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Original title: ” had crossed duck green river ” does Li Ji small part act very well? Esteem adversary is equal to boast blindly enemy will Does Li Ji small where act well? The word of apply mechanically old Guo says: “Be a person of the same trade then foil ” , actually ” had crossed duck green river ” the expression of actor of book of drama China and foreign countries is bigger groovy drop, arrive to Walker from MacArthur Aermengde, hardly officer of an United States can respect military salute standard some, after all this is the foreign actor that the a gang did not train through any military affairses or group act. As to this Li Ji’s small part, anyhow is by professional actor personate, unapt still too exceed what is proper, inopportune is, this actor still is a Spaish.

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Also be a hard job to ” had crossed duck green river ” play staff, the teleplay of subject matter of such a great history, famous have a last name come on the stage the character amounts to 375 (employ group perform 40000 much person-time) , include Si Dalin, Du Lu among them the door, Acheson, Marshall, Bulaidelei, MacArthur, Li Ji, still have reporter of so much foreign country and the scene that the United States commons soldier, so of foreign nationality actor choose for big question. Only alike in spirit in light of, among them Marshall and Du Lu door are close to historical prototype most, and Li Ji is small do not calculate anyhow most give prize, everybody’s impressive reason, it is this fellow show share is more. Piece perform Li Ji’s small Spanish actor name to cry: Ditrzriocarrizosarafael, true apologize we am the interpreter does not come out (have ask tall person) , the Li Ji on the history is small the spanish v/arc drillmaster that has held the position of West Point really, but no matter will look from surname or appearance, li Ji is small should not be Spanish descendants, the friend that has know the business thinks: “Li Ji is small this surname 100 percent southron surname, the Aberdonian surname that MacArthur is a standard ” . Nevertheless, this follows fight Phoebus drama to ask Japanese hard to go out perform devil general, beaten American is endured in be willing to fighting theatrical work of movie and TV of beautiful aid face, should also won’t too much.

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Difficulty depends on, ” had crossed duck green river ” it is ministry history drama or play of a war not only, this should have the martial accomplishment of a bit foundation with respect to actor of requirement China and foreign countries, look with respect to this one, do badly really. The military salute pose of official of the tactical movement of American arms, U.S. Army even term of a few military affairses, deliberate of very difficult be able to bear or endure, include Li Ji small the temperament of the pace that walk and speech, put on a military uniform to also look not to come out military temperament. This Spain actor is in new theatrical work ” urgent public relations ” in piece performed a foreign businessman, overall still can be competent, because that does not need,explain the bearing of a general. Once wrote civil evaluation to cross the Li Ji on the history’s small military affairs capacity last year, what we once cannot have eaten him because of people who volunteer to fight in another country is deficient, blindly exorbitant flatter he, in fact Li Ji is small it is a pretty good tactician only, go up in the strategy and do not have outstanding place. After in Walker of commander of the 8th a group army to turn over was hanged, li Ji of deputy chief of staff of Du Lu door and Marshall choice army is small attend day, the deep-seated idea that originally future replaces MacArthur (there also is a specification in drama) , pitch on his reason, because Li Ji is small,be belong to military organizational system to send, hear call quite, can implement presidential military affairs and foreign policy.

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Li Ji is small on December 26, 1950 battlefield replace duty of commander of the 8th a group army, military rank still is SamSung lieutenant general, be less than half an year merely in April 1951, headed for Tokyo to take over whole place of MacArthur, that is to say, the time that he fights with people who volunteer to fight in another country in a gleam of has 4 forthcoming month only, other time is with allied forces commander-in-chief, United States the identity of commander of far east army is in Japan remote control war (will promote to a high office namely in May four-star, visible Laodu and old horse are to have aforethought) . After this, commander of the commander of armed forces of U.S. Army ground, the 8th a group army had changed Fanfolite lieutenant general. Must understand, the inferior position with my the largest on battlefield people who volunteer to fight in another country, be the force in sky be short of break, break his promise to did not offer air force assist in fighting in Russia, and below the circumstance that air force of my people who volunteer to fight in another country has not formed fighting capacity, on 1000 of air force of American far east fight the plane in the sky controlled battlefield completely. It caused two the most serious consequence, the first it is people who volunteer to fight in another country can be in only nightly undertake motor-driven and fight all right then, will can not move a step under the wanton and indiscriminate bombing in the enemy otherwise, the 2nd fight from what home raises money namely goods and materials, only 30% can transfer front.

