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Original title: Discriminate passes: Wash green jade is incognito after Yuyin, yu Rao is too bit acider also to her appellation Respecting ” discriminate is passed ” believe authority is not new, although this drama had broadcasted 9 years, but everybody is to the jubilation of this drama a bit is not decreased as before, to a few businesses that wash green jade does in drama, everybody has different view, but the little sister that is discriminate together undoubtedly, yu Rao should be denounced than wash green jade many happy, him thing that Yu Rao is an elder sister is the least bit do not touch, and wash green jade is different, thing every kind of the elder sister wants to touch, from the attention that draws the emperor at the beginning, arrive from the back the design lets him be married fruit county king, pardonable also wash greens jade this part is not denounced so was fond of.

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Wash green jade gives fruit county king to marry from the back, was received by Zhen Jia adopted daughter, give a discriminate jade hidden from view, although wash green jade entered Zhen Jia’s ancestral hall, there also is one as in buying a gift for a mutual friend of Zhen Jia really in hematic arteries and veins, dan Zhen and discriminate jade Rao from is woman generation, wash green jade chose a concealed word however, person of visible Home Yu Zhen, did not identify Hui Huanbi truly.

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Going up to Yu Yin’s appellation so, yu Rao’s behavior has really some too acid, yu Rao is married before Shen Bei is strapped, had lived for some time into palace, wash green jade also has not married a person in those days, yu Rao is very close to wash green jade at that time, those who call out is ” green jade elder sister ” , after but wait for wash green jade to get married,changing a name, yu Rao estranged to her appellation a lot of, yu Rao calls out discriminate to grow elder sister, the concealed that call out jade ” jade concealed elder sister ” , close scanty stand see.

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Yu Yin is right nevertheless discriminate He Yurao is close to however a lot of, readily a senior a general term for young women, readily a 3 younger sister, do not know these little detail, when everybody is seeing play, can attention arrives.

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