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Original title: Review TVB those ” light explode ” visit a sacred land piece, review nowadays, just understand why to was patted Do you know what is visit a sacred land piece? Unlike prevue of common teleplay, film, visit a sacred land piece often be TVB films before a drama, a short that place photographs especially, as the utility that enrol business. Visit a sacred land piece weak point only a few minutes, the cream that can develop an one department theatrical work to want show however is in.

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But because,also meet all sorts of reasons, bring about visit a sacred land piece after broadcasting, do not have later development again. It is not quite good to did not get client favour, subject matter for instance, fail finally to take a complete drama part, let an audience regret somewhat. Review TVB those ” light explode ” visit a sacred land piece, you can send the visit a sacred land that has a lot of outstanding theme to fail to be patted, perhaps see again a lot of visit a sacred land and two work that drama nots agree with completely. But when lie between old hind farewell is considered, you can discover, why some of subject matter fails to be patted, some do not follow the gut of visit a sacred land completely however to undertake filming.

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The audience is familiar ” palace calculation ” , ” the Yi Haihao affection of women a fierce and powerful person ” collect waiting for drama, be in awesomely row. Today, we chat, those visit a sacred land of TVB piece. 01 ” the Yi Haihao affection of women a fierce and powerful person ” distance TVB classic theatrical work ” the Yi Haihao affection of women a fierce and powerful person ” head sow, had passed 11 years. The world moves when easy, everybody cannot think of, this is known as the classic work of TVB god drama, the grading on fabaceous valve still maintains high component level of 9.2 minutes.

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This drama is setting with 30 time, told about about period setting, character the lofty sentiments of true brightness story. Deng Cuiwen and Li Yaoxiang afterwards ” women a fierce and powerful person ” cooperate again, the tacit in harmony of two people, tie-in gut gives power, build gave outstanding content old practice. But you can know, at the outset visit a sacred land piece story, did not resemble drama develops in that way, gave out however one ” light explode ” visit a sacred land is wonderful extract. Visit a sacred land piece wonderful part, told about period setting set to be in likewise the story of 30 time. As the Zheng Jiumei of sinister gang force, want aboveboard to cooperate with the bank, refuse however.

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Be no good softly, she comes directly hard. Popular feeling of bully air in power, bribe, in the turbulent period at that time, she more resemble be whole domain ” word issue person ” . Look seem exterior view, but privately the intrigue against each other that she faces family, the moment of truth still has ” noble ” Liu Xing is aided. Will fight period, zheng Jiumei reduces a captive, enemy head gets requirement Liu Xing to solve Zheng Jiumei, liu Xing is opposite the weapon however to enemy.

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Scene drops into cereal bottom afterwards, but after the war wins, zheng Jiumei wants to had come afresh however, make territory under one’s control afresh ” hierarch ” . Fall in love with Zheng Jiumei’s Liu Xing, want to prevent Zheng Jiumei mad demon, but her ambition, make two people become hostility already. Visit a sacred land piece wonderful, depend on at 2 o’clock.

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One is bright, another is mad demon. In this weak point inside extract of a few minutes, without so called weak feeling.

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You can see big female advocate bully gas, flat, still have ” light explode ” , ” special bright ” gut. In the meantime, deng Cuiwen is in the mad demon the appearance of an actor in drama, be intoxicated in the world of ego, head of just like female demon.

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But if according to visit a sacred land piece will pat, be afraid do not take the tall fraction of 9.2. Because,this is, visit a sacred land piece the backside of bright drama, was deficient in people’s personal loyalty and lofty sentiments. Be in inside drama, you can see Zheng Jiumei tells the one side of personal loyalty, also can see the unitive at one of the people in pig basket, still Zheng Jiumei helps those children that left orphanage.

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These are visit a sacred land piece is deficient in element. Divine drama should let an audience look bright, still also need in all affection serves as auxiliary, ability lets be satisfied dramatically quite ” rich sex ” this condition. ” the justice sea lofty sentiments of women a fierce and powerful person ” drama was accomplished.

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Visit a sacred land piece not be bad, but the content that drama pats, more outstanding. 02 ” evil of Jin Zhi desire ” do you know? Be in early film ” evil of Jin Zhi desire ” before, TVB ever had taken a tour piece, there is the Cai Shaofen, Shao Meiqi, actor such as Lin Wei celestial bodies inside. But did these actors arrive positive ” does all disappear ” ?

