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Original title: Another woman growing play leaves sow have his moment namely, violent wind of 4 days of heat promotes the line on head of a list of names posted up, the battle array is more absolutely Ha everybody young associate people good, do not know which a few teleplay everybody is chasing after recently? Come nearly two years home is the quality that pays attention to teleplay more and more, no matter be,pick part or be being made is eye sinister and excellent, bring about a lot of audiences to chase after drama to be chased after stop no less than coming! But respecting comes nearly two years most the teleplay type that be very popular, sure be little not the female grows and duty field theatrical work?

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Because the female grows,this topic is taken seriously by everybody more and more, so drama of a lot of movie and TV is made square also energetically in conduct propaganda, or it is a thick soup of amid cent cup. This also brought about Yu Laiyue’s much female to grow drama and duty field theatrical work appear, do not have friendly intercourse ” 30 just ” , ” 20 not be puzzled ” , ” my before half a lifetime ” , ” years drifting gold ” drama of these a few movie and TV is pleasant to the eye, the quality in this respect teleplay still is very pretty good!

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So everybody nowadays also more expect, can you bring our where growing theatrical work of female of a few high-quality goods next? And have by chance recently fortunately such one leaves sow the female that has his moment namely to grow combine duty field theatrical work, and go up line time heat of 4 days already violent wind rises head of a list of names posted up, the battle array is not general more absolutely ah, pardonable also can become explode money theatrical work! And growing drama is called this woman that gives a group ” green ” , believe to also have a lot of people certainly in seeking theatrical work? Because ” green ” those who tell about is a few females engage in a battle of the front in on-the-job field, go all out in work the process such as enterprising.

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Can say ” green ” be the epitome that regards a lot of timeses as the female, each elder sisters are having very excellent duty field capacity in drama, do not have amative head more on feeling, show female of contemporary duty field not to have dread age and the encourage will drive of the bias that do not have dread fully so, such looking ” green ” can become explode money theatrical work also is not do not have a reason ah! Because be in ” green ” in we can be experienced sharp edge, dare to be challenged to regulation, also can saying is to appear gave new energy of field of a lot of duty, gifted duty field female is defined brand-newly, the instant was known why ” green ” can become what everybody is chasing after to explode money theatrical work.

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Nevertheless compared with ” green ” gut, more absolutely is the acting that is an actor right, the great majority that in drama we can see is independent female battle of be apt to of the brave in on-the-job field, be in for instance ” green ” in most the Zhang Xiaoyu that gives a group. No matter be the self-confidence that behaves in interview is mixed,fight control capacity, still communicating the ability of the problem with the client, or be after make a mistake remedy ability, it is new personality of field of a lot of duty impracticable.

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The sort of self-confidence that on body of chapter small fish we see and neither haughty nor humble, be very absorbing really, also can explain Wu Jin character serves as person of Zhang Xiaoyu that act, be very fierce and right really, expect Zhang Xiaoyu in the first assistant this position rises! The 2nd namely Zhang Xiaoyu is in the Lin Rui of directly under boss in drama, the person that act is our very familiar actor Yan Tao, this part can say the female strong person that is a model in drama, conduct oneself in society to be known for the person not only scruple the other day good meet.

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Lin Rui does not calculate in drama going up is an a smooth article, candid disposition calls a person to like very much really, just regrettablly is he still have one’s direct superior, whether to know Lin Rui is met finally counterattack? The 3rd is the Fang Jing that chief inspector is together like He Linrui, the person that act is to comparative recently the Zun Xiaoqing that gives a group, the ability of left in drama small blueness also is very pretty good, handle affairs decisive pardonable also can compare shoulder height with Lin Rui! These 3 acting has been very pretty good, ” green ” should also be a lot of people had looked the female with quality and actor best acting to grow at present the union of drama and duty field theatrical work?

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Nevertheless Shu Wanting of last general manager also calculates the big Boss that going up is finally is rightly, liu Mintao serves as person of Shu Wanting that act, what act the sort of experience Taoist priest and cogitative old fox is special reach the designated position, let ” green ” this teleplay is more good-looking. See such top match cast, it who should say is good that who should say absolutely? Small making up also is to expect very, in drama a state of extreme nervousness, in a extremely dangerous state comes extremely in the environment, whose aux will be able to is win post quite, who can be obtained again save atone for?

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Do not know everybody is sowed to be being heated up ” green ” what view is there? Greeting comment area leaves a message discuss.

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