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Original title: Arena of modern drama of 10 years of remount is lain between to give those who act to often abandon the wording and purpose of what one writes when Jiang Yiyan ” crescent moon “

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(Zhuang Zixiu / civil) on March 11 afternoon, plate of mill of alliance of hatch of culture industry IP ” enter the court ” series honor a list of plays ” crescent moon the sun ” the play was held to surround in center of rehearse of Beijing a list of plays read and media meets meeting. This reframes at often abandoning novel of classical female essay ” crescent moon ” ” sunshine ” if drama ” crescent moon the sun ” , by the youth director Fang Xiaoge, Fu Jingyuan holds the position of director, actual strength to send an actor elder brother of Jiang Yiyan, Liu Yuanyuan, prescription, energetically, circumstances of bend of mattress of Zhou Tie, Niu Qian arises act, it is live abroad achieves couplet to cast ” enter the court ” series brand hatch implement song and dance ensemble of blessing of exclusive brand grand bear a list of plays of homonymic series honor that make. It is reported, this is modern drama arena is entered again after 10 years are being lain between when Jiang Yiyan, in the modern drama, she and Liu garden Yuan deduce troubled times mother and daughter, hope the female that can be that times phonates.

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Modern drama arena and Liu Yuanyuan are ascended to deduce troubled times mother and daughter to often be abandoned once more after 10 years are being lain between when Jiang Yiyan in the novel ” crescent moon ” in the walks up this pair not to put in a road ‘s charge in succession mother and daughter that depicts for us, caress doubly with what cherish. 20 centuries the old China of 30 time, because of imperialism invade, the compromise of Kuomintang surrenders, bring about municipal diplomacy to fail again and again. In the city, apparently put on a false show of peace and prosperity, it is industry and commerce closes down however actually, market depression, worker unemployment, common people in utter destitution. Working people of myriad ground floor lives extremely bleak servile type life, walking the street is rock-bottom people seeks to live on to be mixed without the door the abnormal child that morality of the person that produce declines. Of the heart that full of to careladen masses Bei sorrows often abandon, because saw this the darkest corner,be, turn over consuetudinary, attention the point drops in be gotten on by the despise of traditional idea place, meretricious body that not allow, drew up they chase after the distress of depth of sue for peace agonizedly then. Is that who will give those who act to often abandon the wording and purpose of what one writes after all ” crescent moon ” the mother that reachs its to suffer from a life ” the sun ” ? Song and dance ensemble of the Fang Longfu that make is special invite actual strength to send female star Jiang Yiyan, Liu Yuanyuan to carry key link to act the leading role. It is reported, this is Jiang Yiyan goes out from 2011 act ” in July with still ” modern drama arena is entered once more after 10 years, and Liu Yuanyuan also from ” rascally angel ” ” marriage is empyreal half ” later long parted arena 8 years long. Refer goes out this perform crescent moon chance, jiang Yiyan discloses, oneself are right the work that often abandons a gentleman, duologue arena itself all the time very yearning, go out 10 years ago act ” in July with still ” later, long to enter modern drama arena again all the time in the heart, make this just can find her, she laughs say this is ” bear in mind constantly, have an echo surely ” . Give the part crescent moon that act to oneself, jiang Yiyan speak bluntly, no matter be crescent moon the mom in still making fun of, they were represented the female is right among a times of the destiny struggle and have no alternative, it is quite miserable character, so she feels ” crescent moon the sun ” this modern drama is to be a female to phonate, make them OK flounce off the chains of the destiny. Besides Jiang Yiyan, Liu Yuanyuan, ” crescent moon the sun ” in still built up numerous and fine actor, if have the honor to win the elder brother of prescription of national level actor of golden pheasant, 100 beautiful optimal male costar, ever went out perform the film ” the ass gets water ” , heat sows drama ” associate of divine carve a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct ” ” 30 just ” country one stage actor energetically, ever went out act ” big Qin Fu ” ” meet season ” Zhou Tie of actor of actual strength clique, ever was in teleplay ” on Yang Fu ” ” holiday warm complacently ” in Hou Xiao waits the young actor that has wonderful show a moment, pleasant is become greenery, piece act will ” crescent moon ” with ” the sun ” the injustice such as the old charitable person that introduces to the road that does not return, fine charitable person, bright sage, young charitable person shoves a hand.

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Often abandon prosaic novel emersion new China series starts work formerly in succession ” enter the court ” it is reported ” crescent moon the sun ” achieve couplet to cast by live abroad ” enter the court ” series brand hatch implement exclusive brand Long Fuwen is versed in round bear make, will be in Beijing at coming 27 days on March 25 east red theater of palace of city worker culture achieves first-run performance. This rehearse often is abandoned classical ” crescent moon the sun ” , although not hesitate,expenditure heavy gold makes complete star class, but go up in fare setting, did not go however ” high end ” course, special instead installed 68 yuan, 80 yuan, 120 yuan super close civilian fare. And walk into a theater to invite more audience, sample often abandon Bei of the wording and purpose of what one writes to suffer from a between the world sweet, sponsor just return special in barley, cat eye, fast all round, the ticket Wu platform such as Lakala, installed in a limited time the second reduces an activity, second Jew lowest goes to 68 yuan. It is reported, since March 7, entire network is already synchronous open snatchs a bill. Brand 16 years, live abroad achieves couplet to cast bend thrust to go out brand-new plate of culture industry mill ” enter the court ” reach homonymic series to start work formerly, aim to promote public welfare actively further kind people skill develops, rich masses art lives. Besides ” crescent moon the sun ” besides, recently ” enter the court ” the homonymic modern drama of the brand ” enter the court ” youth is stationed in act edition also will enter rehearse hall to open a platoon, net drama ” the Milky Way has content to knock like ” also will switch on the mobile phone.

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