Thu. Jul 7th, 2022
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Original title: Professor: Accumulate the comedic film that contains life, the clue is worth to think! ” professor ” it is a comedic film 2018, although this film says it is comedic work, but the essence that it knows when looking for the first time from me, because inside the story that relate makes a person deep have experience, also understood the significance on a lot of lives thereby, although bit is not very much, but also be a comedic film that conceals sadness, grading is pretty good still, be the film work that level attends in the ministry!

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Because be diagnosed to have cancer,a world-weary college professor was told about in the film above all, after also be informed oneself to have the life of 6 months only thereby, he decides to abandon all camouflage, reproduce oneself nature, also changed oneself life so. Look from the story he also is the freedom that goes going after his to want as far as possible nevertheless, also unlocked courage to live thereby, in humour while also began not plan sequential! When facing other issue, also began other to give birth to final phase! For the performance from film leading role, it is more attractive that my individual feels, although gut compares conventional pattern, but also can make the audience is enmeshed in this classic form that draw wind, go feeling the life comedy film of a convention, also be give depict a role complete, the metropolis after average viewer is watched has feeling quite! Be worth to recommend really!

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