Thu. Jul 7th, 2022
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Original title: Part of Cai Shaofen’s most beautiful 5 ancient costume, which do you like most? Part of Cai Shaofen’s most beautiful 5 ancient costume, which do you like most?

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” 9 taste sesame seed official ” in of Cai Shaofen personate like smoke, person if name, jing letting a person is colourful. That double soft bowel the 100 eyes that turn, that pair of lovely eyes, that pair full taste miserable eye, that pair of eyes of 100 fawn on of 1000 charming, take audience heart deeply in.

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” the knife of Wulin’s apocalyptic wind ” in the Ling Xiang of Cai Shaofen personate, some babies are fat, a pair of big eyes of spirit of fresh and juicy, very clever. Ancient costume of a suit pink, tie-in and simple hair is acted the role of, so beautiful however that Jing is day person.

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” affection of demon knife a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct ” in the Gu Xue of Cai Shaofen personate, facial features is delicate, goose egg face of the standard, laughing also is very sweet, having heavy fish to fall the look of wild goose, shut the appearance that lunar be ashamed spends, can use ” white orchid of fan of light Luo Xiao, gauze of day of dance of fine waist jade belt. Doubt is fairy descend to the world comes, answer eye to laugh at Sheng Xinghua ” will describe her to also had been not been, confused a lot of people.

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” filial piety touchs a day ” in of Cai Shaofen personate orange red encompass, have gone through an innumerable trials and hardships to help father, it is taking a beating is sparking charcoal, touch everybody by right of filial piety heart and perseverance. This drama has several stories, orange red encompass helps father is only among them one of, the modelling that Dan Ti entangles is ambiguous not at all however, appear also have several, it is plait of double fried dough twist the hair of tie-in and simple simple but elegant is acted the role of, look clear pure and handsome.

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” white hair hag ” in the Lian Nichang of Cai Shaofen personate, no matter be big red, still be big green, the amorous feelings that is worn by Cai Shaofen 100 turn, beauty is threatening. A such beauty, can confuse Zhuo Yihang so that mesmerize, very convincing still.

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