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Original title: New theatrical work of tall Wei smooth Xuan Lu ” dream of this all corners of the country ” switch on the mobile phone, this play is adapted by what On March 9, by Cha Chuanyi hold guide, playwrite is asked for first, gao Weiguang, Xuan Lu presents as leading role to act the leading role, ren Hao, add Nai, Yuan Yuxuan and Zhang Hao bear new theatrical work of the main actor ” dream of this all corners of the country ” switched on the mobile phone, still have special a Tian Zun performing Liu, this is light comedy of love of an ancient costume, volume number is 24 collect. ” dream of this all corners of the country ” be by penguin movie and TV, youth hello medium and ideal world movie and TV manufacture, broadcast platform is in Tecent.

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Dream of this all corners of the country switchs on the mobile phone ” dream of this all corners of the country ” adapt from Shen Cangmei novel ” with admire to be the same as Mian less ” , told about curtilage the woman happy (Xuan Lu is acted the role of) in passing through to spit groovy novel into her accidentally, with book Zhongshan stockaded village advocate Chu Tianyao (Gao Weiguang is acted the role of) accident encounter, fang Yi is arranged to replace by the clue in the book get married, be murdered all the way, chu Tianyao is aided all the way, never wanting to just be afraid of what should marry is Chu Tianyao however, after many twists and turns, fang Yi goes against a day to change a life by right of the intelligence an wisdom of oneself, with Chu Tianyao also each other cure strange with each passing day feeling each other, two people are final compose a paragraph of good love story.

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Placard of new theatrical work saw tall Wei Guang Xuanlu ” dream of this all corners of the country ” brief introduction, the drama that can you think of to hold out fire ” the Chen Qian Qian in the hearsay ” ? It is reported, cha Chuanyi of this play director is ” the Chen Qian Qian in the hearsay ” direct. Gao Weiguang in recent years work is better and better, actual strength also suffers affirmation fully, although switch on the mobile phone ceremonially his modelling not quite but, but the meeting after believing to read copy has good formative. Xuan Xuan’s actual strength is very good also, just not very is red, show partner Gao Weiguang to be in CP of new play staff, special the performance that expects her, wish to film successful.

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