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Original title: “Double queen ” placard gives heat! If spend,35 years old of Shinina dimple, su Dida is woebegone however “Double queen ” placard gives heat! If spend,35 years old of Shinina dimple, woebegone however Ma breaths out Su Dida collect pulls ยท grand result is destined to want to become king of 10 worlds peaceful, but behavior is crabbed make a person elusory, was bestowed favor on by Shi Liji mother of an emperor Mom treasure male. Awaited more than 50 years, succession became peaceful king last year, can set his mind at to put flying ego eventually.

20220311210331 622bb923602ec

“Double queen ” placard gives heat, if spend,35 years old of Shinina dimple, su Dida is woebegone however. Of Thailand edition ” discriminate is passed ” greeted the 2nd season, gut free and easy rises and fall fascinating, who advocate ups and downs still is a mystery now. Before although peaceful king is spent in disorder gradually desire glamorous look, also honour Sudida is exclusive queen, it is live in peace with each other all the time. However the propulsion as gut, ma haing king is confused however went up Shinina, made a variety of conduct that understand hard.

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Su Dida paid 14 years full, just ascend the throne of queen, natural not reconciled to is replaced by anybody. Actually Shinina enters palace at the same time almost with queen, just compare inferior attune all the time, was not pushed to the stage before. Just met recently Shinina 36 years old of birthday, thailand royal family expresses somewhat of course, preparation confers the 2nd queen. Royal family ” double queen ” placard is fresh give heat, passed many information for us, the times that belongs to Shinina came thoroughly.

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Shi Nina is not a woman that has wisdom, on the success it is fine-looking only add lucky. She is the woman on pointed tip of peaceful king heart, su Dida moves to do prognostic palace frequently however, return inhospitality to handle the work that tote a band even, a variety of such letting that peaceful king is very grouchy. If Sudida does not have male offspring below genu, these can be defined only fight incident for palace. Have below Su Dida genu however 6 years old son, the palace after the face before extending the hand early or late is mixed, lost the one’s duty that does the wife of a prince aing concubine of an emperor.

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The royal family releases placard of 3 double queen early or late, peaceful king stands in most the position among, su Dida and poetic Ni are graceful one left one right. Actually outside intermediary gives off wind before New Year, state Shinina is about to have smooth wife the identity, after thinking of peaceful king is sealed with great quantity directly. Palace is to listen to new personality laugh not to hear old person to cry only after, su Dida although or else is willing, also can be forced to accept reality only. Think originally at the outset Shi Nina put in prison, oneself can alone big, after thinking of rival in love is sealed unexpectedly now.

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Shi Nina although already 35 years old, but the idea that still is young woman student after all. If spend,dimple in official placard, whole journey is staring at Ma to breath out kingly direction. This encircles pink now to CP countless, made couple of new peaceful king, do not give Sudida completely any chances. Although Su Dida also gives looking glass, but all of 3 pieces of placard is woebegone, nowhere pours out the difficulty in the heart. The heart of peaceful king changed, light is defending this individual also it doesn’t matter is used, escape hard finally the destiny of lubricious Cui Aichi.

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Discriminate at the outset is conferred for dawn high-ranked imperial concubine, honor answers palace to let person envy, corvee labor formerly imposed on Xizang serfs draws a family name then even smiling face photograph is greeted. This setting just is like today’s Thailand royal family, su Dida queen apparently although be virtuous hind, but the heart that returns existence jealousy after all. Face Shinina high-key after sealing, sudidashi is to laugh not to come out, the profession that connects empty elder sister this is done not have simperingly. Serve as spectator actually, small the mood that make up or can experience Sudida very much, after all queen is not a sage, of course the right expresses his sentiment. Successful clinking legend of Shi Nina, from the wears a blame body in low-key dust, complete counterattack becomes Thailand the 2nd queen. The palace of Thailand royal family is fought, want than teleplay simply wonderful, do not know those who be born to have year can when big ending.

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Intermediary exposes to the sun outside after giving this big melon, su Dida was not displayed for Shinina on blessing, sent one Zhang Chan’s person to illuminate on him socialization software however. Woebegone look to distance, resent in what recount oneself it seems that, also or it is to plan the following life. The woman of the palace after Thailand, be feed of Ma haing king ” canary ” , although suffer again,bestow favor on also cannot go against a day to change a life. Today because Shinina is fine-looking go up, more young tomorrow belle enters palace, still meet probably substitute one thing for another. Su Dida of 42 years old is thoroughly old, have energy so like young girl no longer, enjoyed the honour flourish of a year of half queen, now or will shift to an earlier date respond to a curtain call. Reference abandons the destiny of the wife of a prince before, su Dida’s future was full of hardship and twist.

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Sudida has a lot of vermicelli made from bean starch in folk nowadays, the masses also is held to Sudida sympathize with a heart. It is the household thing that this is peaceful king only, connect a princess to also borrow disease to hide to be not responded to with respect to Lian Shilin, someone else more cannot say word. The time of this ability brief half an year, the place of Su Dida and Shinina is proper exchange. The royal family releases ” double queen ” placard causes heat to discuss, in Bangkok dynasty arrival is not had after unprecedented simply.

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