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Original title: New in March theatrical work: Discharge, Ga contend for, yang Yang plum shows Li Ying of Liu Yifei Zhao or become win the home ” between the world ” who comes to the discharge of respond to a curtain call reap? New in March theatrical work is wonderful a bureau, who is the next explodes paragraph? The volume of drama total constitution Feburary is higher, make a person termless wait for in March. Still wait for on schedule index and explode will discharge.

20220311210640 622bb9e0325e1

” chase after love familial ” Guo Jingfei, tan Zhuo, Gu Nailiang. Combine a joyous contemporary urbanism drama, measuring class to explode is impossible, but cast can expect. Guo Jingfei and Tan eminent rise these days impetus is big, and acting pass a barrier. Gu Nailiang has the topic of a marriage, so this drama heat should not be differred.

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” the lady’s law ” Jiang Shu shadow, free of Liu Mintao, Peng Yu. Focusing city female group the work of the photograph these a few years true many, but can explode very few also really, especially Jiang Shu shadow, market smell of these a few years is too poor, what is very so difficult win by striking only after the enemy had struck, the public praise that adds bang billows also glides with each passing day, this drama also is to not have explode the photograph of the paragraph.

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” if see first,life is like ” plum now, chun Xia. The subject matter in March is the novellest, also be the work that compares rare focusing mordern history in recent years, the combination of Li Xianhe Chun Xia is very strange also. But theme of same be confined to, have hard still explode the photograph of the paragraph. But plum group of showing vermicelli made from bean starch is bigger, plum showing acting is pretty good also, so this drama should be met maintain in all the time on heat.

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” Zhu Qing is good ” Zheng Yecheng Yuan puts beautiful on the ice. It is the theme that flying fish fits, the work that in last few years garment of focusing bright and beautiful defends rises more, and relatively successful, ren Jialun, zhu Yawen has extra dividend, with respect to actual strength, zheng Yecheng is not poor also. It is famous only spend before be inferior to 2. Adding Yuan Bing to beautiful also is firm stability is female. So this drama comes on certain level say, explode very hard also. But also it’s hard to say, after all the period that this remains colour dog. Still want to rate tasted quality.

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” special Zhan Rongyao ” Yang Yang, li Yitong. Li Yitong is close paragraph of time is silent a long time, very long leave without work sow, this drama also was to press very long. But just international condition is queasy recently, instead is an opportunity. Be opposite especially for Yang Yang, if this drama explodes, firm position of oneself all corners of the country, and the work Yang Yang of this type also likes very much, also be old one’s line. This drama is OK small expect.

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” send the home ” Qin Lan, wu Jin character, Nie is far, han Geng. See this battle array, is Jing not surprizing? Yu Zheng is enrolled in enlarge again, have the combination of the strategy that delay happiness to acme. Current ” still feed ” it is Xu Kai of Wu Jin make peace. This falls is Wu Jin character, nie Yuan. Those who play is too smooth. But still feed still leaving sow, for character of this pair of Wu Jin, also disappearing is meddlesome. But Yu Zheng’s work, after all, heat still is some. But this battle array, is average age too bit taller?

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” and mop the world ” Yang Yang, zhao Lou is thought of. This drama also is to let everybody expect long already, yang Yang is very long did not pat ancient costume, zhao Lou thinks of the instantly that patting is to explode red floret, make an audience very surprizing still really at that time, but the heat that Zhao Lou thinks of now came down, and Yang Yang is absent with respect to annals originally this. Add smooth all the time pink, do not sow tardy however, still have certain effect to the heat of drama. Still have, two acting did not get special affirmation all the time. But get the better of in Yan Zhi, also can maintain constant temperature.

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” dream China is recorded ” Liu Yifei, chen Xiao. This drama is smooth really too long, already passed careful fortunately. Before fokelore wanted to sow Feburary, there still has not been careful at that time actually. See whole play staff, the actor is valued quite to this drama. It is the work that hind of Liu Yifei descend to the world should sow the first times after all, true beauty of teleplay circle suffering is long! How much is no matter be sneaked away,answered so, the expectation that still does not stop. Also be pair of Chen Xiao at the same time have deep love for. It is the force by one person really, maintain the sky of ancient costume true Apollo. Also be 85 hind the most beautiful male star.

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” go to 10 thousand happily ” Zhao Liying, luo Jin. This is exclusive can carry case ” between the world ” hot work, also be 85 beautiful true transition make, did not think of this mission falls in Zhao Liying to go up personally actually, strange not strange. Strange is Zhao Liying compared with the corresponding period, start poor, always feel low they are first-class, what did not think of tortuous path overtake is so fast, not strange, explode continuously paragraph, grow quickly, and the line is clear, still eating Yan Zhi with someone else, she has begun the set out on past acting. Although inside brief period, can earn bit of money less, but long for, still should earn big, reference grandson couple, the elder such as Yan Tao. After all, or else transition, have to perform mom’s role. Of above is to may be sowed only, but whether can sow, it is with broadcasting finally accurate, but had been a pretty close. Say honest, these work, it is cannon fodder more very, want to take good resource now, return so that good acting ability is maintained. Last year ” hill sea affection ” , this year ” between the world ” , such work, the true ability that also has actual strength only is carried case, also be a reckless waste of food really otherwise. Because have these,also applaud just about of course the work of draw a large audience, ability more drives sex of whole industry Chao Liang develop, you look ” hill sea affection ” , yellow Xuan Huo, heat is plunged into according to also fire, got affirm and acknowledgement. ” arousal time ” Zhang Wan meaning also became complete theatrical work most a when have extra dividend, ” Qiao Jia’s children ” hold two floret in both hands to accurate a gleam of, mao Xiaotong has been absolutely female, song Zuer is a 95 flowers more the position is defended firm. These getting, also be be worthy of the name. Hope these are corporeal, aeriform praise and honor can be incentive to more people, is not for road temporarily benefit, do not consider be eager to make progress, repeat oneself ceaselessly, ceaseless place footfall, after all, a times, an industry should wash out you, be won’t greet sb with you. So those are spat again and again groove, do not have masterpiece again, the star that returns bad to make again and again people, with a rustle quivered?

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