Thu. Jul 7th, 2022
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Original title: Still remember ” love apartment ” the Nuo billows in, grow nowadays, the United States arrives to dare not admit The work with superior TV has a lot of, especially in last few years, by the theatrical work of movie and TV that the audience likes. ” love apartment ” this drama, a lot of people are certain not unfamiliar, leave from the first after sowing, viewing rate is very tall all the time, this sees not hard also, the audience likes rate to this.

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In this teleplay, a lot of allow the person’s familiar part, and among them Nuo billows, it is the figure of a great beauty more, her real name is Liu bud. In the part that acts in drama, it is to make person impression extremely deep simply, when seeing play sometimes even, seek her show share can dedicatedly.

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Bud of bud of even if Liu is in the part in drama, also can calculate only going up is costar, nevertheless her existence is one big hotspot however, be in even this drama fire later, she had extremely high temperature more. After this, liu bud bud also is received took much department theatrical work, nevertheless the attention of these drama is spent not tall, so she also is done not have by the person more attention. Actually Nuo billows this part, letting what the person remembers is scheming, but the disposition of Liu bud bud is as contrary as this part however, nevertheless in last few years, her style and a few have a change before New Year.

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Advanced before long, liu bud bud a group of photo oneself, pass to network platform. In the photograph we see not hard, she what wear dress of the black that wipe a bosom, in skirt foil below, her perfect figure is shown come out. A lot of netizens praise to such Liu bud bud, such long evolution type, leave namely simply register form, too beautiful really. Liu bud bud is clad of the style change, it is the addition because of the age probably, now slowly change is maturity.

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It is actually in recreational group, liu bud bud is very conspicuous really, it is melting wind or mature wind no matter, she can control easily. Nevertheless Liu bud bud is encircling the development in now, successful without before a few years, do not pass the requirement with her good oneself, still can bring her huge development space. See such Liu bud, do you hope what kind of development she has?

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