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Original title: ” have Fei ” strong finish, wang Yibo welcomes theatrical work of the big ancient costume that make again, see female advocate: Did not want to look ” have Fei ” have gone through 1000 sail, eventually before be over paragraph the drama with the hottest time is Wang Yibo and Zhao Liying’s main actor certainly ” have Fei ” . Go up line 38 days, have of 4 billion broadcast a quantity, the much ministry teleplay of the corresponding period does not have such achievement. This shows Wang Yibo and the ability that Zhao Liying fights theatrical work are very strong.

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Although ” have Fei ” doubt suffers fully all the time since broadcasting, fabaceous valve grading also has 5.6 minutes only, but the netizen ill will that does not eliminate to a lot of do not like Wang Yibo and Zhao Liying differs judged likelihood. Before before long ” have Fei ” copyright also is bought by Korea TV station, om a few days is about to broadcast in the star on Korea. The most worth while and happy is to adopt Chinese former tone, match the means of Han character act to broadcast. Because dub is too abrupt,once was spat groove, dub made window instead nowadays. ” have Fei ” can ” exit ” Korea, it is the biggest to it affirmation, our country also has can culture outputs the outstanding teleplay of Korea.

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Classics of all previous of wind storm rain 30 days, ” have Fei ” also received big final result eventually, a lot of drama pink special do not abandon. The foe of state of hate of for generations home that does not have day thunder billow, those who do not have dog blood is female small 3 male small 4, mole of a vermilion after a Bai Yueguang. Have a men and women only advocate of one mind one person, inheritance of cardinal principles of righteousness of free meaning all corners of the country. Drama of such ancient costume knight-errant can not let a person love how.

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Or else is abandoned also have valedictory one day, leave Xieyun and week Fei in those day in wanton and carefree all corners of the country! We expect Wang Yibo is newest drama of the big ancient costume that make ” the Luoyang since wind ” !

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Wang Yibo is newest master piece ” the Luoyang since wind ” ” the Luoyang since wind ” it is Wang Yibo most the ancient costume drama that be good at, told about the Luoyang under flourishing age to produce a series of outstanding issue. Undesirable deputy handsome Gao Bingzhu (Huang Xuan is acted the role of) case of be involved in of a strange combination of circumstances, become a suspect, in try every means from card innocence when, with to make a thorough investigation of father by the great of a hunderd li of poison truth firm (Wang Yibo is acted the role of) encounter, 2 people cooperate and launch investigation. Of one’s previous experience of old and well-known family inside Wei Saiyue is close to Gao Bingzhu for the task, they discovered an enough destroys a god jointly, the Jing day of ensanguined Luo Shui is conspiratorial.

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Unlike ” have Fei ” drama of all corners of the country, also be different from ” Chen Qing makes ” drama of celestial being a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct, what Wang Yibo challenges this is tactics drama. Wang Yibo is not content with the current situation, challenge tall difficulty frequently the spirit of the part is worth to learn.

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And this ” the Luoyang since wind ” can be really true make greatly. Make scene cover an area of 40000 Duopingmi, dress to achieve many 5000, art prop many 15000, personnel performing duty 650 much people. Wang Yibo can review in middle school of this play staff, also be very helpful to the harden oneself of his acting.

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See female advocate, netizen: Did not want to see this play from pat get attention fully all the time, after all Wang Yibo takes flow oneself, the netizen is to expect very, but many netizens see female advocate hind, express to did not want to look in succession, too persuade to retreat, is this so return a responsibility?

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This drama daughter advocate the act person that thinks a month is Song Qian of goddess of this Jin Ying. Song Qian’s controversy special all the time big, the transition after she what female group goes goes back to the motherland becomes an actor, but her of dispute regular professional training acting also is to suffer doubt quite. Although depend on ” below one station is happy ” took Jin Ying goddess successfully, but make the disturbance of decided at the higher level but not officially announced that go out, also indeed dishonour.

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Nevertheless Song Qian also is in all the time progress, resource also is very pretty good, still be worth to expect. Does everybody feel ” is there Fei ” and ” the Luoyang since wind ” which drama is hotter? Pay close attention to Zha Zha, take you to see play, below period see! # Wang Yibo has Fei #

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