Thu. Jul 7th, 2022
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Original title: ” I want us to be together ” because they are brave be in love 10 years, also because part not bravely thoroughly Do not plan to write originally ” I want us to be together ” this film film review, because it and origianl work have a lot of places to not agree with, some bridges paragraph was not adopted, feel very regretful really. However this film however itself is pretty good, rhythm accuse very well also, lachrymal dot resembles tear shell really same bomb the lachrymal gland of the audience.

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Female advocate appearance added a lot of minutes to acting, want her to cry only, the audience can feel pitiful, produce resonant feeling thereby. So films of such feeling of a lachrymatory, my itself ability can’t perfect tell about story line, decide to abandon. Saw a schoolgirl expressed her point of view accidentally however, he says to a lot of schoolboys feel he do not have money, give a schoolgirl happiness without method and put forward to part company.

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Actually these schoolboys underestimated a schoolgirl to accompany a schoolboy to step down the determination that go and the courage that bear hardships together, if the schoolgirl is willing to accompany a schoolboy,bear hardships? I looked to touch, but more it is to cannot bear however heart. My individual viewpoint is to not be willing to let my girl accompany me to bear hardships, take even him the offense that convenient cover is me.

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When writing above manuscript, I am thinking, if I am to reduce male advocate when in that way condition, how can I do? Be to you can stare at woman father and mother? Different idea marries forcibly, spend the poor time of on two people, happy however content with one’s lot, can you still resemble male advocate does same at one make money female advocate the life that has created? I think is not, because this is the film is medium only,be not A namely B answer.

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The schoolboy in origianl work goes Xinjiang is for 150 thousand, had these money, he is OK Fu Shoufu makes a home. However of the space that woman different ground loves and parents oppressive and the reality of the life, let a schoolgirl put forward to part company first, former word is, I am very tired, be not carried, give me freedom. I think this compares the film more press close to lives.

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Not be a schoolgirl it is OK really to be willing to marry a man student after the head that throws everything, the person that loves with place stays together long. The person is not independence is individual, have close feeling, have social pressure, family pressure, total somebody is carried so that live to oppress realistically thereby conquer it, but the pressure that also too much person does not carry reality, they compromise at kissing affection, compromise at the society, compromise the world at this ups and downs. I am not willing to compromise, must compromise however again.

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I can understand the two people in the novel to part company. Also understand. Male finally advocate if I am dead,be written down, do not tell Lin Yao definitely absolutely, liking is to ask for, and love is consecratory. If cannot give the person that I love best life, that gives him a good humor. Compared with hate I did not go to an appointment, I more fear he is added beside my body to cry. What I think female Qing Yang thinks is these, the person always is can a few growner, idea of life and death of much understanding a few. I can say a word always recently with my girlfriend is, I hope I die earlier than you, because I do not know how the life that does not have you goes down too really, compared with have morely, I more fear to lose her, I do not have other sky, the universe that she duplicated to multiply ceaselessly. This film, if you had cried, regretful over- , be inferior to those who have cherishing at present. Reality is very brutal, when was not lost, embrace please tighten her, listen more please before difficulty, because you know the think of a way of your heart, you are not willing to let her bear hardships.

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