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Original title: This world endows with on: Exposure of desolate Qi one’s life experience, more miserable than Yuan Hong, than 2 emperor child suffering, marrying king Xuan is destiny compensation Surround a main actor by Zhang Ziyi, Zhou Yi ” on Yang Fu ” sowing in heat, playwrite can do a business very much it seems that, the man student with the good extraction in drama appears not quite useful, otherwise did not take on, otherwise does not have a national condition to conceive, for instance 3 prince child of Dan, prince, prime minister child king early in the morning, and the He Lanzhen of personate of great of the desolate Qi that of one mind starts a career, 2 Huang Zizi laws, Yuan, one’s life experience compares miserable!

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He Lanzhen mother is 6 dishes of princesses, father is Hulan prince, because,nevertheless their union is not love, in those days the wedding that Hulan prince attends 6 dishes of princesses, because of her fine-looking, the evil thought in the heart, profaned him, killed bridegroom, the princess is pregnant the twin little sister that is delivered of He Lanzhen and him, mother country abandoned the princess, hu Languo also did not marry her.

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such, he Lanzhen and little sister, mother depends on each other, when the little sister falls ill, 6 dishes of countries also did not help them, returning Lan Zhen vituperation congratulate is bastard, lan Zhen waiting for congratulate is a few growner, he was taken away forcibly by Hulan prince again, because of die in the last ditch of Hu Lan offspring of the nobility, successive without the person emperor, at this moment he just remembers the evil that makes in those days, 6 dishes are destroyed later, he presses his suit Hulan prince, just get an army assists him to answer 6 dishes to seek a mother, wait for him to go back as a result, over there early it is a remains, mother and little sister died early.

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He Lanzhen is not emperor exclusive heir, hulan prince still has a foster son, and consider him successive emperor how, father is in that way person, does Helai kiss affection? How many love does he have again to Hu Lan?

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Mother, little sister is gone, he is opposite again female advocate king Xuan loves and do not get, his this lifetime is tragic colour, nevertheless, he knows who his father, mother is, also had had a paragraph of good years that depend on each other with the mother, this is luckier than desolate Qi too much!

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2 Huang Zizi laws at the beginning he is royal 2 emperor child, the identity is exalted before outer person, but in palace, he is very ordinary, maternal status is low-down and die early, emperor prep before sees him, so he is 3 emperor child be existence feeling lowest that, the more such, he is right influence the more yearning.

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He has a very trustful official in feudal times post fair, and still with post fair daughter Huan Mi decides affection early, although Huan Mi a strange combination of circumstances did not marry him, but do not affect them to roll a sheet, later post announcement appeals to him, the one’s own that he is not an emperor child, however the son of Jian peaceful king, in those days Jian peaceful Wang Duowei fails, consider revenging all the time so, so his mother conceived him early before entering palace.

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Jian Ning Wangzheng is in now rebellious, he hopes child law and his collaborate from within with forces from outside, after such successes, emperor to child the law sits, child the law was believed, such he also doing, result emperor asks in reply he: “The one’s own that how you know to you are not me child ” , he is so interrogative, whose child are oneself after all?

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These probably not important, because he and Jian Ning Wangmou failed instead, he was shot hedgehog, and beloved person Huan Mi also is his die for love, this, he is luckier than He Lanzhen, at least Acheron road is not alone, he compares desolate Qi Xing to carry likewise, who be although do not tell father after all,, but had seen a mother at least, had had maternal company.

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One’s previous experience of Qi of desolate of carry on of intermediary of desolate Qi drama is cold a group of things with common features, although his battle achievement is illustrious, but this one’s previous experience is cold-shouldered, at the beginning the emperor lets Xie Wanru marry him of purpose, if can one face cold-shoulders Xiewan, and king Xuan also is cold-shouldered, and still feel desolate Qi is cloddish, after understanding later of course, be really sweet, two people still are in thatched shack round room, also do not cold-shoulder a family a month bathes.

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A few short word, speak once distress, awaiting him in those days just is 10 come year old the child, must enlist for the life later, others has a letter from home to be able to be written, he is done not have, it is OK that others has family support and pour out, he is done not have, and go up in battlefield, had seen so much life and death, ever enlisted together with him, remain he and Tang Jing only two people, the Bei that is what kind is cool. Be such experience, so he hopes more peace, end a war, let people live the life of true peace and tranquility.

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Because he does not have a family member, so he becomes a family member when following, had gold to meet for a short while award gives soldiers, can be kind to martyr, meet the domestic person that patronizes them, the meeting on battlefield reduces the biggest casualties, is not the outlook that considers his.

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From cold a group of things with common features, friendless person change becomes a general, want to know he has been experienced how refine of temper by dipping in water and cross. Nevertheless the destiny is kind to him, the king Xuan that he marries is a collect myriad favorite the person at a suit, one’s life experience is exalted, father is prime minister, the mother is long princess, the uncle is an emperor, aunt is empress, the little brother bestows favor on be addicted to again she, she is brought up in blessing nest all one’s life, such family, bringing up king Xuan is warm, and king Xuan try to make a good showing, have situation, have strategy, she can be so warm desolate Qi, what can make up for him to give birth to a family formerly truly is painful!

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The destiny is fair, he Lanzhen and child law, too persistent to love, too persistent to influence, so they live too confine is too painful, and the pattern of desolate Qi is bosom of domestic national condition, bringing up him to be destined so is a hero, having steely and same will, origianl work is so medium ending, king Xuan dies early, he also can tough loneliness is married no longer, continue to live life!

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