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Original title: ” hunt blame illustrated handbook ” sow, did you understand this mysterious profession? Abandon elder sister discovery, there is silence of quiet of drama of a suspense again recently the ground leaves sowed, ” hunt blame illustrated handbook ” ↓

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Nod comment area to be able to discover however, everybody is right of this drama commend differ ↓

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As suspense confusing, useless elder sister of course won’t credulous any one party, plan to seek testimony personally however. On leading role set, ” hunt blame illustrated handbook ” as drama of suspense of a lot of a criminal case, chose ” one Wen Yiwu ” configuration. “Fierce ” , the ↓ of gumshoe header Du Cheng that is personate of beautiful of world pointing to gold

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“Civil ” it is to point to by Tan Jian the Shen Yi ↓ of second personate

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Tell true, “One Wen Yiwu ” double male advocate, one is local villain, one is airborne arms, such set is quite set really… guess Du Cheng to be able to cannot bear the sight of airborne Shen Yi for certain at the beginning like useless elder sister… just as one would expect, gut also is so the ↓ of arrangement

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Stop special, fortunately ” hunt blame illustrated handbook ” the place that also has innovation. With before drama of suspense of a criminal case is different, male advocate one of Shen Yi, the profession is ↓ of division of a picture

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Processes of all crack a criminal case, around move this one mysterious and special profession spreads out… drama anthology at the beginning in introducing a case, the description of Shen Yi of police station requirement according to eyewitness, complete picture of a suspect.

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Mere the description of 10 words, can you draw the appearance of a suspect?

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OK of course. And, after seeking testimony further to the witness, shen Yi still notices, the point of view that the witness sees a suspect is to admire inspect, existence inspects angular displacement.

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Then, he painted a pair of front view again, with the suspect exactly like.

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In the first later formal case, boss of famous plastics hospital holds decanal be murdered concurrently, monitoring patted the form ↓ of a woman that is wearing guaze mask only

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Because image is too ambiguous, the woman as good as that should find this to have great suspicion at look for a needle in the ocean, at that time, needed Shen Yi to come on the stage again. He was used a series of method and principle ↓

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Successful picture went out to fail and destroy the facial ↓ of the woman of the look because of plastic

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Besides, he still can rely on ↓ of a skull only

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Conjectural muscle leaves situation and Bao Hou, recover from an illness the appearance appearance before giving fall victim life.

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Still can draw the appearance with grown future of a children even, depart again next maternal feature, get picture ↓ of father thereby

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See here, baby people feel, does playwrite have a place too apotheosis ” picture division ” this profession? Stop special, reality is allegedly medium ” picture division ” it is so magical, teleplay is a bit more convergent even…

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As a whole, this drama belongs to unit drama. Probably each two volume can happen a new law case, gut spreads out around crack a criminal case, rhythm is very fast still. Besides focusing at ” picture division ” beyond this mysterious profession, attract useless elder sister to look, still have ” hunt blame illustrated handbook ” masterstroke mystery is round. The Shen Yi 7 years ago, be found suddenly by a mysterious woman, ask him to help the picture resembles.

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She needs Shen Yi only the photograph by a piece of child, the picture gives the appearance ↓ after he is grown

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Imagine not hard, for top-ranking to professional competence Shen Yi, this requirement is not difficult; Then he acted accordingly, still draw quite well.

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Had done not have a few days however, the police looked for the door to come however… so, the person that Shen Yi draws is a gumshoe, and was killed.

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? The police hopes Shen Yi can draw the appearance of that woman, help crack a criminal case, the look that but how Shen Yi also thinks however,does not have that woman…

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Because be without clew, classics of all previous of this law case was not detected 7 years from beginning to end. And Shen Yi, also cherish endless ashamed regret, make oneself picture commit to the flames, made division of a picture.

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Who is mysterious woman? Whether is she the murderer of killing gumshoe? Why does she commit murder? Why does photographic Shen Yi want not to have her face unluckily? Masterstroke gut little spreads out, unit case also is concerned about heavily, invert ceaseless… the 2nd law case, it is a playground buries cadaver case. Construction group digs the female with an unidentified identity in school sports ground skeletal ↓

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Strange is, the age with body is not opposite skull to go up however ↓

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Attentive legal medical expert discovers very quickly, there is tatty mark on this skull, should be the skull that the true person that uses in art education donates.

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Original realia skull is buried in the playground… so, do students attend class now who is used skull? Be opposite through DNA comparing, as expected, now the skull in art classroom just is true victim skull.

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Because found victim skull, the police also is able to recover from an illness through Shen Yi the appearance that come out, decided true identity of the dead. The Ren Xiaoxuan that she had been missing 10 years namely (when be missing 15 years old, a student that at that time is high school of place of the ground that bury cadaver) ↓

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In Ren Xiaoxuan’s diary, constabulary discovery, she suffers campus bully approach for a long time, return doubt to be like by the person act indecently towards.

