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Original title: ” the Imperial College ” had not waited come, zhao Lou is thought of female 2 drama will raid, see a men and women advocate close inspect want to explode Zhao Lou is thought of is the young actor that performing the conflagration in art circle a few this years, acted the leading role rife net drama, for example ” 3000 crow are killed ” , ” the Chen Qian Qian in the hearsay ” , the actual strength audience that Zhao Lou thinks of is to look in the eye, the goodwife of the main actor’s teleplay sets much is foolish of Bai Tian, nevertheless vermicelli made from bean starch also likes very much. And Zhao Lou thinks of what also one waits for the equipment that sow drama to get an audience to expect. The name of this drama is called ” the Imperial College came a female child ” , also be drama of an ancient costume. Zhao Lou considers the ancient costume model in drama is melting and lovely style as before, so good-looking ancient costume also is to who do not have.

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” the Imperial College came a female child ” it is the play of ancient costume idol that Zhao Lou is thought of and Xu Kaicheng acts the leading role, yanzhi of two leading role and actual strength coexist, and the Yan Zhi of the other actress in drama is very tall also, have a few or love a beans to go out. After believing this drama broadcasts, regular meeting harvested very high person morale. ” the Imperial College came a female child ” the expectation that gets an audience fully, nevertheless Zhao Lou thinks of personate daughter to expect and like what 2 teleplay also gets authority fully.

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The new theatrical work that Zhao shows Sai Yinglai is called ” travel length a song ” , it is the teleplay that be adapted according to caricature and becomes. The actual strength audience that Zhao Lou thinks of is very approbate, and she also obtained ancient costume formative of a lot of audiences like. This Zhao Lou thinks of the ancient costume on stage photo modelling and before modelling is very different, the Yan Zhi that thinks of with Zhao Lou nevertheless controls capability is very strong still, so good-looking little elder sister loved really. ” long song goes ” cast also is very luxurious.

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What Liu Yu coulds there be join in, liu Yu Ning is to depending on music to be paid close attention to by the audience, march two this years perform art circle, piece performed not little teleplay, although not be one’s previous experience of regular professional training, actual strength is good still nevertheless, the part of personate also won an audience love. Be in this ” travel length a song ” it is very handsome like the ancient costume modelling in, after seeing stage photo, wait to want to see Liu Yu Ning be deduced mediumly in drama not as good as.

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Those who have Cao Xi month is return to join in in cast, cao sunlight month goes out acted ” the close-fitting ace with beautiful school ” , ” Chu Qiao is passed ” , ” surfy ” , ” the most ablaze star in night sky ” , the actual strength on acting of Cao sunlight month is online, this the gas of celestial being of ancient costume modelling on stage photo waves, look at goddess model dye-in-the-wood. So perfect about loved, and Yan Zhi of ancient costume formative also is not defeated by Zhao Lou to think of. Must say ” travel length a song ” actor each Yan Zhi is very tall, also caused an audience to want to trace the mood of drama.

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Fang Yilun goes out performed not little teleplay, resembling is everybody like very much ” the bright moon takes my heart ” , ” division of piano of a bamboo stick used as a toy horse ” , ” 9 shed an overlord ” , ” unique a thousand pieces of gold ” wait. The part of Fang Yilun personate won authority like, be in this ” travel length a song ” it is handsome like the modelling in very appearance. The Yan Zhi that must say Fang Yilun suits ancient costume formative very much, who can like so luxurious battle array? See ” travel length a song ” close after leading role of male and female inspect should explode canopy.

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” long song goes ” hero is You Wulei personate, wu Lei is child star one’s previous experience, actual strength also is approbated by everybody. These year also acted the leading role not little teleplay, the resource in circle of movie and TV is very good. Wu Lei is in the model in new theatrical work is handsome and very, resembling is the part that takes in caricature right. With Wu Lei’s actual strength, believe ” travel length a song ” after broadcasting, close inspect scarcely to be able to be differred.

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And female advocate also be actress of tall person energy of life Dilireba of personate, hot cling to the main actor’s teleplay is having very tall result on public praise, hot cling to can of ancient costume modelling says perfect, no matter be female outfit or men’s clothing,be very handsome euqally.

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Dilireba is the actor that Yanzhi and acting coexist, on resource very pretty good also. ” travel length a song ” morale of person of leading role of male and female is very high, actual strength is good also, look after this drama broadcasts, be being booked is heat sows drama, close inspect regular meeting to explode of canopy.

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Above is the entire content of the article, very expect heat cling to He Wulei cooperates ” travel length a song ” ? The welcome leaves your think of a way in comment area!

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