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Original title: Chen Qing makes: Listen to class hour period, la Yi was alluded blue forget to baby waiting for the Kingdom of Wei can be sufferred from 16 years after machine! A lot of people feel puzzled why ” Chen Qing makes ” one abandons oneself to fire of meeting revising play alls over great river north and south, can you still move toward abroad to door going abroad? Be because is people right,merely not allow at lay additional psychology of kind of affective seek novelty? Blame also! After adapting ” Chen Qing makes ” , cannot have changed its definition work for delay. In drama blue the feeling that forgets machine and Wei Moxian, had surmounted a kind of any affection that can define, have attribute the feeling that has mutual affinity between the sweetheart, also have belong to the ties of friendship that shows utter devotion between brother, blue the height that forgets to be to rise to incorporeal appearance to engrave between machine and Wei Moxian, it is perfect to spouse of spotless soul of celestial being a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct.

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Carry two people grow, let our experience arrive two one’s previous experience are disparate of hot-blooded teenager grow, from puerile arrive again to maturity easy, the decay of every phase gave a youth the drive of a lot of active meanings and inspiration. The mix in still having theatrical work perfect country wind element, no matter be setting prop,decorating still is a country the promotion of wind music, letting what this drama bears the weight of is the itself of the story not just, it is the promotion of a kind of culture and inheritance more.

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The group of director of Home Chen continuous heavy rain that make is right ” Chen Qing makes ” adapting is a success, it is the existence that amount to does not surmount origianl work more, gut is adapted having one place is not to showing the intention that reorganizes a group. In seeing play those only beautiful picture, informal the traditional Chinese painting that scheme of one frame check emerges is beautiful Huan of a pair of United States annulus. The cloud that cloud and mist of chilly of meaning of the lotus a depressed place with pretty scenery of Changjiang Delta a region of rivers and lakes, buddhist winds around does not know greatly place, gorgeous everywhere family name of extravagant Lan Ling gold, and clear river Nie of forbidding of solemn and respectful and high armed strength, the set of these setting, satisfied us to be opposite the 4 everybody in the book a group of things with common features all imaginations.

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Additionally still what manage the office of the intention is adapt, very may much friend did not notice. Li Retong is the childhood goddess of a lot of people, a lot of people are to look at Li Retong Gu Tianle that one edition ” associate of divine carve a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct ” grown, to old hind Li Retong can be in ” Chen Qing makes ” in appear, let a person feel quite really at that time accident and surprise, the one place that actually this also is suffering of fine of intention of the director group that make is clever set. Blue forget machine and Wei Moxian still are listening right now class hour period, because drink be punished, two people are in hole of cold pool of be involved in of undercurrent of tegument of cold spring meaning, the elder of La Yi of aunt Su La that encountered Li Retong personate accordingly, blue ala elder comes out, boiled on barrage, “Aunt ” sound as one falls, as if for an instant we saw that many chilly year ago the Xiaolong daughter aunt of few desire.

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Small Long Nv and Yang Guo are ” associate of divine carve a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct ” leading role, it is the associate of a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct that touched a lot of people, they from be not accepted at first by common people, defend together except all difficulties photograph to final platoon, two people look so perfect so agree, to Yang Guo and small Long Nv, each other are the whole world of the other side, this actually itself is in map A Lingzhong’s Wei Moxian is mixed blue forget machine, adumbrative their road later, also want to face the doubt of a lot of people, also want to be faced with a lot of twist, but go by, can have very good final result certainly.

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Moreover here is adumbrative also blue forget machine will be bitter later wait for Wei Moxian 16 years. In those days the torment of small Long Nv and beautiful poison of affection of experience of Yang Guo in pairs, to can let Yang Guo subsist, small Long Nv chose to jump from heartbroken cliff, before and jumping going down, handwriting stays on precipice, let Yang Guo wait for his 16 years. Actually right now the heart puts dead sign small Long Nv, she is to want to use such means nevertheless, with time of 16 years, diluent Yang Guo is right oneself feeling just, small Long Nvxi looks at Yang Guo well subsist. Nevertheless their ending is good, the Yang Guo after 16 years looked for small Long Nv eventually!

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And blue forget machine in body of Wei Moxian die not after nocturnal day, also hard look for 16 years, compare Yang Long 2 people, blue forget the suffering of machine is defended it seems that more cruel, because blue forget machine did not get any hint, he knows the Kingdom of Wei does not have renascence of the meeting after admiring 16 years far from, want to say pain so, blue forget machine is bitterer than Yang Guo. It is 16 years fortunately nevertheless, the Weimo after 16 years admires regression, bring blue forget machine more it is surprise and soul those who go up save atone for. Chen Dao invites elder of blue ala of Li Retong personate, and the secret of iron of two people concerned shade is told in cold pool hole, the destiny that did not come with respect to already adumbrative two people actually, without the coincidence of for no reason at all, everything is to be arranged attentively nevertheless, to greeting of classical knight-errant drama, is the intention fine that the director realizes when knowing you look bitter?

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