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Original title: ” star great detective 7 ” person of good impression of line of story of Yang Rong of He Gui of the 5th case, be embraced this one act is whole broken prevented ” great detective 7 ” the 5th case the tear with this emotional true sport looked, this touching instant is casual occasionally, the story line of Chengdu of He Gui poplar is very touching.

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Close affection is a lasting topic, let a person listen to cannot help wanting to cry every time. Obviously the place with 2 the individual’s without what special also stories, I even face Deng Busi taught him to love He Yong once upon a time dare, he can ring every time a meadow and a woman begin that paragraph to cry. I also do not know why, he is in the likelihood when relating this issue the sort of bearing, still have even if aboard and Chengdu are incorrect inspect when can watching opposite party secretly again however. He Gui is in when relating this issue, also did not act designedly, but it is the having with the sort of small true expression stamp became medium!

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The story line of Chengdu of He Gui poplar is very touching: In light of one party, the part of Yang Rong personate is being searched all the time and miss oneself child, in be informed a likelihood after be murdered died, even if oneself the condition of an injury also wants so badly to board the plane, want to search for the child namely a justice and disclose the fact; In light of other one party, the part of He Gui personate is as a child in the environment that does not have love and temperature grown, what is he what muddled muddled understands also does not know even oneself to he is short of those who break, also do not know oneself are to be in what to yearn for, but meet a meadow since the noise and a woman instinctively namely.

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Most let small dog those who touch is to arrive from the back the issue that He Gui relates. After why studying @ He Gui is completing all plans so, when knowing oneself may forget everything, then the decision goes to the room of Yang Rong of @ of mom Chengdu graceful Li Sha holding her in the arms secretly.

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And when people asks why he doesn’t follow Yang Rong to admit, he Gui expresses to basically have 2 reasons: Because be afraid that Yang Rong knows the fact,coming is later too painful, after getting, want to be lost immediately again.

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2 because he do not know Yang Rong comes,coming is of this plane intent, why should the role that does not know Yang Rong personate change a name to register, also do not know why she never is taken care of oh oneself. Because oneself do not want to become mom’s burden, before forgetting a whole world so, dare fulfil oneself small wish cautiously only, the Yang Rong that sees slumber can say with her secretly only: “Mom, I think you very much, I find you now eventually ” .

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See the two people that tearful photograph has, it is big Zhang Wei cried thoroughly not only lachrymal person, connect small dog to cannot help containing tear, of Yang Rong and He Gui ” mother child line ” too touching original very good cried, be embraced this one act is whole broken prevented, he Herong every time the eyes and red-eyed the socket of eye make harm double, cry plus what Mr. He tells about moment antrum.

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This a little while small dogging is want to rush very much really Mr. He is held in the arms inside screen, look to come out he is to want to weep really, the full of to mom deep feeling in the eye follows longing! Mr. He can affect a person very much really, he Eryue, why to consider to let me choke with sobs, every time his deduction can enter my area in the story, let small dog believe these parts and these the clue is to existing really.

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