Wed. Jul 6th, 2022
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Original title: Cao Ge is exploded bad word of dining-room violent wind is made after wine, broker company phonates: Will adopt legal action to safeguard rights and interests A few days ago, cao Ge is exploded to go out again act ludicrously when drunk, explode with adjoining balcony guest quarrel, take a thing to break boss and people, more hurricane bad language by exposure, although his after the event clarifies,be the other side is provoked first, accuse explode the person that expect is sedulous misdirect, propaganda to the enemy at the front line explodes the person that expect appears personally: “Come out to note please, open and aboveboard. ” also issue statement to company of manager of this Cao division.

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The accident is mentioned to by company delegate comes to an agreement to inn-keeper and employee and already was obtained that day in statement reconcile, inn-keeper also to police close a case, “To express fact of sincerity footing and li Qing Dynasty, actor accomplished total liability assume, cooperate police to ask with all one’s strength bureau undertake noting movement. Very regretful is to explode the person that expect breaks the law steal copy film of arbitrary editing and rearrangement, upload a network promiscuous seeing and hearing, damage actor fame, explode to what break the law makings behavior, we are sure to take further legal action. We are sure to take further legal action..

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