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Additional, she still has it seems that dark love ” he ” .

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Clew emerges one by one, enigma is increasing however. Who is the person that bully approach holds the post of Xiao Xuan? Act indecently towards who is her person? “He ” who be? In these people, who is killing her murderer?


The answer, useless elder sister not drama was appeared, baby people can oneself go looking. Of course, the Bug of this drama is not little also. Resembling is not to wear a shoe to cover enter ↓ of case discovery field


And the guaze mask of legal medical expert is strange, this kind almost negligible not plan small Bug also calculated…


Gut logic also can drop a line suddenly sometimes. Take the playground that has said before us to bury cadaver case for, classics investigation, what Ren Xiaoxuan mentions in the diary is act indecently towards her person, it is her the art teacher at that time, case hair around was dismissed.


His present profession is gallery boss.


Shen Yi follows Du Cheng to be investigated to gallery together, the mark kind that exquisitely discovery draws in gallery is very strange ↓


Canvas itself also is put in problem ↓


Figure thereby piece, this person may be to borrowing gallery to mask him to organize constituent criminality.


Although this is planted ” the more what one tries to hide ” some let guilty gimmick the person is incomprehensible, useless nevertheless elder sister thinks of some criminals like to show off crime namely, logic also calculates loath reach a standard… stop special, the link that arrived to cross-question, teacher at the beginning anyway does not admit.


Du Cheng ” follow client list to look up ” ↓


Let him immediately good gracious admitted his guilt? ? ? ? ?


Want to know, but the criminal that likes to show off likes those who go around in circles to follow constabulary Sichuan millet most… and can use painted corridor this kind of carapace child mask ” flesh trades ” client, should also be a few blame rich namely expensive person? The police goes whats can inquiry ask inside not likely short time, was as a result he admitted his guilt curtly by cheat? Nevertheless as a whole, ” hunt blame illustrated handbook ” this drama subject matter and content Douting are novel. To picture division this one occupational is designed and show enough also intention. Useless elder sister feels or be worth to look. Of course, 1.5 times fast take the effect much better actually useless elder sister supports commendatory attitude to this drama, because want a few this years to seek a nice homebred suspense theatrical work,also basically be but too difficult. . . . . . Dense fog theater attacked entirely last year the market need not say more. Open what hot search still went up when sowing last month ” bone language 2 ” ↓


Had not given cent to now, comment also not up to much.


Before a few years drama of high grade suspense receives day so was gone forever… look in useless elder sister, it is good that a good suspense drama no more than wants give attention to two or morethings namely 3 element — skin, bone, heart. “Skin ” it is set, “Bone ” it is gut perhaps says a case, “Heart ” the expression that is affection and value. Resemble ” pan ” , be in story setting set mysterious ↓ of dangerous southwest pan field


Two leading role, one is to look for an elder brother to make the undergraduate of danger alone, one is Yi Zhengyi evil, lose private golden employer personally.


Two such people are right go up, should have a hotspot quite originally, wind up the matter hastily finally, in the final analysis is ” bone ” , namely gut, be no good.


Of Ma Saichun and white guest ” Jiang Zhaoli bright ” , the theme is a female save oneself mediumly in bisexual relation, have ” skin ” , also have ” heart ” .


Because early days is admirable made the gut that stimulates with insecurity draw large quantities of one tap water.


Result later period is excessive emphasize particularly on affection expression, complete oversight the logic of gut, belong to later period fracture.


Useless elder sister feels ” hunt blame illustrated handbook ” the 12 collect that had broadcasted, it is probably: Skin-deep 8 minutes, spirit appearance 6.5 minutes, the heart also can be hit. It is besides suspense, this drama covered the social issue of many instantly. The first law case, face-lifting hospital dean is killed case, those who discuss is the appearance angst that nowadays often discusses and hairdressing trap problem. Face-lifting is habit-forming, total somebody thinks the move is a bit more beautiful, again a bit more beautiful…


Also because want to become beautiful and go,some people are not is of face-lifting, however because ” duty field sexual distinction is discriminated against ” . Professional ability is very strong can how, you are female, still be a not very beautiful female, do not have a person to be able to notice you; Want invisible talent to be seen, can go only face-lifting.


In still having whole case most of core, how should the female answer the question that the gender is encroached and browbeats.


Its affection expression is the resonance that can cause an audience is mixed think.



“Skin ” ” bone ” ” heart ” hold concurrently, such seeing come down, ” hunt blame illustrated handbook ” it is a drama of suspense a criminal case that is worth to look really. Of course, useless elder sister also can have the suspense theatrical work with good more after the hope, making us unapt always is retreat and beg next.

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