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Original title: Those who obtain vole inspect the Supreme Being, zhang Guoli Chen Baoguo suffers a person to respect, zhang Jia interpret by assist Shuai Dashu In recreational group, no matter be the film or teleplay,winning a prize is the standard that is sure an actor is best, filmdom has golden pheasant reward, the important award such as golden resembling award add hold. And teleplay also has flying Apsaras reward, award of white yulan magnolia and golden eagle award come attestation. The character of actor old show that our country has had a lot of people, win 3 large award slam. And work is exceedingly classic good-looking, then we come today pass vole inspects check the actors of the Supreme Being. What should say above all is Chen Baoguo, chen Baoguo is us the old show bone in bone of national old show. In those days a ” big gate of an old-style big house ” make everybody right his widely known, of bully gas white the lifelike that 7 father are performed by him, suffer a person to like exceedingly. Everybody says he performs what to resemble. No matter be the lord that stand high above the masses or small-town old farmer, also or it is the Kuomintang officer with bully martial gas, saw different face of the actor on his body really, each part is a new legend. And he has won flying Apsaras award 3 times, bai Yulan and gold eagle award. 3 flying Apsaras award is to depend on respectively ” north is smooth without war ” , ” Chinese fierce great emperor ” , ” cafes ” obtain, these 3 film still are in up to now annulus sow, it is very classic work.

20220312020213 622bff256a155

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Still one is in recently namely ” I am an actor ” of course of study of Central Africa Chang Jing recommend person Zhang Guoli, he can recommend a person when this actor, prove he himself also is the actor that has actual strength very much, can say those who be brought up to we are the play that look at him. And the person that he also is the first vole in domestic actor. His ” Kang Xi is small take illicit visit write down ” and ” Ji Xiaolan of tooth of iron tine copper ” it is the countryman spends very expensive work, he also becomes the emperor specialist, it is a few perform what the emperor acts most one of actors that resemble. And he has won flying Apsaras award respectively, bai Yulan and award of two gold eagle. By right of ” golden wedding ” medium excellent performance with one action took Bai Yulan and flying Apsaras two award. He is in ” golden wedding ” in, the change that arrives 70 years old from 20 years old special also make a person impressive. He is depended on ” Kang Xi is small take illicit visit write down ” and ” faithful ” win two Ci Jinying award. It is outstanding very.

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Still have even if show level by other the interpret of Shuai Dashu Zhang Jia that old show bone envies, he up to now active in TV screen, a lot of people said to have Zhang Jia interpret, TV closes to inspect even if have very big safeguard, and other old show bone special envy his is to arrive he is OK still now perform sweethearts with a lot of beautiful actress. But party says however very cheesed perform love theatrical work, want to try other show, netizen play says the drought of drought is dead, waterlogged waterlogged dead. He is to depend on ” battalion dish town alarm thing ” win flying Apsaras and Jin Ying award, ” borrow a gun ” and ” ups and downs ” win Bai Yulan award twice, very fierce.

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The actor actress with our actually fine country is very much still, want playwrite to direct producer to give power only. Homebred drama is very hopeful still.

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