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Original title: ” take one vehicle gives another the right of way ” acting summit summit of Guan Xiaotong, xue Jianbiao of abundant one’s pupils or disciples makes fun of, than ” between the world ” more urge a tear Li Xuejian abundants peach is in ” take one vehicle gives another the right of way ” in violent wind makes fun of, look cry countless audiences; Li Lin break a contact also should go out perform this theatrical work; The play staff applies subtotal slightly, let a reporter become masses actor; This drama also is the work with best acting of red closing dawn; Yan Tao is frightened by male vermicelli made from bean starch, active with group photo of vermicelli made from bean starch, without frame. 20220312020128 622bfef806a8fXue Jian of abundant one’s pupils or disciples The antecedents of the play; This play is adapted according to homonymic film, in those days after this film is shown, touched countless people, 2004, many directors turn over classic movie pat teleplay, during this, huang Baiming and investor king far peak chat in in, had this motion picture a little, two people chime in easily, the plan takes this theatrical work into teleplay, subsequently, invite Li Xiaoming to make write a play, gao Xixi becomes a director, invite again by right of ” longing ” bright red big violet Li Xuejian joins in, let him hold the position of the hero dumb father of this drama. 20220312020134 622bfefe25356Li Xuejian Li Lin goes out perform bad woman, with Li Xuejian violent wind makes fun of; The actor is knocked after deciding, begin to search person of Liu Zhilan that act, finally, li Lin enters law small hole of the director; The brilliant student of boreal report is during she goes to school, still go out acted ” had waded the woman of man river ” , by right of Shan Xing the instant is red all over great river north and south, become the lover in the dream of a lot of men, perfect wife, although right now she, after acquiring a movie, but the role that perform gives after this, did not cast off Shan Xing’s shadow from beginning to end, invite her to go out when the director when performing this theatrical work, she pushed other film contract none hesitantly, even if is break a contact, be out of pocket also should go out perform this theatrical work, fortunately she encountered an understanding director, when the reason that she performs refus, after telling this the name is directed, agree with her to leave a play staff immediately, he still expresses, I also am an actor, it is not easy to know the actor encounters a good fun, hope you arrive there, want to act well. This understanding director, not be others, be an Europe Yang Fenjiang that performs Gu Baoyu. 20220312020134 622bfefebf7bbLi Lin Serious journalist becomes the play staff group act; Begin to film when this drama, the director asks everybody remembers 12 words true word sincerely, true, exquisite repeat 3 times, news briefing of disc of good to pat singer makes fun of this, the director is elaborative, when taking this sport, direct dispersed information, the reporter is OK explore class, can take the first-hand news of this drama, after reporters are informed a message, hurry to the spot in succession, enter news briefing hall when everybody, the instant is stupefied over, show in the reporter before is, spot of news briefing of a disc, feel wrong place, a dozen fine audition that just know, the play staff is here film setting, the director thinks the true reporter capacity that uses them takes sport, after be being patted when this play, li Xuejian apologizes to everybody, what this drama goes after is true, group the feeling that performs true reporter of very bad performance, thank everybody cooperate, let this drama dribs and drabs is true, this also is the good luck of this drama. 20220312020135 622bfeff0969aYu Hewei When Yan Tao takes sport, frighten Li Xuejian; Filming Li Xuejiang hides in house, cherry looks for him when that play, the edge cries to pat door window with the hand by the side of her, the glass that sees her spank get on the window only is touched broken, tear flowed down the cheek, after be being patted when this camera lens, she is very long did not go from inside play, cry badlier instead, although the camera lens at that time, did not pat Lixue’s strong inside the door expression, but in the spot, he has cried so that choke up with sobs, later, she just knows, take this sport, him within an inch of frightens Li Xuejian’s heart disease come out, taking the place of to feel too strong because of theirs, when audience playgoing, follow gut a few times the tear runs quickly. This drama so far, it is the grading of 8.5 all the time, since this drama later, she was on life summit summit, she right now, the film contract is ceaseless, also bring theatrical work of not little wonderful movie and TV to everybody, include with Zhang Yi partner ” chicken feather flies on a day ” , still have this year open year of big play ” between the world ” , can conclude from her body, actual strength sends an actor, be liked by the audience all the time. 20220312020135 622bfeff52a9aYan Tao This drama is the work with best acting of red closing dawn; 2015, this drama is broken up to pat again, heroine already was not in those days Yan Tao, changed Guan Xiaotong, she cries mediumly in this drama play, touched countless netizens and vermicelli made from bean starch, the netizen thinks, this is the work with her best acting, after she and cervine Han love, refus performed the play of many high quality, for love, cooperated with Lu Han ” sweetness is cruel attack ” , result, sufferred an audience spit groove; The netizen thinks, their two the individual’s acting, did not let an audience feel sweetness is cruel attack, the love of two people mad show outside letting play however, this operation, plunged into the heart of many male vermicelli made from bean starch and female vermicelli made from bean starch, although someone says her acting encounters Jiang Zejiang, like yellow hierarch acting rove, but this her drama, look as before cried many audiences. 20220312020135 622bfeff78c98Guan Xiaotong Yan Tao is frightened by male vermicelli made from bean starch, open a person’s mind and their group photo; Recently, as ” between the world ” heat is sowed, she harvested large quantities of one vermicelli made from bean starch again, often somebody looks for her to close according to accept as a souvenir, this not, a male vermicelli made from bean starch for group photo, be in the place that she works, waiting all the time, beam when her the ground is walked out of outdoor, this vermicelli made from bean starch appears suddenly before her, it is to be frightened first, she was stupefied a little, be informed the one’s purpose in coming of vermicelli made from bean starch, agree with group photo of male vermicelli made from bean starch, subsequently, call up a staff member, below one piece of group photo is patted to illuminate with male vermicelli made from bean starch outside shadow canopy with the mobile phone; Can see from inside video, she is very amiable, starred frame is done not have, after waiting for group photo to end, her face brings a smile, chat with male vermicelli made from bean starch, from the point of her smile, do not mind, of vermicelli made from bean starch disturb abruptly; After vermicelli made from bean starch takes group photo to illuminate, special be perfectly satisfied, she leaves watch sb go away, see he goes at the same time only, at the same time with staff member josh, the frame of the least bit celebrity is done not have. Before this, somebody is patted, her element colour piece row, just gave a village to encounter a stray uncle, after be informed a circumstance, she is uncle demonstrate direction well and truly, after going when uncle, she still fears uncle takes wrong way, he walks along watch sb go away to direction, she just leaves; Even if is element colour goes out outfit, encounter a reporter to take a picture, as different also as other star, have a plenty of face of attack by surprise to run away, she is pointing to a reporter to cry aloud however, must pat me beautiful dot, still place from time to time make laugh gesture, can see from this, how she is lovely. So the issue came, everybody likes her ” take one vehicle gives another the right of way ” , be still of Guan Xiaotong? 20220312020136 622bff0015329Yan Tao Note: The picture in article originates network, if have copyright problem,contact an author to delete please.

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