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Original title: ” bright sword ” logistics minister Zhang Mohe, archetypal and highest can give a general, adapted major general ” bright sword ” since war play, have the part of historical drama and army brigade drama again, this drama has a lot of topics, among them one of classes that are each parts.

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Triangle of advance northwest iron learns the make trouble when courtyard recieve training in Nanjing military affairs, feel oneself military rank is low? This topic is in the class all the time army the topic is become in confusing. Concern with historical character and drama of movie and TV especially, data and story are very much, the platoon rises more interesting. The article is ” bright sword ” the minor minor role in, zhang Mohe of logistics department minister is the class after liberating, although the part is very small, but the secret of class of Li Yunlong of this individual under cover.

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One, who is Zhang Mohe? The important and referenced element that the element such as the identity, position, personal details, title, contribution is class assess. Because ” bright sword ” it is the film, so the part name in drama is dummy almost. Want to know the class after Zhang Mohe is liberated, must know who he is, namely his prototype. Zhang Mohe is logistics department minister, how many does this official have?

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From ” bright sword ” setting can see, li Yunlong once was sent to go to clothing factory to hold the position of a factory director, because the ranking leader of this clothing factory is Zhang Mohe, when Zhang Mohe sees Li Yunlong again, searching 200 by the way military uniform. The trademark that registers at the door factory of this bedding and clothing is ” factory of bedding and clothing of the Eight Route Army ” , li Yunlong takes away 200 military uniform to also do not appear in the newspaper casually (brigade commander does not know) , can conclude scale of factory of this bedding and clothing is quite large, it is just a little unlikely the logistics department of 9 division.

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Same, light relaxed loose individual can give Zhang Mohe Li Yunlong serve 20 grenade, an officer’s sword can ” return profit ” , explain piece of 10 thousand influence that shed a head of a department with this content are not little also, the output of armory is not little also. Li Yunlong just unloaded the grenade that comes over there Zhang Mohe car, the hill Qi group there atttacked the logistics of the Eight Route Army and logistics factory. This is the eve that involving domestic Nao fight apparently. Because blind cat of group of Japanese ridge Qi came up against the Eight Route Army to be set in the water reins armory of yellow cliff hole,the battle of Nao closing the home on the history is, this is the munitions factory with the oldest the Eight Route Army, headquarters of the Eight Route Army is very accordingly anxious, command 772 groups mix 386 brigade 16 groups are urgent dispatch group of aggression ridge Qi, initiated action of Nao closing the home.

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Ridge Qi group is ” bright sword ” the Shan Qi group in, 772 groups are ” bright sword ” the 772 groups in, cheng a blind person should be when hold the post of Cheng Shifa of 772 regimental regimental commander, that is apparent, armory of yellow cliff hole is the place that Li Yunlong looks for Zhang Mohe to want 20 box grenade. Zhang Mohe can be in charge of the armory of the Eight Route Army and factory of bedding and clothing at the same time, that according to teleplay ” bright sword ” gut shows, the prototype of Zhang Mohe of logistics department minister should be when hold the post of minister of logistics of the 18th a group army hold concurrently politics appoint Yang Li 3.

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Yang Li the 3 Hunan Changsha that were born 1900, was a soldier 1920, red Army period holds the position of job of logistics supplies and gear of an army, all the time since it is my army is famous ” majordomo ” . Regrettablly is, yang Li 3 after liberate died due to illness 1954, die at the age of has 54 years old only. Yang Li 3 did not catch up with award hold, but control in before he dies 20 days, yang Li 3 be appointed to be minister of ministry of finance affairs of the Central Military Commission, minister of level and chief of the general staff, the General Logistics Department comparatives, so if did not die early due to illness, yang Li 3 probable meetings are awarded hold a general, lowest also is admiral starts. So, do this mean Zhang Mohe to be put after liberate to you can be awarded hold admiral even general? Not be of course.

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2, ” bright sword ” did to Zhang Mohe adapt normal circumstance to fall, with the qualifications and record of service of minister of logistics of 18 a group army and position, li Yunlong is unlikely to sit together with the family of talk nonsense, yang Li 3 Ceng Jian has held the post of deputy chief of the general staff of the Eight Route Army, li Yunlong is not the colonel of brunt group, two people appear very hard the picture of call each other brothers.

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Then, ” bright sword ” to Zhang Mohe the setting of this part was done adapt, from Li Yunlong’s actor’s lines we can know, zhang Mohe is Li Yunlong’s fellow-townsman, fasten hill person greatly namely, and still concern with Li Yunlong very pretty good, can let Li Yunlong bilk 200 new military uniforms and 20 box grenade advocate, that is sure it is old comrade-in-arms even brothers of life and death. Was made clear so, zhang Mohe also should be the red all quarters that in E Yu Anhui base area has fought face army old person. In addition, in ” bright sword ” the Zhang Mohe in novel origianl work also has in later period come on the stage, keep content according to novel place, zhang Mohe has held the position of the division commander of all around when war of liberation, the 559 time after liberating ever had held the position of chief of staff of main forces region, still be in in the phone with Li Yunlong mutual mouth spits aromatic call each other brothers. If according to ” bright sword ” novel place is written, then Zhang Mohe’s military rank can be major general only, chief of staff of main forces region is not exceptional also.

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3, ” bright sword ” teleplay has a military rank ” go regular ” the likelihood has a netizen to be able to say, since that Zhang Mohe can be become chief of staff of main forces region, cannot be lieutenant general military rank? True still cannot, a the simplest reason depends on, he has a name, call Zhang Mohe, this detail decided he can be major general only. In drama of movie and TV of warlike subject matter, if my army the military rank that a certain part is lieutenant general above, this part must be the history actual figure, the part under the lieutenant general, even if be major general OK also dummy, so Li Yunlong, Ding Wei and aperture nimble are major general.

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Accordingly you look ” bright sword ” the manager of the Eight Route Army in makes a senior officer, 9 division division commander calls just a little the division commander, 386 brigade brigade commander calls brigade commander, of 386 brigade politics appoint (also may be chief of staff) also do not have a name, the historical prototype of these parts is in the military rank after liberating is the smallest it is admiral, highest it is marshal. ” bright sword ” so the account that take should develop a few art adequately to change namely adapt, if real name, of a lot of gut adapt extent very small, can pat according to the history only.

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So, encounter piece of minister for the first time when Li Yunlong, when dehisce calls logistics minister Zhang Mohe’s name, had been destined the military rank after Zhang Mohe is liberated is highest do not exceed major general. END

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