to rely on this ” green clique ” and enter those who perform art circle, also be this part, let him obtain a blue ribbon in the golden horse award of the film, age gently his acting is Jing is day person more, be in ” years drifting gold ” and ” great river great river ” in, public praise and audience predestined relationship also are quite possible.

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This viewing rate became steady at present this ” who is a murderer ” suspense drama kills blueness via was being finished already, still just decide archives without Guan Xuan just, the acting actual strength of 3 main actors of this drama is equal, be strong strong together, believe the viewing rate respect in this drama is to do not have any problems absolutely, especially Zhao Liying, what she and other actress differ is, because she is red,she won’t say, and put flying ego, did not continue to take sport again, however an another good work is following one by one, look ” desperately 3 women ” the name did not give a fault, no matter this drama is will look from gut or main actor, it is better. Small make up the word wants to say this new theatrical work to Zhao Liying ” who is a murderer ” , small in light of the lineup that organizes an individual to feel to still have main actors from gut, very charming still, because of present audience people like to see inference and the gut of Jing Song, it is so above this held windward.

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Will see main actors moreover, no matter be Zhao Liying, Xiao Yang or Dong Zijian, which is not the person above average that performs art circle, actual strength is everybody looks in the eye, believe this drama opens those who sow regular meeting to let everybody seek theatrical work wildly. So, do you expect Zhao Liying acts art the first suspense drama of career? The view that everybody can comment on an area beneath to publish his oh.

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