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And, ” evil of Jin Zhi desire ” drama also is accepted a when pat even weller than visit a sacred land. ” evil of Jin Zhi desire ” visit a sacred land piece told about sister of female testimony of the show that enter palace to be killed dead by Gong Dou, want be intent on personal advancement hard thereby, become an emperor to bestow favor on the story of the imperial concubine of favour. Spring equinox moment enters the show daughter of palace, act by Cai Shaofen. She witnessed the show daughter that plays very well with oneself, because do not know err why thing and be executed. She wants to escape, do not escape to give this at all however red wall.

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To can be not bullied, not by act as if human life is not worth a straw, she and soldier cooperate, become the imperial concubine with the most favorite the emperor hard. And soldier, also fall in the help of imperial concubine, became a general. But this show daughter, produce love with the soldier that helps her however. Meanwhile, the emperor discovered Gong Li ” adulterer ” , should let general general without fail its uncover. Story flounder, general by ” arrangement ” the group goes battlefield, but right now the keepsake deciding affection of imperial concubine, be discovered by empress however.

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Of the story finally, we see old woman of a deep palace only, in the Gong Li of pure white Bai Xue, ambulate slowly. It is imperial concubine after all limbo be infiltratinged, ground of miserable condition of Bei of be reduced to poverty, be still all illusions that are deep palace old woman only? This, with respect to unknown. This is simple for, it is show daughter cooperate to bestow favor on imperial concubine to suffer into palace and soldier, two people ” eat stealthily ” the result is discovered by empress, fall at the story of miserable condition finally.

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Have Gong Dou, affair, ending inverts, but with ” evil of Jin Zhi desire ” drama photograph is compared, still be differred some are far. ” evil of Jin Zhi desire ” drama gathered together 4 female roles, and the distinguishing feature that every part has him, build in the compose of gut going up also have a lot of detail. Be known as ” originator of Gong Dou drama ” , ” evil of Jin Zhi desire ” consequence can not be a lid. Review nowadays, ability is clear why ” evil of Jin Zhi desire ” not according to visit a sacred land piece pat. 03 ” palace calculation ” classic theatrical work ” palace calculation ” with visit a sacred land piece extract photograph is about the same, besides the substitution that pick part, gut trend agrees basically.

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But visit a sacred land piece content, was deficient in a few Gong Dou’s flavour however. ” palace calculation ” visit a sacred land the means with narration interposed, it is good to go explaining Liu San the growing story with Yao Jinling.

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Inside visit a sacred land, yao Jinling and Liu San are good by 4 leaders of Shang Gong bureau everywhere create difficulties for sb. To can be avenged, yao Jinling becomes the emperor to bestow favor on the imperial concubine of favour hard, pass oneself person to once was being bullied next, undertake ” requite like for like ” .

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When Yao Jinling becomes white-headed white-headed imperial concubine, liu San is the Shang Gong of Shang Gong bureau already very. The gut inside this, more moment is Yao Jinling and Liu San are fought fortunately, and fought gut is shown is not particularly much. Be worth what carry is, in visit a sacred land piece in version, gao Xianyang admires, it is Yao Jinling and it is good to be not Liu San.

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” palace calculation ” did not pat completely according to visit a sacred land, because be inside visit a sacred land,be, yao Jinling basically is aimed at Shang Gong, allude too less however the combat between imperial concubine and imperial concubine. Watch instead ” palace calculation ” visit a sacred land, outside the besides Shang Gong bureau content that show, still Yao Jinling is mounted by hook and crook, with the gut of good fight of 10 thousand Bao Xian, Liu San.

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” palace calculation ” drama was not patted according to visit a sacred land, do not do not have a reason. The visit a sacred land that 04 ending review TVB those years to had been patted piece, a lot of subject matter attract an audience, but often not was to do not have later development, namely drama nots agree with with visit a sacred land. Those and visit a sacred land not agree with drama, the audience is under contrast can see, often be visit a sacred land piece ” bright arrives explode ” , drama however rather.

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After can reviewing when you, with respect to meeting discovery, if will look according to visit a sacred land, whether can the content of drama have certain content to be deficient in? Fine after tasting, visit a sacred land piece with drama after all which more outstanding, believe audience heart in, can have oneself choice.

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