Wed. Jul 6th, 2022
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Original title: ” the heart is resided ” calm archives, qing Dynasty treating the lake and Tong Yao deduce sisters-in-law adversary to make fun of The teleplay that ended high temperature and good public praise recently ” between the world ” , for a short while a lot of friends feel drama barren, do not know to seek what theatrical work. So good news came, city drama ” the heart is resided ” decide archives. Article of this drama You Haiqing, Tong Yao, Zhang Song, Feng Shaofeng presents as leading role to act the leading role, broadcast on March 17. Leave sow very close, and the actor that is actual strength clique.

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Everybody knows those who act to sea Qing Dynasty goes out ” happy good times ” , ” intention ” these drama close inspect and public praise is pretty good, sea Qing Dynasty also is the actor with a high quality pursuit all the time. Go out this act ” the heart is resided ” bring the feeling with different more than also can giving an audience.

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Tong Yao is depended on ” 30 just ” , ” traitor ” successful counterattack, take sport with sea Qing Dynasty, sisters-in-law concern is become in drama. Two people have adversary to make fun of to also have contradiction. Two women from contrary, guard against to drop heart form, weigh model ego. This goes all the way, the interest of pliable but strong on their body and the place that want base oneself upon to one sets his mind at.

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Expect these two women can produce what kind of brilliant old practice together really.

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Two are the actor of acting of actual strength clique, strength of temperamental actor’s lines is not poor, adversary play comparatives certainly wonderful, a sit back and wait leaves sow.

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