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” had crossed duck green river ” special specification of the Peng Zong in drama, air force blew up my army the carriage car of 70% and supply goods and materials, and front has amount to officers and soldiers of hundred thousands of people who volunteer to fight in another country, what need grain to play everyday very much, face arm tooth and U.S. Army of first of world of logistics supply ability, if do not have,fight basically supply, do this battle how to hit? Because the U.S. Army masters mastery of the sky completely, just cause my people who volunteer to fight in another country to be able to be initiated only every time ” week offensive ” , this is congenital inadequacy and objective existence, with Li Ji the martial ability of small individual does not have wool to concern, just be him most discovered this weakness first just. Peninsula north landform mountainous, front is wider and northeast of distance our country is very close, already benefit is surrounded at thrust deep into the enemy forces of my people who volunteer to fight in another country, also benefit plays supply at getting relatively enough food, because pass the river is not far arrive front, do not believe our country to be able to dispatch troops really as a result of MacArthur more aid face, so beautiful Han Jun is ground of a blind man on a blind horse-rushing headlong to disaster is advanced quietly, because disastrous defeat encounters in this first time and the 2nd battle. Below the sort of condition, face accomplishment of tactics of light infantry of my of summit summit condition army and will to fight, never mention it Walker is bad to make, considered Li Ji small to come early also no use, but can differ the 3rd times after battle.

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People who volunteer to fight in another country has liberated smooth soil the 3rd times before battle, supply line spun one times much still, already was close to a peninsula again mid the Campagna region of 37 degrees of lines, air defence problem is bad to solve, mechanization advantage of the U.S. Army is more clear, and on military strength my army also does not take how many advantage (300 thousand pairs 20 beyond) , advancing Hanjiang a gleam of again already was to try to do a difficult job as best one can. And American soldiers sits tank and car run, catch only during battle eliminate beautiful Han Jun 19000 more than person, among them greater part is Han Jun, so although the U.S. Army abandoned Seoul however however the loss is slight, nevertheless morale had died. The Li Ji that assumes office several days right now is small also do not have what wise move, 37 group can be removed to knit defence after rate ministry only, and the weakness to my people who volunteer to fight in another country, even if Li Ji is small come out without summary, early also social evening is discovered by the enemy, of enemy army ” magnetic tactics ” , of air force ” bowstring battle ” it is to build in me air force is the foundation of 0 over, what is worth to boast? Your stamp one’s foot you also hemp.

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” had crossed duck green river ” still have an apparent historical mistake, namely Peng Zong realized weakness and risk really, however Beijing is hopeful however, people who volunteer to fight in another country of the requirement that connect cable continues hard, take below 37 lines at a heat around area even ” drive the U.S. Army go into business goes ” , this exceeded the practical capacity of my army, just had what Peng Zong goes back to the motherland to lift then. The body in modern war reveals the difference of comprehensive national power that come, you are must approbatory, li Ji is small it is a tactical tack and the general truly that compare deal with concrete matters relating to work, but to what be less than since whole war situation decisive action, real formidable enemy is the comparative great disparity of industrial capacity and comprehensive national power. Objective for, li Ji is small true window, be can restore an U.S. Army quickly to be about taxi of be frightened out of one’s wits is angry, just make start counterattack become a possibility. We can respect adversary, however need not blindly the ability of drive up adversary, even if small arms is a few palletter, even if tank big gun is a few less, at present wants people who volunteer to fight in another country to have certain air in covering, li Ji is small also must jump the sea escapes Japan goes, he does not have three heads and six arms-superhuman again!

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