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Original title: Chen Qing makes: Jin Ling may choose to follow a mother’s brother Jiang Cheng is same, the means that uses oneself is protecting Wei Moxian Chen Qing makes: Jin Ling may choose to follow a mother’s brother Jiang Cheng is same, the means that uses oneself is protecting Weimo to admire Chen Qing to make: The uncle Jiang Cheng that Jin Ling may choose to resemble him protects Weimo to admired Wei Moxian to live with his means in that way two all one’s life. In his preexistence, he is misunderstood by the world, be abandoned by the family member, betray a family member, it is finally in despair gone. After his renascence and regression, wei Moxian’s destiny lets him leave innocently it seems that. Everything what his preexistence place experiences came back almost in this life. Fortunately, wei Ying after coming back, la Zhan does not waver in the least beside the ground is protecting him, this is the good fortune in misfortune. Without La Zhan’s support and protection, who can assure Wei Ying won’t follow the same old disastrous road?

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20220312020239 622bff3f3a9e8

But 1000 line of defence fail to prevent Jin Ling. Jin Ling still gives Wei Moxian a sword in public in Jin Lin stage, stab the position and Jiang Cheng identical. Had you thought? Why do Jin Ling and Jiang Cheng want to be in same is the place stabbed?

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According to common sense, jin Ling should hate Wei Moxian. After all, because of Wei Moxian, jin Ling became orphan, lost father and mother. Be in only these in year, he just can be censured. But do you have many to be fed up with? Jin Ling is not affirmatory. According to common sense, it is impartible to the animosity of killing parents cut. In the past, we see all children that revenge for parents, we think each other shred. But when Jin Ling loses father and mother, he still is in infantile period, not sensible. When parents dies, jin Ling still is in infantile period, his whats do not feel. So called love and regret are euqally deep. Jin Ling is more responsible to parents. In fact, aibingbuduo.

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The sort of child that loses father and mother after reason, should bear not only the anguish that loses father and mother, bear even from the difference that loses parents to be done not have to what. Difference is bigger, the resentment in their heart is deeper, animosity nature is deeper. Jin Ling is not it seems that such, because be Jiang Cheng or approach of gold of golden brilliance for company are grown, wei Moxian was promoting castle of island of Lu Ling Home Nie to save Jin Ling, jin Ling was saved in appropriate city, in generally hill saved Jin Ling. . . Jin Ling is vivid to Wei Moxian’s view, although Wei Moxian used Mo Xuanyu’s capacity,Jin Ling does not hate Wei Moxian, but small make up the identity that feels Jin Ling should know Wei Moxian in clear river cafes. In light of Cong Jiangcheng’s reaction, lukewarm peace of golden approach make use of cheats Jiang Cheng later, put Wei Moxian. Also ask even Wei Moxian whether Jin Ling doubts his capacity. Jin Ling is very clever. In fact, he guesses himself early 89 years old to have 10 years old.

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Jin Ling and Jiang Cheng are same, care Wei Moxian in the heart actually. They are blade and bean curd heart. I believe to be in future, jin Ling can resemble the means that he uses like Jiang Cheng protecting Wei Moxian, lost meeting kissing affection is looked for!

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