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Original title: Just 6 years, ” happy eulogy ” is the difference of 5 beauty so big? Jiang Xin becomes a the poorest that 16 years ” happy eulogy ” horizontal sky is born, the Liu Tao in 5 beauty has qualifications and record of service a bit, princely article resource is added hold, yang Zi, Jiang Xin, Qiao Xin, do not calculate discharge big Ga. Although Jiang Xin depends on China the wife of a prince,one horn encircles pink countless, but the level that the audience appears and did not rise to the actor.

20220311210719 622bba070e5be

Nowadays ” happy eulogy ” just pass 2 s surname, again also collect is not neat 5 beauty. Resource is so low that resource do not wear quite, resource is good do not want to act, do not denounce Fan Sheng beauty of happy event and Qiu Yingying at the outset repeatedly, also general floret can be not gotten.

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3, 4, 5 season begin to make in succession, unavoidable sigh letting a person, just 6 years, ” happy eulogy ” 5 beauty are early already time change greatly, a few people are busy desolate of a few people. One, liu Tao is good from the countryman field of daughter-in-law take office female strong person, ” happy eulogy ” can say to let very ” village ” Liu Tao goes from now on ” vogue ” white-collar industry.

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Liu Tao is firepower a standard-sized sheet more later, upgrade of loiter of commercial value loiter goes up. Be a guest ” happy base camp ” , attend double 2017 orgiastic night meets 11 whole worlds, attend ” national treasure ” , it is to go out to be defended now again and again more inspect cross year of concert to go up.

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Although be in,personally resource adds held Liu Tao ” germinant ” in be being carried by bad-mouth, too false, performance flow is changed, but depend on very quickly again ” holiday warm complacently ” earn a public praise, open year of two ministry big play, liu Tao was caught up with.

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Although the age is bigger and bigger, but vogue is spent stronger and stronger.

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2, although the Qiu Yingying of violet personate of Yang Zi poplar depends on acting perfect counterattack, but after all the person is set do not denounce happy event, spend plus oneself vogue insufficient, resemble white rich beautiful Qu Xiaoxiao very hard giving a group very quickly in that way so. But as ” annals of high official position ” ” sweet honey ” ” the white snake of day Ji is fabulous ” ” Long Zhu legend ” ” dear, have deep love for ” the heat that waits for drama is sowed, yang Zi eventually stand aloof ” the home has children ” influence, move toward the cavalcade of national goddess from national girl.

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Regrettablly the road of goddess is not too suitable, ” black wear in one’s hair goes ” change suddenly, ” survive, give advice or comments more please ” again and again change the date, ” female psychology division ” also public praise not beautiful, the netizen can place the hope only in drama of celestial being a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct ” agalloch eaglewood is like bits ” on, seasoned.

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Plus when red male Xing Chengyi add hold, two people want acting to stabilize play only, hardly what problem.

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3, princely article ” happy eulogy ” in princely article ” happy eulogy ” the princely article acting of personate Qu Xiaoxiao erupts greatly, the aside in drama that ” Gu Ling essence is strange, wanton sex of free and easy, rate is biting, look seem cynical in fact true goodness, let a person love to be hated again again, the rose that is thorn of a belt ” depict gets incisively and vividly. All along she of demon temperament upgrades this ” alluring woman ” , more won in order to have the acting of clever gas ” play essence ” title.

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Princely article seeing first is to be in ” domestic N second square ” in, in drama white lily, gao Lou, 3 great goddess are the same as princely article Tai Biao makes fun of. In those days princely article can say is tender can clutch gives water to come, macroscopical youth.

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Princely 2021 article attends put together art ” like that again enchanted ” , admit oneself have a child first (the pet name is bean sprouts) be in what small gain released oneself and son to close with casing according to, also found new amour.

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4, qiao Xin ” beautiful language is endowed with ” just sowed, no matter how leading role aureola is powerful, the belle comes on the stage can become her second broken bits. Qiao Xin’s heroine, maintain really do not have show, yan Zhi is insufficient, acting is patchy also, double eye does not have a god, ancient costume the appearance of an actor is general also.

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However ” happy eulogy ” medium Er closing Ju, more the temperament that accords with her body to go up.

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Because the autograph makes an appointment with noonday sunshine, qiao Xin’s resource is pretty good still, ” Lang Ya a list of names posted up ” ” happy eulogy ” ” grow since the wind of Lang Ya a list of names posted up forest ” the drama that is big heat, but regrettablly is to be in one numerous beauty, qiao Xin is die out is like element person really. Especially ancient costume drama, the hair combs rise more appear the face is big, without the god. Qiao Xin does not suit to perform ancient costume theatrical work really.

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5, jiang Xin Jiangxin is in teleplay ” discriminate is passed ” in deduce Diao Man’s bossy Hua Fei keen, each eyes, expression, the aggressive arrogance of with respect to the authority that joins elder brother of her rely on help a villain do evil is to let an audience love very. China the wife of a prince has become milepost of Jiang Xin undoubtedly.

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Dan Jiangxin was not multiplied it seems that on ” happy eulogy ” east wind, ” affection deep genesis ” attack so that be in a complete mess again, although be an acting clique, but also have the part that cannot control.

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Although performing art circle personally, dan Jiangxin does not have a predestined relationship with vogue it seems that, every time red carpet is illuminated let a person be anxious. The Jiang Xin that was born 1983 also already 39 years old, of the figure short board apparent also, although acting is top-ranking, but how develops flatly.

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