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Original title: Drama of campus of another strange unreal will raid, tall Leng Xueba and vigour girl, drama of strong colour value a dark horse is booked Drama of campus of another strange unreal will raid to at ordinary times campus drama, the audience that believes to like to seek theatrical work at ordinary times people have had looked many! After all the gut of campus drama is to be able to invite an audience people girl heart is aroused. For instance near future moustache presents as leading role one day to act the leading role with Hu Bingqing ” dark love tangerine south unripe the Huaihe River ” also was to cause many audiences successfully people chase after drama upsurge, they also invite a lot of audiences in the campus old practice with the obscure blueness in drama people cannot help taking the place of among them. Nevertheless below small make up want to bring profit for everybody a theatrical work of very significant campus movie and TV.

20220311210932 622bba8cd25d6

This campus drama cries ” circular first love ” , the near future has reduced black message in the Guan Xuan on official platform. Believe everybody is in heard drama name to be able to be guessed, this campus drama is not common at ordinary times campus gut, taking black unreal colorific however. ” circular first love ” in those who tell about is a tall Leng Xueba and place of a vigour girl produce a series of strange unreal stories, in accidental in started high school life suddenly afresh, in parallel spatio-temporal pass through they, the fortuitous meeting that allows them produced a black unreal and sweet tale…

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Tall Leng Xueba and vigour girl, expect the value is pulled be in above all completely ” circular first love ” in, shi Baiyu will be in drama of movie and TV of this black unreal deduce ” Xie Youning ” part, believe to Shi Baiyu, audience people very should familiar. Be in after all last year ” infer you ” in drama of this movie and TV, apply cypress eaves personate ” Mo Junjie ” can saying was to encircle many vermicelli made from bean starch, and ” circular first love ” drama of this movie and TV and ” infer you ” subject matter is special likeness, also be to belong to parallel spatio-temporal the campus story that pass through. And Shi Baiyu deduces drama of this kind of movie and TV the 2nd times, have experience very much certainly.

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Shi Baiyu is in ” circular first love ” in it is personate the part of a tall Leng Xueba, must say him to filming this is planted campus drama suited very much really, the look with his Yan Zhiben very fresh body. Be in ” circular first love ” in stage photo, shi Baiyu relies on on the wall to listen to the about of the song, the true feeling that has a kind of tall Leng Xueba, also do not know Shi Baiyu will bring role of how wonderful movie and TV for us, expect!

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Be in additionally ” circular first love ” in, what present as leading role to act the leading role with Shi Baiyu is old Hao Yu, what in drama she acts is ” Xiawenxi ” part, and she is a girl of extraordinary vigor, still be an identity that learns broken bits. Actually present campus drama is mostly it is to learn bully with the role that learns broken bits, but it is to get as before audience people love, taking the place of to feel after all also is very strong. And in stage photo, the modelling of old Hao Yu also is the about of extraordinary vigor, also be the appearance that enters campus period for an instant.

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She appearance is very melting, in ” circular first love ” medium modelling also is very attracted, do not know she and Shi Baiyu to be able to produce a how wonderful chemical reaction in this drama lieutenant general, expect the value wants to pull full!

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Strong Yan Zhi is drama of a dark horse and besides ” circular first love ” medium main actor battle array expects the value is pulled full beyond, costar battle array also is very those who expect. It is Xu Tingting above all, what in drama she acts is boudoir honey of Xiawenxi. Must say in this piece of stage photo, campus feeling of Xu Tingting also is dye-in-the-wood, those who laugh this Yan Zhizhen is too sweet. Looking is not just ” circular first love ” the gut of drama of this movie and TV special attract beyond, among them the actor colour value in drama also is special have those who see a drop. Most propbably ” circular first love ” after sowing, leaving is drama of movie and TV of an a dark horse did not run!

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Last are Gao Maotong, be in ” circular first love ” in of his personate is ” Lin Jiaqi ” part. Gao Maotong’s Yan Zhi also is very tall, he what basketball of dress a suit takes, appear campus feels full! And ” circular first love ” theatrical work of this Xuan Huanjiao garden also is the first drama of Gao Maotong. Although do not know Gao Maotong’s acting temporarily how, but strong this Yan Zhi, also be very expect. Develop this complete a tall Yan Zhi, most propbably should cause an upsurge that seek theatrical work.

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The content of above is such, do not know everybody is black to this unreal campus drama ” circular first love ” in the message that Guan Xuan reduces blueness, gut and Yan Zhi suffer fully expect, view of a few what to still have? Welcome everybody to comment on an area to discuss together leave a message!

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